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Found 7 results

  1. Time to start a topic under DC Dining for Vigilante Coffee since they have been serving coffee for around a year in pop-up formats and have been at the Hogo location since March, 2013. They'll have their own enduring outpost at Maketto which will be opening....er...sometime soon...I guess. First, makes sense to link to the topic already established under Shopping & Cooking. Will leave to the Mods whether best to combine the two topics here since, as a still-relatively-new and smaller roaster/retailer, Vigilante would be more consistent with how Caffe Amouri and Qualia are categorized here on DR.com. I was in to the Hogo pop-up earlier this week for my first visit. Five coffees were displayed in jars on the counter and available for pourovers using Kalita Wave Drippers. I had the "Maui Mocha" which the server told me was the "world's smallest bean." Indeed it was small but tough to verify that claim for any who'd care to challenge it (not me). Vigilante has a distinctive Hawaiian focus explained fully on the website (link in the first sentence just above). The Maui coffee was fairly smooth and lower acidity but still with nice body. I enjoyed it. They also had two from Central America (El Salvador and Guatemala), a Columbian and Jamaican Blue. They have a very basic espresso setup (Simonetti machine). I'd guess espresso drinks aren't the thing to get here though they are planning a full, Marzocco-enabled espresso operation at Maketto so that'll be the time to take that plunge. Typical baked good assortment. Not sure about WiFi since this is a bar/restaurant by night.
  2. Hey guys, This is my first post and indeed my first food writing ever so hopefully I am doing this right! If you haven't been to Chez Dior yet it's quite good especially in this area where Ethiopian restaurants outnumber West African restaurants by a wide margin and finding good west african restaurants can be difficult. I've been a few times and can't recommend it enough if your in the area. They also have a few extended West Africa dishes in case your needing to get your Cameroonian fix or something. My fave dishes in the past have been the Ndolé, which is Cameroonian but still a popular dish in the region and put on many West African menus so don't be skeptical, also the Thieboudienne which could be called Senegal's national dish. A must have, especially for those who haven't had the cuisine before or are unfamiliar with West African food. Finally, the Yassa Chicken is a nice dish on the meat end. WHile I am not a Vegetarian I thought I would note note for Vegetarians: they do not have a Vegetarians menu yet but the owner tells me they are working on it.
  3. The Dantley-led Fighting Irish ended the Walton-led Bruins' 88-game winning streak. In the last 35 years, only Adrian Dantley and Michael Jordan have averaged over 30 points-per-game in 4 consecutive seasons in the NBA. Jan 8, 2015 - "Why Is One of the NBA's All-Time Great Scorers Refereeing JV Games?" by Dave McKenna on deadspin.com "From NBA to MoCo Rec League, Hall of Famer Adrian Dantley Won't Change His Stripes" by Dan Steinberg on washingtonpost.com When I was growing up, there was Adrian Dantley, and everybody else. I suspect that, other than players like Elgin Baylor, maybe Dave Bing, he's the most legendary DC-area high-school player in history - there were articles about him in the Washington Post seemingly once a week. I was in awe of him at age 12, and I distinctly remember Tracy Jackson (whose brother is a pretty good friend of mine (*)) saying in an interview that his role model was Adrian Dantley. (*) I will never forget the day Paint Branch played Springbrook, and Jackson windmill dunked it - he was about the only player on either team that could dunk in those days. He was joking after the game, and I remember him saying, "When we play Springbrook, we be playin' poker in the locker room and shit." And this guy didn't even curse (he also didn't talk like that; he was trying to be funny). This article does not surprise me *at all* - such was the mentality of Montgomery County (including DeMatha) basketball in the 1970s - they were a tight group. I'm thinking also about DaveO saying Dantley was a ball-hog, and I think the reason might be because he's viewing him as an NBA player; I'm viewing him as "hometown boy makes good." I also don't think he was any more of a ball-hog than Elvin Hayes, who averaged 1.8 assists-per-game over the course of his career (Dantley averaged 3.0). Hayes would get the ball, turn his back to the basket, start dribbling backwards, and then shoot his unstoppable left-handed, fade-away bank shot - he wouldn't even be looking at his teammates - as soon as he got the ball, you *knew* he was going to do this, and he did it quite effectively. All this said, I can see a statistical case made for either player being thought of as such - when you average over 20 points-per-game, and less than 3 assists-per-game, that's getting a little suspect; I wish I remembered Dantley's NBA game better than I do. I had absolutely *no* idea that the Notre Dame - UCLA game had this type of finish: This is one of the most exciting endings I have ever seen in a basketball game (I was also incorrect up top when I said "Dantley-led Notre Dame" - John Shumate led them that season; it was the following two seasons when you could legitimately call Dantley the "leader." For the very first time, I now understand why Walton apologized to people for "letting them down" - even though he did absolutely nothing wrong, this is the type of game that will eat at an athlete's core for the rest of their life.):
  4. Does that go for their root beer as well? I used to look forward to a decent draft root beer when visiting Hard Times, which carries Old Dominion.
  5. Shagga is located near the intersection of Routes 1 and 410, just a few minutes south of College Park. As a disclaimer, this is my only experience with Ethiopian food to date, but it's set the bar high for sure. I've only ever tried one dish here, and the Vegetarian Combination is so good that I almost can't imagine getting anything else. Nine different items laid out on injera, each perfectly cooked and seasoned, for the price of a single entree (you can double it for two, although one order may be enough to share if you're not starving). Some cold items, like a house salad, beets, and lentils. Some cooked or stewed items, such as split peas, collard greens, potatoes, cabbage and carrots, string beans and carrots, and chickpeas. A fine balance of sweet, sour, savory, and spicy across the board. Also visually striking with the multitude of colors. It's served with injera on the side, which is helpful because the bread on the bottom tends to get too soggy to be enjoyable, despite soaking up so many flavors.
  6. Quality food truck lunch today from Rebecca's Ethiopian. A pleasant surprise, as I had resigned myself to choosing from the local row of food trucks today after cancelling a lunchtime bike trip. Rebecca's does not appear to have a Twitter account or any other online presence. There is an Ethiopian restaurant and grocery with the same name up in Hyattsville, to which I'm guessing the truck is related. Ordered the Meat Combo, ($9.99, tax included) which actually comes out looking better than the picture on the side of the truck. It's a combination of Beef and Chicken wot (the truck uses the Ethiopian words like "doro," but I always struggle to keep straight which is which) with a hard-boiled egg, and a choice of any two of the vegetables (I went with the Kiki Alicha (split peas in a turmeric sauce) and the Gomen (collard greens), and requested extra injera on the side. The truck offers a number of other dishes -- no kitfo, but beef and lamb tibs, a tilapia choice, and several others. Those ordering the tibs were asked if they wanted "spicy" or "mild" -- that choice wasn't given to me, but the wots had excellent zing without leaving me back in my office with a burning tongue. Leftovers will make a fine second meal. Visa and Mastercard are accepted via Square. I'll definitely be looking out for this truck again.
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