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Found 10 results

  1. http://www.bubandpops.com/Home_Page.php I hadn't realized this spot opened in February. I had the chance to drop in for a quick bite last month and was pleased...though I don't want to go too often as the kettle chips are very tempting and quite good. The day I stopped in I had a Turkey sub, and I loved it as it was shaved thinly, and roasted fresh. Wisely they have the chips on the counter for samples. Wise for them, unwise for me! I bought them and immediately put them in the kitchen when I returned to work so others would eat the majority. It is a family run operation, and it shows. They are extremely friendly and will chat with you if they are slow and you have the time. Nice to have a non-chain, family restaurant in the franchise-heavy golden triangle. Mr. S went on a different day and tried the brisket and said it was delicious. The menu has lots of appealing items, but almost all are off limits for me due to allergies. I do hope others will go and report back on the rest of the menu as I think this type of place can easily be missed. (like all their home-made pickles and roast pork sammies) It's in an English Basement and difficult to see from the road. They're also aiming to catch the late-night crowd as they are open 'til 3am.
  2. The roast pork Italiano sandwich is a study in flexibility and democracy. You can get Roberto Donna's fancy Italian chef take on it, with a fancy bread and the pork cut coarsely on the spot off a fresh roast. You can sit in comfy sports bar digs at Tony Luke's and leisurely savage their delicious, moist take on it, along with a good basket of cheese fries. Or you can go back to its roots and grab a pork Italiano at John's Roast Pork, which means it will be double-wrapped in papered foil and bagged, so you can take it back to your jobsite/dock/shipyard, or sit down at one of the picnic benches out front where, bundled up against the cold, you'll dig into this addictive heap of dripping-wet thinly-sliced pork on a slightly crusty seeded long roll. There are cheese choices, but you need the sharp provolone. There is no broccoli raab, only spinach, but I liked the effect even better. The meat rests soaking in its juices in a quarter pan on one corner of the grill, as do the greens, and they go onto the bread fairly wet. Soggy or not, I couldn't stop myself from hoovering the entire sandwich. Is it better than Tony Luke's? That's hard to say because they're both really satisfying, but yeah, I don't think I've ever torn into a pork sandwich as ferociously as the one from John's. Note that Snyder Ave. is currently closed for construction on the block immediately west of John's. You can still get there from the south, but if approaching from the west, you'll need to cut through the shopping center's two parking lots. Ω
  3. I've said it on other posts regarding Philadelphia Hoagies, but my go to, twice a month is Primo Hoagies Leesburg . They're a franchise, but they are a Philadelphia franchise. In Philadelphia they often rank high for Best Hoagies in the area...odd from a City that pride itself on every local corner hoagie shop being "the best". I often get the "Primo" which is just Prosciutto, Fresh Mozzarella, roasted red peppers. I add onions, oil, vinegar and balsamic vinegar. All served on a seeded roll. After a bite, you can practically here the neighbors talking about what a great year the Iggles are going to have...
  4. Right across the street from the Tony Luke's Sports Pub is the original Tony Luke's, which is a stand with a few tables that is very much like John's. And, IMO, a better sandwich than across the street at the Sports Pub. But you can still get the cheese fries.
  5. I just finished a couple of slices of mushroom and pepperoni pizza I brought back from Pennsylvania. I forgot how much good pizza is to be had in the area in and around Philadelphia. Not the very best pizza you could ever eat--and not artisan gourmet pizza--but walking into a pizza shop off the street and walking out with a tasty pie kind of pizza. Capitol Hill just does not have that. When I first got the pizza yesterday afternoon, it was a little too soggy but quite satisfying. After a night in the fridge, it made perfect cold pizza for breakfast, lunch, and now dinner. One pie: $15 and change=4 meals. Not a bad deal. I have to say, I think I actually prefer leftover cold pizza to pizza to steaming hot. I just walked into this place [Gaetano's, 210 S. Springfield Rd., Clifton Heights] because I was nearby and hungry, but it turns out it gets some pretty rave reviews, at least here and here and on Chowhound. From my research, I learned that I should ask for my pizza a little well done (that probably would have helped with the slight sogginess) and that having the cheese under the sauce (where I was at first having trouble determining if there was cheese on it) is their trademark. A nice touch when I picked up the pie was that the woman behind the counter lifted the lid on the box so I could see that it was what I had ordered.
  6. I'm surprised that there is no thread yet on Capriotti's, which opened in Midtown at 18th and M last Thursday. The place has had a massive line each day since it opened, including this weekend. I've already been three times.
  7. Well, I was hoping to report on 2 cheesesteaks during my 2 day trip, but unfortunately only managed one. Damn relatives. Anyway, we went to Dalessandro's upon our arrival to the area. The place is small, counter on one side and long tables on the other, with an aisle in the middle for people to place and pick up orders. We showed up during the lunch rush, and it was sort of a shit show. By the time I made it to the counter to order, told them it was "for here", the person taking orders yelled down to the waitress at the counter, and had us stand aside waiting for stools to open up. People get their subs, eat, and leave, so it didn't take long for even 5 seats to open up. We were clearly tourists and noobs, but there was none of that bullshit about how you're supposed to properly order a cheesesteak. I had selected this particular place because I read they chopped up their steak quite a bit. I ordered a cheesesteak with onion and mayo. I did not specify cheese, wanting whatever the house usual came with (also, I thought it was cheesesteak 1 of 2, and so thought I had a wiz opportunity ahead of me, alas). I was served a large sub, 12 inches (?), with very finely chopped steak, American cheese mixed in, topped with chopped (tho not finely) grilled onions, on an excellent piece of bread (and mayo). I eagerly took the first bite and... burned the roof of my mouth, hah! I was not to be denied, however, and plowed through that sub like it was my job. It was everything I hoped it would be. The service at the counter was excellent, with multiple soda refills and several inquiries into our well being. There's also a wide variety of condiments and accoutrements on the counter for people to use as needed. Note: cash only.
  8. Lee's still rocks! I grew up eating hoagies from the ORIGINAL location at 19th and Cheltenham in Mt. Airy. When I go back to Philly, a trip is not complete without a Lee's Italian, with onions and peppers please. Their cheesesteaks are pretty great as well.
  9. I have good news for you doomed to make a run to the Leesburg Outlets. You are no longer relagated to the crap food court in the outlet, there is a really solid choice just across the street near Home Depot. Primo Hoagies just opened last week and I am happy to say, it is legit. First heard about it on Serious Eats and never got a chance to try it when I was in Philly. I've only been once but the the italian bread is crusty, and sesame seeded. The provolone was sharp and the sandwich busting out with meat. The medium size sandwich is pretty big, just to let you know. Seemed like 1.25 ft long (Edit: after getting it again, it's 1 ft). Very good, no frills choice if you happen to have to hit the outlets. Note: The meats are focused on domestic Thumannn's deli meat, but are still really good in the sandwich. Note 2: These sandwiches travel well.
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