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Found 18 results

  1. Prince of Petworth on the receiving end of another game of telephone regarding rumors on Joe's Stone Crab coming to DC. (The typo in the title of that post and the subsequent comments are comedy gold). If true this is pretty awesome. We've resorted to next day FedEx of a few dozen claws when we get the hankering when stone crabs are in season. With shipping it ends up being about what you would pay at retail, but any time I've found them in this market they have been less than fresh. If there was a place I could plop down at the bar and get a half dozen or do when the urge hits ... sweet.
  2. So...based on this review it sound like Oval Room is deserving of its own thread. Anybody besides Waitman and Mrs. B been since Chef Secich took the helm?
  3. Stan's Restaurant is in the MacPherson Square area, and is a worthy addition to the Dining Guide. A friend and I both tucked into a club sandwich, which thanks to Mario Batali in Lucky Peach a few years ago, I usually order at my first time in a restaurant because, as he says, "the club sandwich is the most interesting, most telling dish about how hard the kitchen is trying." And so it would be at my first visit to Stan's.... The club sandwich here did not disappoint. The combination of ingredients hit the spot. Filled to the edges of the four triangles, the lettuce was fresh, the bacon was fried in-house, the tomato was fresh and maybe local, the architecture was sturdy, and the satisfaction quotient was high. I had the fries as the side, and almost to my surprise, they were crisp on the outside and soft and hot in the middle. This place is a bit of a dive and somewhat loud, but I can't think of too many reasons not to return when I'm in that neighborhood.
  4. Some news we just posted on the CP blog about Jaleo executive chef JohnPaul Damato. It's really about Damato's new restaurant, Mio, so I don't know if this deserves a new topic. Rocks?
  5. Walking by the Loews Madison at 15th & M earlier today, I noticed big signs in the windows announcing that Jose Garces is bringing Argentinian food to DC. No name or opening date were given. I hadn't heard anything about this previously. We are big fans of his Spanish restaurant, Amada, in Philadelphia, so it will be interesting to see how this turns out.
  6. It's a rather open looking yellow cart. I'm not sure how it's going to handle the winter weather. There are two food options - bulgogi and chicken teriyaki. Both are made on the spot in woks. All choices come on rice with a side of iceberg lettuce with a soy sauce-based dressing and kimchee. You can also ask for sriracha if you want. The bulgogi was decent - not anything spectacular, but compared to a lot of what I've had within DC pretty good and a good deal at $6.75. The kimchee wasn't too fermented, so the cabbage was still light and crisp. I'm not sure if that will change the longer they're in business. They have some sundries - chips, Doritos, sodas and Gatorade. I wish they would have more Korean-type sundries, but at the same time I don't know how successful that would be for the area. But for a first foray into ethnic food cart, I'm pretty satisfied. It will certainly satisfy the Korean BBQ jones when I don't feel like driving out of the city.
  7. Anyone been? Website is still under construction, but it looks like they've been up and running since January 16. The presser they have on the front window described the cuisine as Med-Italian influenced with house made pastas, charcuterie, and the like. I took a glance at both the lunch and dinner menus and they looked very promising. Lunch prices are $10-18 and includes focaccia's, pastas, salads, and a couple lower priced entrees, while the dinner prices creep into the mid-$20s.
  8. Did a search here and on google but did not find anything. My wife just informed me that we are meeting friends here on Saturday night - anyone been? Suggestions or should I use my power of veto.
  9. Grist Mill will be opening in early January on 14th Street NW (between H and I), and will feature the return of Chris Willis. Although it's in the Hilton Garden Inn (not traditionally known as a dining Mecca), Grist Mill will be a chef-driven restaurant featuring comfort food (think: Beef Stroganoff, Mac and Cheese, etc.), and entrees in the $15-20 range. The focus will be on fresh ingredients, affordability, and simplicity, and the beverage program will emphasize local and regional beer and wine offerings (many of the hotel's guests will be dining here, and they're going to want a sense of local exploration (incidentally, this is the busiest Hilton Garden Inn in the United States)). The intent is for the wines to be offered at a flat price (10 selections each at $20, $30, and $40), and I'm liking the names of the importers I'm hearing. Says Chris, "Comfort food to me is so liberating; and being freed from the pretensions of fine dining is liberating! We've tried out dozens of ideas these past few months, and you know what people have loved? Beef Stroganoff! Now, it is a pretty kick-ass beef stroganoff, but I had no idea people would react so positively. It makes people smile." (Very nice, and I don't know of any other restaurant in town that does a good one, but don't be insulted if I order your crab cakes (which, to me, were the best in DC when you were at Posh) on my first visit.) Congratulations both to Chris and also to our own B.A.R., and we'll look forward to seeing you in January! Cheers Rocks
  10. Looking for someplace convenient and inexpensive, we stumbled upon DC Thai not far from the White House. The restaurant is about 3 years old, and is on the 2nd floor of a street front access. Walking into the place, there was a mild odor of day-old seafood and the tables seemed to have a glaze of slightly sticky sediment... Nonetheless, this was pretty decent fare, and at a price that belies the neighborhood. Happy hour deals are great, with most appetizers at $3 or $5, and all wines and beers at $5. I had the "Capital Hill" which is stir fried beef with fried basil on top. Save for one tough bite, it was very good. Companion had the "FBI Undercover" which was a seafood stir-fry. We both agreed to hit this spot again. This is not Chada Thai in Las Vegas or Elephant Jumps in Merrifield, but this is sound Thai food at a good price in an atypical location for value.
  11. I tried the newly-opened Catch 15. The menu looked pretty unfocused, but it is close to a friend's office and takes reservations, so we figured we'd give it a try. It was profoundly mediocre. We sampled about 10 dishes and all were a solid "eh." I wouldn't ordinarily even post, but because it's new, I figured that I'd pass along word: don't bother.
  12. First I should mention that on my first visit to a restaurant, I tend to go along with whatever they suggest, rather than requesting something else (another table, etc.), and evaluate the place based on the default experience they deliver. If it's bad enough I will tell them, and walk out and eat somewhere else. Tuscano West is one of those downtown restaurants (usually Italian) that I've walked by hundreds of times, but never really thought to try. You know -- once you've endured the disappointment of ballyhooed places like I Ricci, why bother? Wait until you get to New York, Boston's North End, Philly, or San Francisco. But a Groupon tempted me, so... I arrived at 6:00 on the Wednesday night following hurricane Sandy, well before my wife, who was coming from work, for our early (6:30) reservation. I checked in at the stand, and headed to the bar for a Scotch. The bar does not have a price list of its single malt Scotches. This is significant, since prices for the the same whisky vary wildly from place to place. (With over 100 single malts at home, why should I overpay for mediocrity at a bar?) My wife arrived at 6:25. We returned to the stand, which was staffed now by someone else, who had no idea who I was. We were not offered a choice of the nearly empty dining rooms, but were ushered immediately to the isolated front room, rather than the much more interesting rear room with views of the kitchen. And to the only microscopically tiny two-top in that front room. I observed that we wouldn't be able to order much with such a tiny table, but the woman either didn't get the jab, or chose to ignore it. In addition to being very, very small, the table was oriented along the long axis of the room, (the opposite of all the other tables), thus insuring that one person (me) would be able to observe absolutely nothing but the blank wall behind a wood service counter -- not the dining room, not the outdoors through the window -- for the duration of the meal. Already, Tuscana West had made a bad impression that it could not overcome. Normally, at this point, I would have gone elsewhere, but this was a Groupon night to try a new place... The wine list is not kept up to date; they were out of the wine we ordered. The waiter recommended a Chianti, Ruffino Ducale Riserva 2007, which he said was priced slightly higher, but would be provided at the same price as the wine they were out of. It tasted a bit astringent, of which I advised the waiter (there was no mention of decanting and no decanters in evidence), but opened up nicely by the end of our second course. A small plate of olive oil accompanied two breads: the usual completely ignorable, cottony, Italian Wonder Bread equivalent, and a Focaccia that my wife enjoyed. A shared appetizer salumi plate included one slice of a nice salami, three slices of a dull mild sopressata, one coarsely-cut slice of undistinguished prosciutto, three slivers of an unidentified hard cheese, and some excellent marinated peppers. It was good, but not excellent, and was more than we needed for a shared appetizer. Secondly, we shared a special hot appetizer of Italian sausage with sauteed onions in a sort of Italian barbecue sauce with stick cinnamon. The sauce was wonderful, but the sausage itself was quite bland and ignorable. My wife had a nightly special of duck breast in pomegranate sauce, with risotto. The duck was fine (though not nearly as good as the D'Artagnan breasts we cook at home), cooked medium rare as requested, but the risotto -- the same risotto with gorgonzola that was available on the menu as a stand-alone dish -- was a disappointment, somewhat dry and not at all toothy. I had a nightly special of pork loin with vegetables. The three generous slices of pork were overcooked, in a nice sauce of lemon and sage; potatoes were perfect, but the rest of the vegetables (carrots and beans) were barely warmed through,and not to my liking. We asked about desserts, and our waiter rattled off a list. I opted for cheesecake -- plain, so it could be the star that cheesecake deserves to be. A minute later, he returned, saying that he was told they were out of the cheesecake, so I ordered my second choice raspberry and blackberry tart. In a minute our waiter again returned, saying that they had only one slice, which I took to mean the tart -- until, ten seconds later, a server placed a slice of cheesecake before me. The cheesecake was a nice light ricotta variety, with a graham cracker crust flavored with cinnamon. We ordered double espressos, decaf -- but they don't offer decaf, so we settled for regular (I'm very caffeine sensitive, so I paid for this in lost sleep later.) What urban restaurant doesn't offer decaf espresso these days? How hard -- and expensive -- is it to keep a pound of ground decaf or decaf beans around? The double espressos, when they came, were of decent flavor, but weak -- more like an Americano -- and served in larger cups. At this point, we decided to have our after-dinner drinks at home, and paid the check. When we left at 8:50, the maitre d' stand was unmanned, so there was no farewell or opportunity to offer comments. To summarize: the table was horrendous, the food was interesting but also had significant flaws, the service was very good but hampered by the table location. For $200 on a Wednesday night, you can do much better.
  13. Today kicks of a new partnership between food incubator Union Kitchen and the National Museum of Women in the Arts. Various Union Kitchen members will have the opportunity to run NMWA's Mezzanine Cafe. First up is DS Deli (Dirty South Deli) providing sandwiches, soups, salads, and sides, with Blind Dog Cafe providing baked goods. DS Deli Menu
  14. For an office holiday party, is that price point workable?There are plenty of places nearby, but most are closer to the $50pp-range. I'll take any and all ideas for a lower cost venue, and any input on holiday parties in that area. Location is to be walkable from between 14th/15th and L. She's going to see what price point Old Ebbitt comes in, and probably check on: 14K Siroc Catch 15 Lincoln PJ Clarke's Mio? Zentan? Thanks!
  15. Just had lunch at Cafe 15. The Wild Mushroom and Onion Tart Appetizer is out of this world. A very thin pastry crust, a thin layer of what may be creme fraiche, bits of possibly pancetta sauteed onions and mushrooms. A perfect appetizer. If you're looking for a quietly elegant lunch, this is the place to go. -Ed Szrom
  16. Just today a co-worker told me he went to Georgia Brown's this weekend and enjoyed it greatly...I recall reading recently that there has been a chef change, but haven't heard that anyone has gone there until today.
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