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Found 20 results

  1. I'd suggest Pasta Plus as well. I was hoping to stop there on the way back from an O's game last weekend, but it was a little too early for dinner and we didn't stop.
  2. Would you mind telling me your laurel and beltsville favorites? This place sounds awesome and I've never heard of it, makes me wonder what else I'm missing. --- [The following posts have been split into separate threads: Facci (Choirgirl21) Little Tavern (Joe H) Casey's Crab Company (Pool Boy) Dave's BBQ & Catering (Justin Bittner) Ranazul (porcupine) Seoulia (nelumbo)]
  3. I have a bit of an obsession with restaurants inside of grocery stores, mainly due to the convenience of being able to get food and groceries in one trip. I first tried I Love Pho (stylized with a heart emoji), inside the Laurel Super Best, for this reason. After many takeout meals from here, however, I feel strongly that their Bun Thit Nuong is worth a trip on its own. The grilled pork is fantastic every time, nicely charred but still tender and flavorful even after the trip home. Rounding out the dish are the usual vermicelli, lettuce, sprouts, Thai basil, cucumber, carrots, radish, peanuts, and a solid nuoc cham. All of the elements blend together wonderfully (chewy, crunchy, sweet, sour, caramelized, smoky), but all highlighting the meat as the star of the dish. The rest of the menu ranges from slightly below average to solid. The rice that came with the grilled pork chop entree was so bad the one time I tried it (dry and stale) that I've been put off from ordering any of their other rice dishes since. The pork chop itself was good, however, and they also do a pretty good Bun Bo Hue (spicy beef noodles) and Bo Kho (vietnamese beef stew). The Pho itself was not great, but in fairness I was pretty sick that day and the soup didn't stay hot on the way home in cold weather. I'm curious whether the soup dishes are improved much by dining in. Prices are in the $8-10 range for entrees. They also do banh mi, spring/summer rolls, and bubble tea.
  4. I saw Kliman mention this place in his a couple of his recent chats, and thought it was worth a trip. In short: the lunch buffet did not disappoint, and I'd love to go back sometime to order from the regular menu. The buffet is large, and well-appointed with about 8 different main courses, plus sambar, rasam, and a number of smaller appetizers and condiments. The restaurant was packed to the gills by 12:15, and the food was being refreshed at a pretty quick clip. There were no real misses, with everything in general being well-spiced and not swimming in ghee. Standouts included a daal vada (lentil fritter) that was nice and crispy without any greasiness...pretty suprising for a buffet. Topped with coconut and cilantro chutney, this was a great start. I tried a bite of just about everything on offer, but what brought me back for seconds was the haleem. Sietsma talked about it in his review, and it is definitely a dish I'll be craving from now on. The standard chicken tikka masala was a better than average version, with a touch more spice than you normally get. The naan was fine, but nothing exciting. I'm getting pretty spoiled by all the lunch options in the Laurel area...Curry Leaf will now be in the rotation.
  5. As a proud former Laurel resident, I've been remiss in not spreading the word about this gem. Tacqueria Los Primos seems to be fairly new, with Yelp reviews spanning back to 2016, as I regretfully hadn't heard of it before moving away. They were packed out the door with hispanic families when I went on a Saturday night, which is of course how I knew they would be good. Part of this is their layout, where you order at a counter directly facing the entrance before getting a number and making your way to a table, which creates a logjam between people coming in and out; nevertheless, the place was popping. Four tacos will run you 8 dollars, and they come loaded with cilantro and onions, with radishes, limes, and interestingly enough thick cucumber slices on the side. The tacos themselves were rock solid (think I had al pastor, lengua, tripe, and chorizo). Other customers seemed to be enjoying their tortas, quesadillas, enchiladas, and other staples. Delicious, authentic, cheap, big portions, what's not to like? Just the fact that I can't pick this up on the way home every night anymore.
  6. You have a high-end chef trying to lay low in Laurel -- dishing up barbecue that is very worth the drive to U.S. 1. You'll know them because it'll be the only hole-in-the-wall dining room that shows the Food Network. You'll also know them for the food. Smokey, seared spare ribs, light corn bread, and the best collard greens that I remember eating. That was my first platter, and it only suggests more good things to find on that menu. RG's BBQ Cafe is a new restaurant in the U.S. 1 building that used to be the Bar-B-Que House. It's the same casual spot with counter service and a small dining room. But it's a new operation. It's an operation run by Robert Gadsby -- former executive chef at the Biltmore Hotel in LA and a 2007 contestant on Iron Chef America. I had noticed the new signs, but Gadsby seems to be running a low-key operation with a Groupon, but no new Web site. He's not going low on the food. My $14 platter centered on spare ribs -- meaty ribs with a firm bite and smokey flavor. It was a huge half rack, but the side dishes were the real shock. Generous portions of special food. Corn bread with full flavor and the lightest texture. Collard greens cooked to perfect tenderness and an earthy tone. If you're honest, you'll admit that the best part of many collard greens is the meat. I'll dig around good greens to find a burnt end or some other pork. But RG's greens may be vegetarian. At least, I didn't see any meat. I just forked up greens. It takes real talent to make something that simple taste so delicious. I ate dinner watching Chopped on the television, and I'm sure that my meal beat everything in the show. I'm excited to eat more at RG's BBQ Cafe. An acquaintance stopped there yesterday and got a special bacon-wrapped quail. He loved it. This is on my way home, so I'll work through the pulled pork, the baby back ribs, maybe the burger. There are hot dogs, which I would normally skip but might be special if they're done like the collard greens. Gadsby is the chef who appears to be taking over the Venegas Prime Filet in Fulton.
  7. Good tacos and pupusas at My Las Delicias Deli, near the old Swahili space at that hideous junction of rt 1 and Rhode Island. Not sure what was there before. My Las Delicias Deli (Unofficial) Facebook Page
  8. Have you tried Mango's next door to this place. I've been there a few times now and it is quite good.
  9. I tried the new-ish sushi and Japanese steakhouse in the old chili's spot on Rt 1 and cherry. Sushi was all fine to very good--better than maintenance sushi but not Sushi Sono. Place was basically empty. Pretty questionable starting the same concept that failed there before them, in a shopping center that is annoying to access. But I hope they survive.
  10. Has anyone been to Olive On Main? The beer list is pretty awesome, the wine list could be better but the food I had was pretty great, we got a platter of falafel and hummus which came with warm grilled pita and was very good and plenty for 6 bucks. Then we had a Greek salad which needs some work both in dressing and ingredients, but for entrees I had the lamb chops(16.95) with two sides, four lamb chops grilled perfect medium and highly marinated and seasoned with olive oil and garlic mashed potatoes and very proper cooked green beans. My lady got a grilled kabob plate with sumac rice and something else I don't recall which she said was very good as well. It was a pretty nice dinner overall. Especially less then a mile from home.
  11. My wife and I had dinner at Laurel last night, which I've seen consistently seen reviewed as one of, if not the best, restaurant in Philadelphia. We had a positive experience, though it definitely did not live up to the hype. On the positive side, it is rare to dine at a restaurant of this caliber that is also BYOB, and the $85/8-course price fix is exceedingly reasonable by the standards of refined dining in major American cities. The restaurant is a tiny hole-in-the-wall place devoid of any character or ambiance whatsoever, and it's a pretty tight squeeze. The service was good - servers were attentive, provided a helpful explanation of each dish, and weren't overbearing when monitoring our wine glasses. Generally speaking, Laurel tends more toward the food-as-art concept than food-for-enjoyment. The first two dishes were frozen - hamachi with frozen horseradish powder and green apple and shaved frozen foie gras with granola and champagne grapes. These were two of the most unusual dishes I've ever eaten with very complex flavors and textures that would be a challenge for even the most refined palette, but I would be hard pressed to describe either as "delicious". The high points were the smoky sea scallop with ginger and the arctic char with seaweed butter, and the pork cheek with blueberry miso to close out the savory portion of the meal was also a nice dish. In summary, Laurel is good value, lacking in ambiance, and best suited to adventuresome eaters who are really into refined, experimental cuisine.
  12. Helping a friend. She's looking for a place to go to brunch in suburban MD, somewhere in/between Silver Spring and Laurel (and probably willing to veer a bit east or west as needed). Nothing too fancy, but good food and where you do not need to feel rushed about. My only ideas are generally in DC (or Baltimore). Thoughts?
  13. Could you find out if it has new owners? Assuming yes, I'm starting a separate thread for Bella; if it's just a facelift, I'll merge the two threads back into one. I can't find anything about Bella on the internet - not one word - so I'm wondering if it opened very recently. Pasta Nostra had definitely closed, so there was a period of time with nothing open at 7423 Van Dusen Road. Thanks Pool Boy - you're our Mayor of Laurel. You too, Justin.
  14. I've been here several times over the past half dozen years or so. It's not great, but it's local and they do decent pastas and they are open sometimes when other places are not. That said, I tried carry out pizza from here of late. Pasta Plus, my usual local purveyor (closest to my house) was closed the day I needed a pizza and well, I rolled the dice. It was not horrible. Not even meh. But just....average. <sigh> Will have to try to get back to make sure thier pastas are still ok or not. Ah well.
  15. Casey's crabs does a pretty good fish and chips, too. Been awhile since I've had it though. Their price on lobsters at times is fantastic.
  16. Is this the best Indian anywhere? No? Is this something you would trek far and wide for? No. But it is good Indian food served up by a friendly staff. They have quite a menu to choose from and their specials are quite good. I recently had their shrimp and salmon tandoori and it was really delicious. I generally have shied away from their Thai offerings, I am not sure why -- I just recognize the place most often with Indian food and that is what I stick with. On the weekends, they have a good buffet, too, if youprefer to graze on a variety of things, with stuff represented from both the Indian and Thai menus (heavier on the Indian). Their carry out portion sizes and good as well. While I wouldn't go out of your way to find this, this is a good choice for Indian in Laurel (so if you're in the area or passing through and have said craving). I prefer it for many dishes as opposed to say, India Gate (also in Laurel).
  17. A friend of mine who used to go here often as a child asked me today if it is still open. I did a bit of research and found one source that stated that the place has been closed since February 2008, and is moving out of Laurel. Does anyone have any further information as to the disposition of Bay 'n Surf?
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