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Found 8 results

  1. I always want to stop here when I have to go to court in Prince William County. And I drove by and then it closed for the season, drove by, then closed for the season. This past Monday I did well in court so I said, "Ahhha! I am going to stop and treat myself." Kline's just looks like that custard shop you could find all over the country in small town America twenty or so years ago, probably because it has been around forever, but the thing is, it is still here. There was a line and lots of kids in the back enjoying their ice cream at the tables. I really liked the plain vanilla custard here. To me it tastes very rich, like drinking whole milk, it just has that good fat flavor that makes it seem very full of body. I got it mixed with heath bar as that is reminiscent of my child hood. Was even better to have while I endured stop and go traffic on the way home to Arlington on 66. After eating some other custards in the area, I think it might be my favorite. Would love to hear if their flavored custards are as good, or the sundaes.
  2. Hello DonRockwell.com food connoisseurs, the chocolates must have been too good for words to describe for Meaghan I came across this forum browsing the web and am glad to see that artisan chocolates are well represented here. We are excited to join the group of excellent confection makers in the Washington DC area. We will provide a devine selection of hand-made chocolates. The production team is european trained and we carry a lot of tradition with our name. You can learn more about us and what we do on our website (see signature). We are starting production in September - you will be able to sign up on our mailing list on the homepage, if you want to be one of the first to know the actual date. Shortly we will also feature more nutrition information and health aspects of chocolate in general from our own nutrinist Alison Sturm on the homepage - there is a big buzz going on about this in the US and we think it is important to educate us and our customers. Feel free to ask us anything you like via the contact form, email or here on DonRockwells forums. We will service your needs in wholesale and retail business. To serve you we will set up a web store for the upcoming season, so you will be able to conviniently order online as well. Greetings & looking forward to post a lot more on here (we cannot wait to explore the DC dining experience) Wilhelm Wanders, Master Pastry Chef & Chocolatier
  3. Right off of 66 at 234 business in a sketchy looking strip mall comes my latest food find. Judging from yelp I am late to the game but I've been here twice in the last week. The first time was the Wednesday before thanksgiving. I stopped in long enough to get some lumpia because who doesn't love lumpia? I bought two orders and brought them home where they were promptly devoured by my children. Mind you, they had already eaten. That was supposed to be my dinner.... So anyways, tonight, after a non-scream ridden visit to Santa at Merrifiield in Gainesville, we stopped for dinner tonight. First of all dining here is more like eating in the kitchen of your best friend's Filipino grandmother. This is a good thing. Secondly. We tried two of the daily specials. A vegetable dish which was like a mild coconut curry and a pork stew. We also ordered one of their breakfast specials, the one with sausage, and of course, 4 orders of lumpia. Everyone, including all four of my kids liked everything. Mind you, all four of my kids never like everything (Well, except at ABC Canteen). It's hard to find but I encourage everyone to give this place a try. It is literally a couple minutes off of 66. Their website is here: http://thejulianas.comcastbiz.net/
  4. The owners of Guajillo and Casa Oaxaca are now in Manassas on Mathis Avenue. Wife and her sister went for lunch last week and were the only customers the whole time they were there. My wife and I were there for lunch Friday and there were three other parties the whole time we were there. I haven't been to Guajillo or Casa Oaxaca, so I can't speak to how it compares to them. I enjoyed my chorizo quesadilla and my wife's five tacos plate (steak, pork, chicken, fish, and lamb). Thin crispy chips and warm salsa were good.
  5. Continuing my theme of restaurants that I enjoy but that most would probably abhor, Anthony's Restaurant is an old standby when in F-Church and needing a good bite, cheap. Sure, you need to keep a blind eye to the décor, make it two blind eyes, but for my money, they churn out a number of quality items. Highlights include the Gyro, Chicken Suvlaki, and Steak & Cheese -- all piled high, well seasoned and appointed. A basket of crinkle cut fries (yes!) or rings will complement those items nicely. I've also had their pizza, which is good, tho it can come out with too much cheese at times. I think their tzatziki is pretty good too. **Waves good bye to whatever credibility existed** My next post will be on the delicious club sandwich that can be had at the Cheesecake Factory"¦
  6. On Saturday we visited Manassas for the Civil War weekend event (sponsored by the Manassas Museum). Venturing into the Old Town area, a block from the museum, we had dinner at Carmello's on Center Street. The sister restaurant, Monza, is right next door and I'm pretty sure the kitchen is shared. Dinner started with complementary sparkling wine (Gatao, from Portugal). The bread and tapenade was great. Mr. lovehockey enjoyed his Ceasar salad. Entrees were filet mignon and halibut with crab and veggie risotto. For the former, Mr. lovehockey likes it medium well and it was the first time since he showed up in my life that they asked if they cooked it right upon serving. It was medium-rare. It went back, but I really was stunned that they asked first! The description on the menu for the halibut is "crab-stuffed pan roasted Alaskan halibut." The crab that was there was not stuffed into the halibut, but the portion of halibut was generous. We had no room for dessert, although the menu indicates the desserts are made in-house. Prices are in line with what you'd find in DC (entrees $22-$42). They have several gluten-free options. This may be nitpicky, but Mr. lovehockey's espresso included the lemon rind. So many places neglect this. He notices this, and I've learned to notice this (I don't drink coffee). It was also the first place I think I've ever visited that had ads included in the music track. Carmello's has spring, summer, and winter menus (we had the summer menu). The dining room is very nice and the service is earnest. Personally, I think it is a place that has a lot of potential. If you're looking for fine dining in Manassas, go here (although I admit I was in jeans and they welcomed me in!). There is a parking garage a block away that is free after 10 a.m. on weekdays and all day on weekends.
  7. On the way through Manassas this afternoon, hunger pangs attacked Lady KN and I, and Bella Vita was visible in a strip mall on the side of Liberia. A good meal was about to be had. First things first - this is not a chain, although there is a related restaurant in the Richmond area called Dolce Vita. Next, the interior is very nice. It's family friendly, but there are happy hour specials and a little bar off to the side of the entrance. Pictures of Frank and Dino on the walls -- and inexplicably, a picture of Bogart above the urinal -- and plenty of tempting dishes on the menu. Candy Sagon would be all over this place with one of her meaningless two-star reviews, and it qualifies for her purview -- lost in the Virginia suburbs and not really worth a review. Nonetheless, Lady KN and I had a competent snack, beginning with the appetizers of mussels (plump and flavorful) and calamari (nicely crisp and tasty). No lemon was provided for the calamari and no sopping bread was provided for the mussels, but these were easily corrected omissions. We followed with spot-on salads -- Wedge for Lady KN and Chef's for me -- and these were very good. They arrived on rectangular plates, so the the ingredients were nicely spread out instead of piled high. The competence of our dishes led me to peek at the menu and see if anything might compel me to return at some point, Pappardelle with Lamb Bolognese, Gnocchi Boscaiola, Scallops alla Brandy over Fettucini and a pizza named "The Butcher Shop" all caught my eye. More than likely, we'll try this place again at some point. http://bellavitaonline.com/
  8. Roberto Donna just raved about this place on Facebook. I'd never heard of it - does anyone have any opinions? (Website)
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