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Found 15 results

  1. I've never been sure which index to find things in, so I've divided them into three, mutually exclusive indexes: 1. Stores - Places where you buy things - stores, mail order, online ordering, etc. (this is where you are now - see the post below for the current index). 2. Items - The things that you buy inside of Stores, what do do with them, how to cook them, etc. 3. Thoughts - Any other Shopping and Cooking discussion not fitting into Stores or Items. These indexes were started by mktye and continued by leleboo - both of these members are responsible for helping to keep the community going, and should always be in your hearts and minds.
  2. Sey Coffee is from the same folks who brought Lofted Coffee. This is my first shipment of Sey Coffee that arrived today. Jhon Wilson Poveda In the Cup: pineapple, meyer lemon, mango, peach, floral Layo Taraga In the Cup: black tea, watermelon, persimmon, citrus Carlos Calderon In the Cup: tropical fruits, tangerine, floral Jair Caicedo In the Cup: meyer lemon, white grape, black tea Carlos Calderon and Jair Caicedo are already sold out. Here is the link to their site: https://seycoffee.com/
  3. We visited NYC last weekend for our annual trek and stopped by a new places, one being the Heatonist at Chelsea Market. As a fan of the Youtube series, Hot Ones, it was fun to try a couple of the lower hot sauces at the counter. Heatonist 75 Ninth Ave, Chelsea Market - Lower Level, New York, NY 10011 (718) 599-0838
  4. Thank you. Of course, we are dissapointed we didnt actually "win" the tasting, but like someone else said "different strokes for different folks". I think that statement holds true to most food items, as it is a very subjective matter indeed. As for our chocolates, we hope you all try them out and make your own opinion.
  5. I cannot recommend The Don Rockwell Idiot Kit enough for people who know absolutely nothing about coffee, but wish to become experts with a minimal amount of work. Read that entire thread, especially the first post, and get on the phone to Qualia Coffee - by the end of the week, you'll have everything you need to brew the best coffee in your neighborhood. I knew nothing, zero, zilch, nada, about how to brew good coffee, and I can now comfortably say that I drink coffee that's as good as anyone, and it's *waaaay* less expensive than going to Starbucks - it's a night-and-day difference. Purchasing this kit from Qualia Coffee will not only enable you to go from "nothing" to "everything," literally overnight, but it will also be supporting one of Washington, DC's most valuable small businesses. I've never met Joel, don't even know what he looks like, and have absolutely no financial interest in this kit - I just thought it was a good idea for him, and I care about supporting small businesses who in turn care about quality. Here's a recent thread about coffee makers - towards the bottom, I refer to "The Don Rockwell Idiot Kit" with its Baratza grinder (I bought the more-expensive "Virtuoso" model, and I can never go back) - I cannot emphasize enough how much I love it. Make the call - if you aren't absolutely thrilled with everything you buy, write me ... I'm almost positive I won't be getting very many letters, other than letters of thanks. And if I were buying someone a gift who loved coffee, but was just starting out? A no-brainer. Don Rockwell
  6. My expectations of Rapphannock Coffee & Roasting were so low that it wouldn't have taken much to exceed them. However, despite its flaws, Rappahannock is one coffee house that South Arlington or North Alexandria residents should be aware of. I walked into Rappahannock, and was immediately caught off-guard by Beethoven's Emperor Concerto playing on the speakers (at this point, it was theirs to lose ). There was one lady working the counter, and about ten customers on a late weekday morning. Looking around the room at some of the decor (including several types of Ethiopian coffee beans), it's possible that there is an East African ownership of, or influence on, Rappahannock - there's also a large parking lot in back with plenty of off-street parking (there's a stone walkway up to the front of the store, so I assume parking here won't result in your car getting towed (check the signs more carefully than I did, just to be sure). I ordered a Large Americano ($2.85), and added a fourth shot of espresso ($.60) - the barista is quiet and reserved, but opens up once you say more than two words to her. She smiled as she gave me the WiFi password. Taking a seat in the sunlit back seating area, with the roaster merely feet away in its own sun room, I plugged into Rappahannock's WiFi and set out to enjoy my coffee. Reading some of the reviews online, one gathers that Rappahannock's roast is on the dark side (it is), but my Americano is a level up from what you'll get at Starbucks. They have simple syrup at the fixins bar, and did I mention the Emperor Concerto was playing when I walked in? Rappahannock's website is here, and there's a fairly accurate description from The Washington Post's Alex Beattie here. Reports are that the bagels are above-average and the thing to get here, but Rappahannock also has a selection of panini sandwiches, salads, and soups in the $3 - $7.50 range. A recycling container sits in a little nook in the back. Online bean sales have been temporarily discontinued, probably because of lack of demand. Rapahannock Coffee & Roasting, operating under the name JCL Coffee, Inc., is an above-average independent coffee house. It merits serious consideration by people along the Columbia Pike corridor, but is essentially a local destination. For putting out a decent product at a reasonable price, for offering WiFi in a funky, sunlit seating area, and for not vaporizing the squalling, demanding little brat and his inept mother (for whom I feel pity, rather than anger), Rappahannock is initialized in Italic in the Dining Guide, alongside of most independent coffee houses. While top-flight independents can rest comfortably, the sorry state of South Arlington coffee is the buoyancy that pushes Rappahannock up to the top of its neighborhood. As I was walking out, I heard Chopin's 3rd Piano Sonata playing, so I took a seat along the front wall, overlooking Columbia Pike through the large front bay windows, and continued to work and enjoy my coffee, still hot after nearly thirty minutes. PS - The Florida Fresh-Squeezed Orange Juice (Large, $2.79) is nothing more than Tropicana Pure Premium, poured straight from the carton.
  7. Gilt City DC has a special deal for Bean Box that seems like a great opportunity to try different roasters (even if they are Seattle-centric ones), delivered right to your front door. For this particular deal, each box contains 4 unique coffee roasts, makes about 16 cups, and includes tasting notes. New customers can use WELCOME20 to get 20% off, if you want to try it out through Gilt City. The prices include shipping. I just emailed Bean Box asking if I could request certain roasts, and they responded right away, saying that I could switch to the other type of subscription service, if I wanted. So it's nice to see a rapid reply. I'll report back after I get my first box next month.
  8. Given the unseasonably warm weather, I decided to try the bubble tea at the Barracks Row Capital Teas today. It was a nice day to sit in the courtyard. I'm not sure what the event was at the Barracks, but I encountered a motorcade on the way over and was serenaded by the Marine Corps band as I drank my tea and read a book. The tea I ordered was the featured flavor: blood orange pu-erh. They have another half a dozen or so standing flavors. I had tried the hot version of the blood orange at the outside urn and wasn't sure about it. The staff member I was dealing with assured me that it's really good iced, so I went ahead. It had more flavor than it did hot. I thought the bubbles were good--firm and kind of gummy and chewy, but I don't have experience with bubble tea that enables me to give an expert opinion.. The mixture seemed a little too sweet to me, but I don't typically consume sweet drinks. It wasn't overpoweringly sweet, so someone who likes a moderate amount of sweetness would possibly think it was fine. I believe they sweeten with agave, but I didn't confirm this. The amount of milk seemed good, but it could have used more ice. The serving was very generous. A small was $6.25 ($6.61 with tax).
  9. Hey DR Community, I wanted to let you know about Grape Crate, my new wine business! We deliver a curated, educational wine box with an app-driven recommendation engine. That means we pick great wines and package them in a cool-looking Crate, including some painless-to-use instructional material. Then, we let people rate wines quickly and easily on their smart phone, so we can customize their next crate based on what they liked in the last one! For more information (and to look at my smiling mug), you can read about us at Borderstan and Eat More Drink More! Plus, you can check out our website at www.grapecrate.com and feel free to ask questions here or email me at alex@grapecrate.com! If you want to stay connected, you can like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and sign up for our email list via the website. Also, please buy two or three crates for everyone you know. Sales close on Dec 10. Thanks, Alex www.grapecrate.com
  10. Which are your favorite sites for buying cheese online? So far, all we have tried is Murray's, which is fine, but I would like to try others. Thinkin about igourmet. Anybody used them? Others? Bonus question - if I order burrata online, say, from iGourmet, how will that compare for freshness with, say, getting it from the cooler at Cheesetique? It seems risky to order something that needs to be kept cold online.
  11. Louisiana crab cakes have nothing in common with Maryland lump crab cakes like the Narrows, etc. Perhaps interestingly Angelina's in Baltimore, for years (perhaps decades!) was considered the home of Bawlmer's best crab cakes. They actually published the recipe on their website (www.crabcakes.com). I was going to link it as part of this post but it's gone! Gone! Angelina's has new owners and not only has the food gone to Hell (I was there a couple of months ago and will not return...) but now they no longer want people to know how to CORRECTLY make the crab cakes they no longer make. Anyway, the best crab cake on earth is at the Narrows in Kent Island. I'm not a fan of G & M (actually, really dislike this place!), do like Faidley's, Stoney's in Broome Island, Captain's Galley in West Ocean City (Crisfield closed), Suicide Bridge, Waterman's (Rock Hall) and a few others. But nowhere in Louisiana for crab cakes.
  12. What is the specific cheesesteak spot? You may also want to head to DiBruno's at the Rittenhouse square location, a fairly easy walk from Capogiro.
  13. A wonderful bookseller and small press, Oak Knoll is located in New Castle, Delaware, and does business chiefly, I believe, via their website, which you can visit HERE. They specialize in "books about books", with an extensive catalogue encompassing the history of printing, print-making, bibliography, literary forgery (my favorite!), book binding, book design, typography, calligraphy, and lots more, featuring collectible old books and new books that they publish themselves. I've done business with them quite a few times, and have nothing but praise for their business practices, their mastery of their field, and their care and feeding of their customers. I've just received my latest purchase from them, "Blake and Tradition" by Kathleen Raine, published by Princeton University in 1968, in a beautifully bound, lavishly illustrated two volume edition in slip-case. Oak Knoll sold this to me for the remarkably decent price of $125, and packaged it for shipment so beautifully that I almost wept as I unwrapped it. Herschel Browne
  14. Not only have I been to this "restaurant" which celebrated the Grand Opening of Jolie Feuille, I'm proud to say that I was Jolie Feuille's first customer, ever! For those of you who haven't yet met Celia Laurent-Ziebold, she's currently the GM of Sou'Wester, and has recently decided to take the plunge and put her artistic talents to work at Jolie Feuille ("Pretty Paper" in English) - beautiful little collages which Celia makes from antique French newspapers - she sees potential beauty and greatness in things many people would overlook and discard, and has the ability to turn them into precious little artistic jewels - not unlike what she did with her husband. Not only was I Jolie Feuille's first customer, I also put in two custom orders in for Valentine's Day. They make perfect presents, and are surprisingly inexpensive considering the thought and craft that goes into making them. Count me as a repeat customer and a fan. Celia is not only artistic, she apparently has also inherited her lovely mother's cooking skills (refer to Eric's picture up above). Here is a picture of Celia and her charming mom, whom I had the privilege of meeting the last time I was in France: The works of Jolie Feuille can be found at the artists' co-op website, etsy.com, specifically at http://www.etsy.com/shop/JolieFeuille (notice the prices which are remarkably reasonable). Guys, if you get stuck for a last-minute gift, here's where to turn (you'll be in the doghouse if you show up with a box of Whitman's Samplers, and definitely *do* *not* do what I did!)
  15. This is a nationwide (actually, worldwide) index. If you've had a great experience with a mail-order business, post about it (please see FAQ) and it will magically appear here.
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