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Found 16 results

  1. Got a chance to try the new Schmaltz Brothers kosher food truck when it stopped in Cleveland Park, DC tonight. Overall, we really liked it. The best was the Bubbie's Brisket sandwich that is a bunch of very moist shredded beef brisket with slaw on a very tasty challah roll bun with everything bagel spice on top. Almost as good was the Zinger fried chicken sandwich which I got sweet/spicy with hot honey but they will also do Nashville style hot chicken too. It comes on the same good bun. Probably an acquired taste was the very non-traditional fried matzo balls with pickled onions and spicy aioli. My wife took a bite and just couldn't handle the weirdness. I embraced the difference and enjoyed the rest. They are slightly crispy on the outside and very soft inside. In looks like this is their latest version as their old menu had fried matzah puppies with crushed matza instead of the usual cornmeal hush puppies. Their menu apparently fluctuates a little along with their truck locations. Lastly, we had a rather good chocolate babka for dessert - very rich chocolate but a little dry (good but not the best babka) - kid approved though 🙂 Website: https://www.schmaltzbros.com/ More details and pictures here: https://dc.eater.com/2020/12/3/22126233/schmaltz-brothers-food-truck-chicken-sandwiches-burgers-synagogues-bar
  2. After living in Colesville for almost 7 years, I finally got around to trying Max's Kosher Cafe on University. Its in the same shopping center as Full Key and Pho Hiep Hua which I frequent so often that my food often arrives at the table as soon as I do. In any case, I had heard about it somewhere regrding falafel and that sounded good. But when I got there, I saw a schwerma rotisserie and thats what I had to have. Schwerma is layers of beef and sometimes lanb, roasted as it turns and sliced as needed to serve. Unlike chicago style gyros, made out of ground stuff, Schwerma is layers of lean meat with a big piece of fat on top to moisten and help the browning. At Max's, there is a wide array of topping to go into your sandwich" cukes & tomatoes; shredded cabbage, red cabbage, pickled cauliflower, pickled turnip, sour pickle, hot peppers, 5 different sauces, sauerkraut and more. A half is one hell of a lot of meat. You just point to what you want and theywill keep piling it on and then top your sandwich with even more meat. A dollop of tahini (here very thick and rich) is added at the end. Of the cooked foods, all I have had is a bowl of matzoh ball soup whhich is hands down the best matzoh ball soup I have had in DC. As good as Brent's Deli in Northridge California and that is praise indeed. The matzoh balls are what my mom would ahve called flufka, very light, almost etherial. Somehow these light balls do in fact trun to stone in your stomach, giving evidence of your meal for hours to come. This is not a bad thing! Service ranges from friendly to surly, but when you cannot eat what $10 will buy, its worth it.
  3. Al Ha'esh, translates to on the fire or on the charcoal. It is a nice space carved out of Kosher Mart, which I believe is now called Motti's. The space was known for generations as Katz's. It has its own separate entrance from the supermarket, and is run as a standalone restaurant, although it looks like the kitchen may be shared with Motti's. I have always said that a restaurant cannot survive solely because it is Kosher, it must also have good food. This space may have figure it out. I went here for lunch expecting some good grilled meats, Israeli salads, and some good bread. I did not leave dis-appointed. We started with an order of falafel, hummus, and babaganoush. They were served with hot pita, which was really really good (has anyone noticed pita quality recently has jumped by a huge margin?). The falafel was perhaps the best I have had outside of Israel. The hummus and and babaganoush were also very very good. For my main, I had grilled sweetbreads, which we were told was pancreas. I had never had the opportunity to sample pancreas so I thought I would give it a try. It was decent, although a small portion. It came a with a choice of side, which I opted for Israeli Salad. My friend went full out and got a skewer of chicken, steak (entrecote) and lamb kebab. Entrees come with unlimited salad and pita. The salads alone were enough for a meal, there were about 4 dishes of tahina, tabbouleh, chickpea salad, a tomato onion salad, and something else I cannot remember. All were very fresh and well seasoned. Prices are decent--at lunch, single skewer of your choice is $14.00, $18 if you want a second one, all coming with salads and pita. I should also note that they have a decent well curated beer selection both on draft and in bottles, with prices which will have your head spin a 360, drafts are $4.50 (including Unibroue from Canada, Goose Island, and Smuttynose and bottles are $5.50 (Bear Republic, Founders, Hatachio (from Japan), North Coast, Weyerbacher). Being a Kosher spot, they are not open on Friday or Saturday night.
  4. I picked up a dozen from Goldberg's New York Bagels in Silver Spring yesterday. They may or may not be authentic NYC-style bagels, but they meet my three criteria: chewy exterior, correct ratio of inside to crust, and salt on the everything. They have a variety called a "black Russian" that I have never seen; it's a pumpernickel that smells oniony and has sesame seeds on the outside. We'll see how they keep in the freezer. The tub of veggie cream cheese I got to go with was nothing special and wildly over priced at almost $8/lb. Several people ordered sandwiches while I was waiting to pay and they looked pretty good. They offer breakfast egg sandwiches, tuna salad, egg salad, veggie burgers, pizza bialys, and the usual cream cheese spreads. Forgot to add: Goldberg's New York Bagels 9328 Georgia Ave Silver Spring, MD 20910 240-450-4177
  5. Soupergirl is located on M between CT and...18th st NW, this little take-away place just opened a few weeks ago. Some of you may recognize Soupergirl b/c she's been selling at local farmers' markets for years. Her food is all virgin (my short-hand for local, organic, eco-friendly, ect). Plus she's vegan and kosher. In my eyes the vegan thing is a huge downside. I love meat. All kids of protein. I digress. The menu consists of maybe 6 fresh soups every day and they offer free tastes. She has Gazpacho (or did earlier this week). There's also pre-packaged salads of both the veggie and grain varieties. Some of her soups are served both warm and cold. I've had a wonderful soy veggie soup and a fabulous quinoa salad that I added shrimp to once I got home. Excellent. Didn't really need the shrimp but I thought: why not? Give it a try; I think you'll like it.
  6. The Glatt Chinese place (Royal Dragon) has been pretty bad the few times I've eaten there. (My brother is Orthodox and doesn't live in a community with a Kosher Chinese restaurant, so it's a big thing for him to get it when he's visiting me.) Not recommended unless you're Orthodox. Gloppy and tasteless. I read a fascinating story about the history and Kosher duck scandal at this restaurant recently. It's in The Fortune Cookie Chronicles by Jennifer 8. Lee. It's in the chapter on why Chinese food is the chosen food of the Chosen People. Highly, highly recommended reading. But not highly recommended eating. Do stop in Koshermart for some of their handmade pita bread if you're over at Coaches, though. That pita bread definitely gets my blessing.
  7. I haven't seen this mentioned but I noticed that Blue Star opened last week. I haven't been yet but it looks interesting. http://www.bluestarkosher.com/
  8. I didnt know PitaPlus was opened whenever i stop in at the greek place next door Pita Plus is always closed and it has an abandoned look. How do the gyros at Greek Deli Express compare with Pita Plus in College Park?
  9. Only open a few weeks, Pita Hut has obviously gotten the word out within the local Kosher community. The place was humming along and busy at noon today, and I think I was the only patron not wearing a yarmulke. The menu has a decent number of choices including falafel, schwarma, various kebobs, grilled whole chickens, and of course Jerusalem Mix (steak, chicken, turkey, hot dogs, all mixed together and grilled). There's a large selection of fresh salads out on display, which you can order as a salad plate, as sides, part of the combo platters, or of course stuffed into your schwarma or falafel sandwich. My schwarma sandwich was very good. Excellent pita, lots of very tasty (if a little soft) schwarma, and about 5 different salads spread evenly through the sandwich. For less than $10 including a drink and a side of Israeli salad with pickles, I walked out stuffed and happy. There are quite a few seats, and they seem to be doing a pretty brisk takeout business. I haven't been to Max's in a while, so I hesitate to do a comparison, but the sandwich really was very good. After only one visit I'd hesitate to send someone across town, but I will certainly be back. Don't forget, like Max's, kosher means closed from mid-afternoon Friday until Sunday morning. They note that they are considering opening on Saturday night after Shabbat, a move that I have long suggested to local kosher restaurants who want to survive more than a few months. Website here, but they haven't updated it since they opened. What's on the menu currently is only about half the grill items listed on the website, and the website doesn't list the sandwiches and combo platters.
  10. I have a new coworker that is a remote worker in visiting the office for the first time. Keeps kosher. Apparently there are smartphone apps that tell you what restaurants are nearby your location that are kosher. That is probably a pretty handy app to have for those that do that. Who knew?
  11. I went with mom this weekend to check out the newly established Eli's at 20th & N. (I can't recall what the space used to be). While the space has more of a European bistro stlye, the menu reflects much more of a New York Deli fare. We started with meat knishes, house salads, and moved onto the "New Yorker" sandwich (a variation on the Reuben - corned beef, pastrami, cole slaw, and russian dressing), and a burger topped with pastrami and salami. The sandwiches are far from "Carnegie Deli" sized, but certainly big enough such that 1/2 a sandwich was plenty. The "New Yorker" was good - toasted bread, hot meat, ample cole slaw. The burger came out overcooked. We ordered it medium, but the burger had zero pink colouring. Despite the doneness, it was still juicy and we ate it as is. It wasn't bad. As the just place just opened a few weeks ago, I imagine that they are still working out the service kinks. (At least, I hope that they are working them out.) Our starters took a long time to arrive (ie. other people who had arrived after us were already eating their food), and no sooner did our starters arrive, did our entrees also arrive. Fortunately, the server quickly realized the problem that we were still working on the starters and that there was not more room on the table to put the entrees and quickly took them back to the kitchen. (I suspect this is how the burger went from "medium" to "well done".) Overall, the food was pretty good. I'd certainly go back. Good to decent NY style deli is hard to come by in this city, and having a place in the city is great. Eli's happens to be certified kosher (so cheeseburgers will not be served. :-)). Hopefully, this won't scare people away and that the restaurant will pick up street traffic. It's going to need it to survive. For those with kids - it is very kid friendly.
  12. Anyone who puts (the original) 2nd ave Deli at the top knows what he is talking about. And validates my belief (since he agrees) that Brooklyn's tops Altmans.
  13. Only mention of it I found on the board was this post answering a question about local butchers and it does cover a lot. Basically its a small shop that I've found is very knowledgable about the meats and offers some pretty decent prices (in my experience) for some very good meats. They ship all up and down the east coast and they are a big kosher distributor, although I don't know if they've ever had it in their retail shop. But if you ever need a good order of any cow or pig product, this is your place. http://www.jwtreuth.com/
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