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Found 8 results

  1. The JPW family will soon be making our annual trek down I95 to Pawleys Island. We'll stop somewhere in NC for some BBQ. Any thoughts on other good places to stop that are not too far from the highway? Mrs JPW was especially interested in some ice cream along the way.
  2. Since we have the Eating on I-95 between DC and Jacksonville, FL thread, why not have an Eating on I-95 between DC and Boston MA thread? I'll start it with Ikaros in East Baltimore, less than a mile off of I-95. I know there are some Greek restaurants opening in DC, plus we have Nostos, Trapezaria, etc. I've been to all these places, and I'm telling you: Don't listen to anyone but me. Ikaros is in another league compared to anything we have in the DC area. In fact, I had what was arguably the best $25-ish entree I've had in the past year there a couple of months ago - Ikaros Seafood and Phyllo ($25.95). I'll start a Dining in Greektown thread, and also an Ikaros thread if we don't have one, but this place was just unbelievable (come to think of it, it was the night of the Super Bowl, and it was virtually empty). Just go and get this dish. To borrow a quote from "Deliverance" ... "Don't say anything, just do it." Buzz aside, I would take this meal over both Woodberry Kitchen and Rye Street Tavern - all you need is a glass of Ouzo for something like five bucks. I also had the Bakalarios Tiganitos ($26.95), which is essentially Greek Fish and Chips, and better than any version in the DC area, but too monolithic for one person alone - bite-after-bite is the fish dipped in the Skordalia, and halfway through you're looking for something, anything, other than this taste (even though it's a wonderful dish) - this would be a good dish to split among 2-3 people. About a block or two away, I saw this sign which I could not believe - this was in a completely different establishment, and has nothing to do with Greektown restaurants. BTW, don't bother with Samos - trust me, I went twice (one time carryout for Avgolemono Soup and Moussaka). It's a cash-only, family-owned BYOB about a block into the neighborhood, and open since 1977, but local charm aside, it just wasn't that good, but they get full credit for being the only place open during a snowstorm.
  3. I could not decide where this post should sit. Don: Place it elsewhere if you think it should reside in a different section. Honestly though it seems to me to transcend the sections of the blog as presently constituted. These vital andintrepid and souls from the DC area decided to visit and rate Deli's from NY to DC and in between. Four of them visiting multiple deli's in a day at times. The research stretches from 2010 to this year. NYC, Northern Jersey, Philadelphia, Baltimore and DC. Multiple delis. Multiple sandwiches and side orders. Tight parameters. Repetitive tastings of the same base foods. A noble task. I salute them. Here are their evaluations/ratings/reviews on the entire list of 48 delis There are background details to various trips and tastings by clicking on various links. Spectacular research!!!!! (never in a million years would I attempt such an effort but I salute the sacrifice and magnificent effort of these gentlemen!!!!!!)
  4. I've traveled I-95 many times, but I've yet to find any places worth a relatively brief detour between DC and Jacksonville. I've stumbled across a few crummy places, which I've erased from my memory, but I've found only a couple I would recommend. Recently, my college-aged daughter decided to eat a vegetarian diet, and I'll just say that complicated matters ten fold. Smithfield's Chicken and Barbecue is solid, if not spectacular, but their pork sandwiches and chicken represent the NC style fairly well. / (Not for vegetarians unless they will be ok with slaw and hushpuppies). During my most recent trip, we stopped at Broad Street Deli and Market, located in Dunn NC. It's a small town place with friendly service, homemade food, and it's a quick detour from the interstate. Compared to DC prices, it's shockingly inexpensive. Lunch for two was just over $16. On the southbound leg, I made a detour into Florence to try Wholly Smokin', where I sampled SC's version of bbq. The pulled pork was well cooked and moist, but overly salty for my tastes. The mustard sauce couldn't really save it. The sides, though, were excellent; baked beans were tangy, and not overly sweet, while the corn and lima beans were fresh and delicious. I would have like to explore more of the menu--perhaps next time. Service was genuinely nice, and it was a good pick to relax for a bit. I'd really enjoy hearing about great spots along the way.
  5. I've just been charged with making a BWI run this Sunday, with the promise of some free food as a reward. Does anyone know of any local joints around the airport, or on the way back to DC? (Can be anywhere along 95, 295, 495 between silver spring and bethesda, upper-upper NW, etc.) Don't need anything too classy, just something with character. Ethnic, BBQ, greasy spoon, doesn't matter.
  6. Similar to this discussion here. I also see El Chucho is ranked highly in the Dining Guide. I hate recommending any food spots to folks from CA, but that's where I find myself now with no other recourse. If you could recommend something in DC, and then a place anywhere between Baltimore and Richmond if you think it's better, I'd think we'd be set. I'm happy to provide closure to this quest by relaying her reaction to the food, but I am pessimistic about this person being thrilled.
  7. Good morning, I will be traveling from Philly to DC next week and find myself struggling with lunch options along the way to my hotel in Woodley Park. Pretty much open to anything in the Maryland burbs or northwestern DC. So far, I am looking at Ruan Thai, Ren's Ramen, Nava Thai, Range, 2Amy's. Budget isn't really a concern, but I will probably hit multiple spots if I go to inexpensive options in Wheaton. Any feedback is appreciated - thank you!
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