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Found 5 results

  1. I planned on having lunch with my kids today & considered going here, since it's close to where my son lives. But, being lazy & not wanting to drive & thinking it might be crowded after the review in WaPo 2 days ago & not having too much experience with Filipino food, we decided to try The Corner, a Filipino restaurant in Lorton that's been on my list. I wish I'd gone sooner, it was very good-totally out of the way location with 3 other tables occupied while we were there. We split an order of the lumpia shanghai & the pancit bihon w/ shrimp, E ordered the chicken adobo, T got the kare-kare (which came w/ a large pile of shrimp paste!) & I got the doborito sliders-Filipino chicken adobo in plantain buns with MASH’s garlic-mayo sauce, served with maduros. Everything was delicious (we shared) w/ the chicken adobo being the universal favorite (less soupy/stewy than other chicken adobo I've tried). Although I was stuffed & not really a dessert person, I tried the turon (maduro/jackfruit springroll w ube (purple yam) ice cream. This wouldn't be a good choice for vegetarians, but I enjoyed the dishes I tried & plan to return. When I eventually make it to Bistro 1521, I'll have a benchmark.
  2. I think I found a gem! It's been a while since I last had Ethiopian cuisine. I always enjoyed it, but this joint was a cut above anything I had before. My dining partner and I must have said some variation of "wow, this is good!" twenty times last night as we dove into a platter of veggie sambusa, stuffed jalapenos (sinig), kitfo, lentils (misir wot), yellow peas (kik wot), collard greens (gomen), cabbage (tikil gomen), chickpea stew (shiro), potato stew (dinich wot), and of course plenty of injera. We found it impossible to figure out which was the weakest dish. Each ingredient in the sambusa was distinct, rather than a pasty mess as I've had elsewhere. All of the vegetable and legume preparations tasted so bright and fresh. Often with these stewed dishes, the taste and texture brings to mind a vat stewing away until it's mush. That wasn't the case here. I asked the waiter to bring out the kitfo just as he'd like it. He claimed he liked it medium rare which surprised me since I thought it was generally raw. Perhaps he had seen too many Americans send it back. Anyway, I had it medium rare and the flavors were astounding. Total damage with tax and tip was about $50 and we walked out stuffed. The service was friendly and helpful. If you look at the menu, you'll see that they serve breakfast. That'll be my next trip. Enatye Ethiopian Restaurant
  3. Some more pix from a visit a couple of months ago: Porcini with blueberries and pecorino Grilled artichokes with lemon aioli Octopus with pesto Grilled asparagus, caprino cheese, pickled shallots Meatballs Green beans with pesto and pine nuts Chicken liver crostini Rather disappointing. Was dry and needed a bit more "oomph". Charred pork belly, served with sweet-and-sour onions Awesomesauce on a plate Raspberry crostata -- dry and crumbly. Not too bad though -- with two glasses of white wine, coffee and herb tea, came out to $120 pp (incl. tax and 20% tip).
  4. "Blue Corn - From a Mexican Family, 'A Fine Blend of Style and Authentic Substance'" by Craig LaBan on philly.com
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