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Found 4 results

  1. Lonzo Ball, I fear, is somewhat overrated, has too much baggage, and might be a disappointment in the NBA. Look at his stat line this year: 14.6 points, 6 rebounds, 7.6 assists. That's very impressive, especially for a freshman, and especially in the assists category. However, his shooting technique is extremely flawed, and he's not mature enough to tell his father to back off. Yes, he can shoot an open 3, but his free-throw percentage this year is 67.3% - think about that for a moment. He's big and quick, he can jump, and he can pass very well, but he is a big risk - my dark side hopes the Lakers pass on him at #2, just to irk his father. I believe Lonzo Ball will be a good NBA player, but I'm not convinced he'll be the superstar his father claims he already is. Feb 1, 2017 - "Why Lonzo Ball Isn't the Surefire NBA Superstar Some People Seem To Think He Is" by Colin Ward-Henninger on cbssports.com
  2. It almost hurts to see the Lakers at 12-51 this season, after going 21-61 last year. Still, they're a championship franchise, and they'll be back, eventually. I hope. Today, I happened to be looking at the 2003-2004 LA Lakers. Their four leading scorers in points-per-game were: 1. Kobe Bryant 2. Shaquille O'Neal 3. Gary Payton 4. Karl Malone For those of you who are counting, these four account for: 1. 56 NBA All-Star Games 2. 32 All-NBA First-Teams 3. 21 All-NBA Defensive First-Teams 4. 9 NBA All-Star MVPs 5. 4 NBA MVPs 6. 4 NBA Scoring Champions and ... 7. 120,660 Points Scored (Kobe will add some more to this figure by year-end) Consider that only 5 players in NBA history have scored over 30,000 points in their careers, and these 4 averaged over that amount! This is truly awesome; however, the four played in only 20 games together that season - Malone went down with a knee injury, and Bryant was distracted by legal issues. Nevertheless, they got to the NBA Finals, losing to the Detroit Pistons in a series that featured a match-up between two ex-Clemson standouts, Horace Grant and Elden Campbell (well, I won't say it "featured" the match-up; merely that it existed).
  3. Well, *someone* had to think of it. Two amazing facts: 1) Elgin Baylor never won a scoring championship (Michael Jordan won 10) (*). 2) Elgin Baylor never won an NBA championship (Bill Russell won 11). This, despite being #4 in NBA history in points-per-game scored, and an 11-time All Star. (*) Amazingly, another player from Spingarn High School did. Yes, you read that right.
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