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Found 19 results

  1. Morgan and Addison were the former chefs at Maydan. For some reason, they thought they could do some research and just open a Caribbean restaurant. That restaurant happens to be Bammy's, located between Osteria Morini and Agua 301, in the space formerly occupied by Whaley's. Twas a Sunday afternoon after a Nats game, so the area is pretty crowded. And many people were just there for drinks. They have a dinner menu and a game day menu. They were serving both - I was gonna leave if they were only serving the game day menu. We started with Pimento Fried Chicken and Mac Pie. The chicken was boneless and mildly spicy. I don't like boneless chicken. The mac 'n cheese was loaded with black pepper. One kid liked the chicken and detested the mac 'n cheese, the other was vice versa. I wouldn't bother with either. Next was Goat Curry, Shrimp Curry, Chana and Cole Slaw. The curries scorched my kids' taste buds. This was really annoying. Neither was labeled as spicy and I've had curries all over the Caribbean and they're not generally spicy. At least I enjoyed the shrimp curry, very tender and coconutty. Nothing else warranted a revisit.
  2. Yeah, both good choices. I've worked in Falls Church (just over the line) for 14 years so I know both of those places well. Caribbean Grill has OUTSTANDING side dishes -- their yuca is superb, and their plantains melt in your mouth. While their chicken is very good, I've often just gotten side dishes for lunch. This was actually my first time trying any of the eateries in Lee-Harrison (other than Dogma for my pups). Pietanza looks interesting too, but also a bit pricy. Then there's Sushi-Zen. Any 411 on either of those? I'm guessing "Oriental Gourmet" is as bad as you'd expect from the name?
  3. http://www.jerkatnite.com/food.html No affiliation with the former Ball or Nothing, to my knowledge. This take-out/catering/food truck operation is located on H Street NE. I've passed by several times in the last couple weeks, and there is always a line for the food truck there. And people down the street further sing the praises, too. Anyone ever try it before?
  4. FWIW, the Negril in Gaithersburg has been sold and is now called Antonio's. It's still selling Jamaican food but has added Latin American food to the menu. All this has been reported on in some other thread. My coworkers and I hit this place for lunch at least once every other week. It's sad to report that after maintaining the previous owner's high standards for several months after the change in ownership, Antonio's has officially gone downhill. The last two meals there have been extremely unremarkable (I won't say "bland" but in comparison to previous efforts, it certainly seems that way). The spicy scotch bonnet hot sauce has been replaced by the generic red hot sauce that you find at the Chinese fast food outlets in the mega-mall. The jerk chicken no longer has any kick and the chicken curry tastes like they're using generic curry powder out of a can. Ugh.
  5. Big change to report. Caribbean Plate is under new ownership. The new owner is the Muffin Man from Maryland (La Plata? Lanham?). ( He was very nice.) The menu is totally different - more Jamaican offerings. No more saltenas. No more black bean soup. The owner said he plans to add his famous muffins to the menu,
  6. This one is in the running for strangest location. Turn in to the Seven Springs Apartment complex on Cherry Hill Road, drive back past several high rise buildings until you reach the large central pond/rec center, and look for the apartment building facing the pond that has a neon "OPEN" sign in one of the small windows at the garden level. This is the "mall" for the large complex, including a convenience store and this small Jamaican cafe. We parked with no problems in the nearby parking area, although a sign at the complex entrance says that permits are required. The cafe consists of maybe half a dozen small tables, a counter with stools along one wall, and a large sofa presumably for folks waiting for carry-out. There is a glass case that seemed to house a small selection of baked goods - late Saturday night, they were down to lemon cake, but I think they sometimes have various cupcakes as well. The menu is relatively brief but wide ranging. They have a selection of breakfast items including both standard fare such as pancakes as well as jerk chicken omelets and ackee & saltfish. The lunch/dinner menu includes several jerk options, oxtail stew, cow foot stew, several varieties of wraps, pasta with a Jamaican twist, and salads (including jerk chicken salad). There are multiple vegetarian options, including pastas and stews. The service was extremely friendly. After placing our orders, we were given small mugs with complimentary samples of an off-menu multi-bean soup which was very tasty. Our dishes came out a short time later, delivered in person by the chef. I ordered the jerk chicken with sides of plantains and curry cabbage. The chicken was very juicy and tender with a flavorful sauce, mildly spicy. The curry cabbage was on the spicier side with a strong curry flavor; the plantains were thinly sliced and were cooked differently than I usual - possibly roasted or baked? I also tried a small piece of a friend's sweet and sour chicken, which seemed to be fried chicken in a tangy sauce, not dissimilar from what you might find at a Chinese restaurant. The jerk style is different here than at, say Just Jerk (which has a big grill) - there, you get a quarter chicken that is very distinctly grilled. This chicken here was more tender and with a clarity of the jerk seasonings but less of a strong grilled taste. There are a number of interesting items on the menu, so I will probably be back to check out more of them (hmmm, oxtail stew...), the full menu can be found on their website: http://www.unforgettableflavors.com/ The cafe is closed Sunday and Monday. Bathrooms are in the hallway, you will need to ask for a key. There was also a writeup last summer in the Washington Post, which I completely missed as it was in the Going Out Guide.
  7. Planning to check out the outdoor market at Union Station tomorrow and looking for recommendations. Does that location have the same menu as their Georgia Ave location?
  8. There is a new hole in the wall Jamaican restaurant that just opened in the Norbeck Center on the corner of Norbeck Rd and Georgia Avenue, just above Leasure World. This center is becoming ethnic food central, what with a Thai restaurant, Korean restaurant, Gyro place, and an Italian Deli. And now a Jamaican restaurant to add to the mix. In a word, the food is great and authentic. Dinners are served on a huge mound of wonderful red beans and rice and also come with steamed vegs (shredded carrots and cabbage with wonderful spices) and plantains. If you want, stemed greens (calaloo) can be substituted for the cabbage and carrots. Last week we had the Curry Chicken, Brown Stew Chicken, and Oxtail. All of them were great. The meat was tender and spiced wonderfully. (but watch out for the bones) There is a large selection of Jamaican soft drinks and homemade juices (the Ginger Beer was great). Last night we tried them again. I had the fried fish. I was expecting a slab of fried fish, but instead it was a whole fried fish. Delicious. Spicy and perfectly cooked. It was a trip deboning as I was eating it, but some of the best fried fish I have ever eaten. My son had the curried goat which he loved. It was tender and very flavorful. They also serve some "American foods, but who is going to try that when there is this wonderful Jamaican food to eat. They are open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. (6am -11pm M-Th, 6am-9pm Sat, and 10am-2pm Sunday) I'm anxious to try the Ackee and Salt fish or the Mackreal and bananna for breakfast. Nice folks, a few tables (mostly carryout) and regge music. Give them a try, I want them to make it so I can go often. Grand'Ma Cooking 4007A Norbeck Rd Rockville, MD 301-929-3377
  9. I searched, and I refuse to believe that Negril does not have its own thread. The best lunch in SS at the moment is the Jerk Chicken Burrito at Negril Express, the carry out shop next door to the main restaurant.
  10. If you spend any time just watching the door of Sweet Mango, there's a constant stream of humanity continually passing through: school kids, EMT workers, policemen, construction workers, loiterers, parents- pretty much the entire neighborhood of Petworth, it seems. Most of them are getting takeout, though there is a nice roof area upstairs. The smoker starts up early in the morning, blowing the sweet smell of jerk chicken over the streets at a constant rate. The jerk doesn't have a searing heat, but it does have a really nice complex flavour. They don't only have jerk chicken, of course; there is brown stew, and curry chicken, and oxtail and goat sometimes. The beef and chicken patties aren't made on site, but they're darn tasty. The meals come with a huge portion of rice and beans, with cabbage and veggies on one side. It's incredibly filling food, and amazingly affordable. Oh, and for people looking for an interesting variety of root drinks, they have those- some home-made, some not, and other things like sea moss. Nick and I went and stuffed ourselves silly last night.
  11. I ordered take away at this small but friendly restaurant in an otherwise dead-looking strip mall in Upper Marlboro. I can't speak to anything more than my vegetarian roti, but if the rest of the menu hits as well as this did, it bears further investigation. The portion was enourmous for $10, with freshly sauteed vegetables (half-dollar sized slices of zucchini, summer squash, and carrots along with potatoes and diced onion) in a moderately spicy curry sauce. I was pleasantly surprised at the freshness, as most of my other Caribbean take out experiences have involved food taken from a steam table. The roti itself was thick, flaky, and moist (probably made with not a small amount of butter or lard).
  12. This small ice cream store is located on the first floor of a residential building just off of Rt. 1 in Mt. Rainier, a few blocks from the border with the District near the silly "traffic circle". Metered street parking is available along 34th. The sign out front indicates that the ice creams are organic; they are also made personally by the owner, who told us that he was in the middle of making a new batch. We arrived about an hour before the official close time on a Friday, but he was in the midst of closing down, possibly because the previous batch of ice cream was almost gone. The regular flavors include a few "standards" such as cookies n cream and mint chocolate, as well as grape nut, coconut, sour sop, mango, stout, and a few more tropical fruit flavors. We were able to each get a cup of ice cream ($3), I had the grape nuts while my companions had mint chocolate chip and cookies n cream. The grape nut had a soft, creamy texture and a definite taste of grape nuts; my companions reported that they enjoyed their selections as well. I think there is a minimum for credit cards, and you might want to call ahead to see what the selection is like if you have a craving for a particular flavor.
  13. Ventured to Just Jerk for lunch this month - this is a small roadside joint on Lanham Severn road at the horrible intersection with 450, in Lanham. In fact, google maps was confused about the location, placing it on the ramp section of 450 and gave completely incorrect directions - you need to be headed westbound on 564 (Lanham Severn), it will be on your left in the section where the road has split between Cipriano and Princess Garden. If you are coming from the west, you will need to loop around and turn into the westbound lanes to get there. The building is a small structure, green with yellow trim and plenty of parking. We went around 11:30 on a very hot weekday - there was a sign on the door saying that they were going to close early because it was too hot inside. There was no line, and no one else buying lunch, but I have heard that sometimes they get very busy. There is not much in the way of seating, so we got takeout. It only took a minute or two for the food to arrive after placing the order. I ordered the small jerk dark chicken platter, which came with plantains, cabbage, and rice. They also have beef patties, seafood, sandwiches, and additional sides, plus a freezer full of York Castle pints. I'm not that familiar with jerk, so I can't compare, but I thought the chicken was quite good - juicy with nice flavor - and also liked the cabbage and plantains. There was plenty left over from the "small" platter to eat for lunch the next day, although if it hadn't been broiling hot outside, I might have been hungry enough to polish off the whole thing. I will definitely visit again to try more of their menu, especially since they are only ~10 minutes from my office. Just Jerk 9005 Lanham Severn Rd Lanham, MD 20706
  14. I realize the heat of summer is far away, but I've been trying to do this every summer for the past 3 years, and never seem to get around to it. I loved the jerk chicken I had when I was in Jamaica years ago, and since I wont be going back for many years to come, it's time to bring it home. To do this properly though I need two things that have proved pretty elusive in the past. 1. Scotch Bonnet Peppers 2. The branches of a pimento tree The first shouldn't be hard...I just never seem to see them when I need them. I was hoping some hot head in here would know of a place that carries them regularly. The second has me totally trumped. If I can't find them I'll just burn a bunch of allspice in the coals, but I doubt that will be the same. Where does one find the branched of the almighty pimento tree? Give me 1 and 2, a case of Red Stripe, a bottle of Appleton estate rum, and some hot humid weather, and I'll be singing Buffalo Soldier all weekend long.
  15. Most Jamaican patties in this area are made at wholesale (there's a big one in Langley Park right on New Hampshire Avenue) - that's why so many of them taste the same. I'm not a huge fan of Negril's Jamaican patties, but I love what they call "Meat Loaf" which is basically a sloppy Joe inside of coco bread. I'm also not a huge fan of their Jerk Chicken, but I *love* their Curry Chicken. You know, the more I think about it, the more I think I've been to Just Jerk. But there's a voice deep inside me that says the place I'm thinking of may have been in Beltsville - regardless, it was several years ago. --- [The following posts have been split into separate threads: Just Jerk (nulumbo)]
  16. Just saw this article in The Winchester Star about a new place of interest in my old hometown.... "The Tropical Island Coffee and Cafe features Blue Mountain coffees, Jamaican cuisine, and an owner who runs his business on traditional 'island time' Island Getaway by Mary Huntsberry
  17. This is the kind of place I enjoy writing about and I really hope this place does well. Its located on University Blvd just north of Main Street. Its located in the basement of one of the shops facing main street and I for one am glad I stopped in on Saturday night. After a day's worth of yard work I had no desire to cook and didn't feel like picking anything up from Wegmans so I figured now was the time to check this place out. There are a few tables inside but it is mostly a carry-out business. We had two of the meat pies, which were flaky and just spicy enough to get your attention. Also tried was the ox-tail dish which was good, but a little salty. The highlight of the evening was the brown stew chicken which was very flavorful and moist. Both the ox-tail and chicken were served on rice and peas which looked a lot like red beans and rice. The dishes were also served with stewed plantains which my son loved. I looked forward to bringing the leftover chicken to work for lunch today but was sadly informed that my wife and I beat me to the punch yesterday. Parking is a bit of a chore here but the food is good and the prices are cheap. I am definitely adding this one to the regular rotation.
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