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Found 10 results

  1. Just bought a condo offf Seminary road and will be moving shortly, I'm not going to be far from Del ray but wanted to know if anyone knows good food to be found near Duke street between Old Town and Landmark, or thereabouts
  2. I have to drop one of my daughters off for a birthday party at 291 S. Van Dorn St., near the intersection with Duke St., at 6 p.m. this Saturday. I need to find myself some decent grub. Any suggestions? I'll need some place that sells booze.
  3. Alley Cat is now doing Sunday Brunch Our local okay not great place to eat (walking distance makes up for a lot of things) is now doing a great brunch on Sundays, we have been 4 times now and the quality and diversity is consistently good, They cover the pool tables as the serving area and have a staffed area along the side. The staffed area is a standard omelet station also does waffles and eggs Benedict and roast beef. On the chaffing tables are scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, french toast, biscuits and gravy, grits, and crepes. Then there is a more lunch type of table with pasta and usually a chicken dish and a potatoes dish. The other trays seem to vary week to week. Another area next to this (I think a 3rd pool table) is fruit, chocolate fondue, breads/bagles (with a toaster) and a dessert or two. Coffee is good and filled quickly, staff is polite and they have room for a large group. Conversation is easy (not to loud which is a plus when taking Grandma), easy parking, clean restrooms. They even handle special requests (They had apple pie and Grandma had to have ice cream with hers) All you can eat Sunday 10am - 2pm $13.99/person and $8.99 kids under 10 Location: 2 S Whiting St, Alexandria, VA 22304
  4. A new star appears to have entered the Chinese restaurant firmament. TemptAsian, a rather non-descript place on Little River Turnpike, is the new home of Peter Chang, previously the chef at China Star, arguably the best local Sichuan restaurant at least until he left it several weeks ago. The menu follows the old China Star fairly closely--the Sichuan menu has 88 items in English and Chinese (there is also a Chinese-only first page with another 10 or so and a chalkboard on the wall with 7-8 more, also Chinese only). Be sure to get that menu, as there is also the usual American menu. Two visits, one with a group of 8, confirm that the quality is there, including the baby wontons, diced rabbit, ma po bean curd, Lake Windless prawns, fish with bean curd (or was it wheat gluten), etc. No weekly specials yet, and I'm not clear if these will be part of the new regime--remains to be seen. Apparently PC left CS because they were trying to have him do too many things he didn't wish to do--he has a freer hand in his new digs. The place is at 6259 Little River Turnpike. It is immediately west of 395, in the same strip center as Grand Mart and Hee Been. It is in a little building close to LRT, across the parking lot from GM and facing it. FWIW, Washingtonian gives it a favorable review in the new (July) issue which also has some useful information.
  5. I seem to remember reading praises for Edgardo's pizza and pastas, but the place fell off of my radar until I got a postcard with coupon today. Does anyone have any experiences with Edgardo's? Pizza? It's nearby, so I'll give it a try soon. I just wanted a little input to ponder. (please excuse me if a thread already exsists--I couldn't find one)
  6. I pass by Mango Mike's driving to work in the mornings, and this a.m. they had a big smoker working out in the side parking lot. Don't know what was inside, but there's something BBQ on the menu today
  7. Having eaten here twice, I am surprised that there isn't an existing thread on this place. It is located in the small strip mall where N. Chambliss meets Lincolnia Rd - very near Total Wine/Landmark Plaza. Here is the website. I visited Enat about a month ago on a Saturday night (using a Living Social voucher) and then again last week on a weeknight. I love Ethiopian food, but DH is not as big a fan. I really enjoy a big vegetarian platter with lots of colorful, delicious veggies and legumes. However, our arrangement is that DH will agree to Ethiopian if we order a meat dish in addition to the veggies. Sounds fair, right? Ambiance: The atmosphere is mostly what you would expect from a hole-in-the-wall ethnic joint. It is pretty small. The tables are close together. There are flat screen TVs on the walls and it is definitely on the loud side (especially when there are sports games on). On the plus side, there are tablecloths and cloth napkins and the place is very clean with decent restrooms. Service: Both times we dined here we were impressed with the attentiveness of the servers. Our dinners were at peak times and while they could have benefitted from additional help, we were generally very pleased with the service. Food: Now, for the important part. The food here is very good/excellent. Admittedly, the first time we were here I wasn't blown away by the veggies. They were fine, but just a tad undercooked for my taste. The second time the veggies were far better and were perhaps the best I've had in the area. (My usual favorite place is Etete.) The real standout here is the meat dish we had both times. DH liked it so much that *he* actually suggested our second trip. I'm happy! The dish is the Shennt Tibs, which is rib eye sauteed with onions, jalapenos and Ethiopian butter. It is the best quality meat I've had at an Ethiopian joint (but admittedly, as mentioned above, I favor the vegetarian platters). Definitely check it out. I really like this place and am thrilled that the DH likes it, too. I hope they stick around.
  8. Went to Hee Been last night with the guys for a little farewell party for one of us. Our host was the architect who designed the interior of this place which is quite stunning. Had beef and chicken BBQ with all the fixins' and a good sample of the sushi and sashimi offered at this establishment -- washed down with soju. Don't recall much other than that food was excellent. The staff doesn't speak much English, but if you can find some Korean friends to escort you go. Hee Been PS: Mee Kim the young bartender is very cute and enthusiastic -- just the way I likes 'em
  9. Beautiful new arrival on the NoVa pho scene in the former Pho Tom Yum space near Landmark in same very unassuming plaza as Tempt-Asian. Open only five weeks now, it is clean and newly renovated with a simple but well-appointed dining room and, ok this is odd to say, gorgeous bathrooms (sort've like an Ashburn mini-mansion powder room if you like that sort've thing with your Pho)! Standard Pho options at (I think) 8 bucks with an interesting a la carte (broth plus your choice of two add-ins). No vegetarian Pho option at present. Manager who served us was gracious and friendly and very proud of the space and the food. He noted in particular use of less salt in the pho broth. Maybe it was power of suggestion but sure enough after I cleaned my bowl I DID feel less thirsty than usual. Great pho in clean and well-appointed surroundings with warm and friendly service. A far cry from my separately-posted "Sticky Rice experience."
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