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Found 3 results

  1. I'm so very sorry to say that Herschel Browne - our own, irreplaceable The Hersch - member #248 - who has regaled us with his extraordinary intelligence and acerbic wit since May 25, 2005 - passed away tonight after a year-long struggle with liver disease. This evening, I'm in Baltimore helping another friend with medical issues, so I'll write more tomorrow, Tuesday - and because of these circumstances, I won't be able to take the community offline tomorrow - but we will be offline on Wednesday for one hour, 12-1 PM. Kind regards, Don --- PS - Please look out for a potential new member: Ed Mulrenin, who was Herschel's guardian angel when he was getting towards the end. Ed is a hero, and needs to be recognized as such. Poor Herschel - he didn't ask for any of this. Maybe he should have taken better care of himself, but nobody asks for this. Nobody solved Herschel's Jun 13th History Problem - nobody had a chance, and he knew it, but he'd like it the most if we all gave it a shot. The bastard slipped in one, impossible challenge, just before he left us. He was kind enough to send me the real answers, which I'll publish in his name - but people should really try to answer it first - I can "play Herschel," and do the best I can to guide you. I'd say that a lot of intelligence and education died with Herschel, but the truth is that much of it can found right here. Gosh, he was argumentative, and I never had much of anything to say that would quiet him down - mainly because he *always* had something else to enlighten me with. His and my discussions were classic examples of what I value most in this community: discussing to learn; not arguing to win. He knew this; yet, he discussed things at such a high level, that it was a constant challenge just trying to keep up with this brilliant, worldly man. What a loss - what a horrible loss for us all.
  2. I'm very sorry to say that we've lost our second chef in the past month: After a seemingly endless struggle with cancer, Chef John Pearson, most notably of Flint Hill Public House , passed away last night. The tasting menu he once served me at Flint Hill Public House confirmed what I already knew: That was one of the only truly good restaurants in Rappahannock County, and it was all because of John - he was a terrific talent, and never once compromised his quality. John's member name here was "rappahannock," and his Facebook page is here. The community will be offline today between 12 and 1 PM in honor of John
  3. I'm sorry to say that Chef Michael Hartzer passed away. Although Michael never posted here, he was a member who read the website regularly, and was someone who I can say was a friend. The first time that Mark Slater ever had dinner at Citronelle, he and I sat at the Chef's Table, and Michael cooked the entire meal for us. Michael's Facebook page is here. The website will be down for an hour from 12-1 PM EST Monday in honor of Michael - one hour of silence for our fallen comrade.
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