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Found 22 results

  1. i searched and to no avail, much to my chagrinning consternation. or perhaps my grasp of operating machinery lacks something, a certain finesse, predictedly ending in, how the french say, a certain cul de sac. enough of this tomfoolery. if for no other reason, go to tosca and order the tomato marmelade tart with ricotta basil gelato and basil syrup. the disc of pastry, baked to a golden hue recalling the skin tones of the snug decaying descendents of aristocrats who play their life away beneath the long dead still mediterreanean sun in nice and monaco, crackles at the slightest pressure, as your fork oozes through the tranquil carmine pond of tomato marmelade, marmelade whose very flavor completely obfuscates the taste buds: it is sweet, yes, but not sugar sweet, but still not raw sliced tomate sweet and anything but acidic; the verdant quenelle of gelato haunts with ricotta's fresh whey-ness yet tempers the aggressive and volatile source of this faintly sweet soft emerald gem, the basil. it is like no dessert and yet, it is the apotheosis of simple desserts: seasonal fruit tart, with an appropiate accoutrementing creaminess. ive not had my fix this year and this changes. this changes tonight. you owe it to yourself to have this dessert. really you do.
  2. Pinea, the restaurant replacing J&G Steakhouse, is opening on Oct. 1, 2014 (via Washingtonian).
  3. Ocean Prime. Looks like another expense account steak and seafood chain is opening up just blocks from the White House, at 14th and G in the old Ceiba space. "OCEAN PRIME is much more than just a steakhouse or a seafood restaurant. OCEAN PRIME is an extraordinary dining destination." "We deliver more than just in amazing food and drinks: We create remarkable experiences." "Stylish attire suggested." I'd yawn, but I can't work up the energy.
  4. Ambitious sounding project opening next week in the old Borders space at 14th and F. If done well, could be really great.
  5. This is a new restaurant which appears to be under the Warner Theater. Although it boasts a Pennsylvania Avenue address, although that esteemed Avenue is a block further south, it is actually located at Thirteenth and E, NW, with the entrance on Thirteenth. You go down a nice flight of stairs into a well-decordated room. I took my goddaughter there last week and the fifteen year old enjoyed a clam chowder that was actually full of clams. I opted for the fried chicken that the Post food critic had recommeded. I liked the chicken very much as did goddaighter who had one of my pieces and pronunced it as better than Joe's where she had chicken last month. She finished off with chocolate chip cookies and milk and, when she had one cookie left, they put it in a neat little box for her to take home. I will go back, of course, and I do wonder why these new restaurants are not reviewed more frequently. Boss is a nice place and certainly better than Chef Jeff's across the street. Perhaps the entrance is too hard to find.
  6. I just got back from Noelia's for lunch and enjoyed it. First, it's location on F st between 13 and 12 hides it from the busier places on 13th. The space is beautiful with dark leather couches and chairs. It also feels vast somehow although it's not particularly huge. The doors to the street were open today, letting in fresh air which was nice. The street is not busy here so road noise was not a problem. I had calamari and prosciutto and melon salad. The menu is not particularly awe-inspiring but I enjoyed the squid and the salad. The melon was really sweet and a nice complement to the very fresh prosciutto. I could have used fewer tentacles in my calamari but I ate all of it anyway. I've had lighter but this was tasty. Meals are served with bread and some sort of very mild tapenade. Maybe I didn't smear enough on the bread. While I would not go out of my way to dine here, it was a very tasty and pleasant meal with an atmosphere conducive to discussion; which was the purpose of my lunch in the first place. Service was perfect and the food (other than the squid) was quite beautiful, including the salad and bruchetta my friend ordered.
  7. I see no thread on Red Sage. A moot point, since its now closed. Any idea what the future holds for the space? Its a primo location.
  8. Thanks to a generous partner, had a great lunch at Mastro's. I had the jumbo lump crab omelet ($25). Outstanding. Came with a side salad, and with the outstanding bread basket, didn't need anything else. We shared some sides -- gorgonzola mac cheese, sauteed mushrooms, and roasted brussels sprouts -- all very good. Three of my colleagues got the Mastro's Steak Salad, and it looked quite appealing. Some things we saw at other tables that looked enticing included the chopped salad and a massive basket of sweet potato fries.
  9. The first week of February, I'm looking for a place within walking distance of Metro Center (1/2 mile max) for a group of about 20-30 people. A couple weeks ago, the group went to Old Ebbitt Grill and everyone seemed to enjoy that. But now it's my turn to pick a place and, of course, I want to set the bar higher . I'd like to stick to the Old Ebbitt Grill price point. I'm looking to present about 3 choices to a small group of people to help decide. While I'm guessing safe cuisine will win out, I'd like to present at least one place that could be different for most people. I considered making Rasika a suggestion, but it's about 3/4th a mile from our building so a bit too far. A focus on handling large groups would be ideal. Thanks for any suggestions.
  10. There was a review of Sax in the free Express today, complete with a photo of the interior and...it looks seedy as all hell. Basically like a Baroque Hooters, or perhaps a Crazy Horse-like entertainment dinner theatre. But the review of the food wasn't that bad. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised if it thrives. DC is very much the type of town that would go for this type of thing. Old Boys' Club, bachelor parties, and all that...
  11. This week starts the soft open of Astro Doughnuts... they are open from 8am to sold out, which apparently only took 90 minutes this morning. They reopened at noon with limited doughnuts and buttermilk fried chicken. I did not attempt to go get doughnuts today. Astro Doughnuts 1308 G Street, NW Washington DC 20005
  12. First post, so let me introduce myself. I'm Chris and a refugee from EG where I was a refugee from C'hound. I've been in the DC area since 1993, lived in the city for 8 years, and now am out in Vienna/Tysons. Another Rockwellian, brr, turned my on to c'hound a couple of years ago and I've been following these forums ever since. I work in Penn Quarter, so there is no dearth of restaurants around here. Our company often has lunch meetings so I've been lucky enough to try a handfull around here - Ceiba, Ten Penh, Zatinya (been before), Red Sage (never again), Butterfield 9, etc...as well as my more pedestrian moments at Ollies Trolley, etc. These forums have been invaluable to me for personal dining as well. If not for EG, I never would have been to RTS and Dino's as early as I did, and have been fortunate enough to NOT dine at certain places I was planning on visiting. Okay, now the on topic question: So my admin coordinator booked a group of us for a going away lunch for a colleague at Finemondo at 13th and F. I work pretty much right there at the Columbia Square building and haven't even heard boo about this place. I'm a little worried as, to put it delicately, my AC has not the best taste in food. Anyone have anything on this place? I'd like to go in with some idea what is passable. Again, thanks in advance and I look forward to contributing. BTW, I've had a fair amount of dining experience in Tysons and Vienna.
  13. Who doesn't want to eat at a restaurant where "food is sacred" (the chef's words, not mine)? Y'all are gonna LOVE the web site. Its music doesn't appear to have an off switch.
  14. I've imbibed at the W Hotel several times now, so I'll lay out the layout. . . I'll post later on the menu/off-menu experiences I've had. But this place is a complicated venue to navigate. Lobby Bar The lobby is a perfectly fine place to relax. The bar itself has about 10 stools, and always has a spectacular floral arrangement reaching 14 feet upwards. Table service is comfortable and leisurely. Choose from an assortment of games (chess, checkers, etc.) to pass the time as you sip cocktails and/or munch on snacks. Pick a table near the windows, and away from the hallway, to avoid the long lines to the elevator that can hover over you. I.E. If you're headed to the rooftop, there will be AT LEAST one line to the elevator here in the lobby. Only 7 may fit into the elevator (and even then the hopper has asked folks to step off if the weight limit has been reached), so inevitably you'll wait to get upstairs. Rooftop Bars Once on the rooftop, you instantly understand why all of those lines downstairs are necessary. Few views (if any) in DC surpass those from the W's rooftop, and the upstairs would be a complete zoo if there wasn't some sort of crowd control. As it is, I have yet to feel claustrophobic upstairs. The tables are spaced nicely (remember the horrific seating of the Hotel Washington?). The sun sets just over the White House, and I don't tire of watching Washington's skyline at night. This rooftop is the W's timeless competitive advantage over any other club or restaurant in the city. There are two rooftop bars: a small one (no seating) at the corner of the building, and a shotgun one that seats about 10 at the other end. As you stand in the rooftop corner, the Washington Monument dares you to reach out and touch it. The shotgun bar runs parallel to the Treasury Building, and may be the most crowded area in the W Hotel. POV Lounge Now we're cooking with gas. This indoor lounge on the rooftop is just gaudy sick. Floor to ceiling windows allow for a panoramic view of the south, hard to believe that the Hotel Washington had it bricked up for years before. Most of the tables are reservation only. On the weekends a live jazz band adds to the ambiance. The room's centerpiece is the "sushi bar", styled after those of high-end Japanese restaurants. Here the bartenders shake, stir and muddle behind the elevated bar in the dim light. Seating consists of 12 10 zebra-striped armchairs, at a bar that doubles as a lamp (a very bright one) by nightfall. It's a bit awkward to have the bartenders tower over you, albeit from several feet back, but they reward your curious interest with exploratory suggestions. When sitting so low, it is downright impossible to see all the bottles behind this bar, and the menu tells precious little of this shop's range of inventory. Still, there are PLENTY of cool toys here, including a copper ice sphere mold (one of 7 kinds of ice). If the W Hotel is a sea of people-watching, power-mingling, vodka-drinking, weekend-clubbing folly, the sushi bar is an island of cocktail-crafting giddiness. Lines and Access Making a reservation is definitely the safest way to go. I swung by last Sunday at 3:30pm only to be told that rooftop access was closed to walk-ins. During the weekdays, I get upstairs solo no problem. On Friday and Saturday nights, lines form outside for those without reservations ("TWRs"). Once inside the lobby, there is another line for TWRs to get to the rooftop. Finally, there is a line for the one rooftop elevator that most everyone must suffer. An annoying production, but IMO necessary, as observed above. Atmosphere Although there is decent food, a restaurant it is not. Definitely a bar. More than that, it's one of those "THE place to be" bars. The clientele is an odd mix of: tourists, politicians, celebrities, professionals, and business meetings. Didn't see too many interns or cocktail enthusiasts. It's generally an older crowd that is less interested in innovation, and more apt to opt for wine or beer (only available bottled). It's generally a crowd who has never heard of Sasha Petraske. On the surface, a place that purports to cater to the sophisticated, but mainly attracts the pretentious (Yours Truly included in his weaker moments). But, the staff is friendly enough to chat with me if I can't get a conversation going with a random customer. Closing Thoughts I'm not a big fan of the speakeasy model, nor any model that requires a complicated access protocol. I don't do reservations, Open Table, or anything past calling to make sure a restaurant is open that day, or that late. That said, there is a payoff at POV if you can bear jumping thru its hoops. I'll save my thoughts of the menu for a later time (bottom line: I like the enthusiasm and often the execution), but thought I'd kick off this thread.
  15. Hi all, I'm planning a sit-down dinner for approximately 45 people the evening of Wednesday, November 5. My guests will be staying at the Four Points Sheraton at 12th & K for a conference at the Convention Center. So the ideal location should be within a 12-15 minute walk of those venues. Due to the size of the party, we will need a private room. Our budget is a max of around $50 per person exclusive of tax, tip, and alcohol, preferably lower. I did a search of Open Table using the "larger party" option and found some surprisingly decent results. The ones I feel are close enough I've listed below. If anyone has alternate suggestions or comments about the following, I'd appreciate it. We're also very open about the type of restaurant -- ethnic food is definitely on the table (worst pun ever). Anyway, here's what Open Table has in the vicinity: Acadiana, Bibiana (!), Bobby Van's Grill, Brasserie Beck, Carmine's, Clyde's of Gallery Place, CoCo Sala, Cuba Libre, DC Coast, Kellari Taverna, Mio, Oceanaire, Ping Pong Dim Sum Chinatown, Poste, Rural Society. Thanks!
  16. A few weeks ago I read an article touching on the trend of famous chefs opening post here in the District. I read on THE LIST YOU ARE ON IT, that Jean George is to open a restaurant in the old Hotel Washington space. Since then I have been snooping around to see if I possibly there was any truth to this. I know the hotel is not slated to open till August 2009, but if anyone has any information, I am more than happy to listen. I am in the very early stages of putting together a manucript covering my experience all things gastronomic. This has given me a great excuse to taste all the city has to offer. If anyone can help with my research, I would greatly appreciate it.
  17. Ristorante Tosca is seeking experienced, professional servers for full-time employment. Must have a minimum of 5 years' experience in fine-dining. Please email resumes to lisa.fotter@toscadc.com
  18. I'm surprised there isn't a thread for this place, but its remarkable for a few reasons. Great, friendly service, open early on the weekends for breakfast (Teaism isn't open until 9:30), and right by the mall. The food is good by diner standards, although I've only tried traditional breakfast items. If you have family in town and want to start your touristing off with a hearty breakfast, this is the place. From what I've seen, the wait staff is also excellent with children. During one visit, a boy who was severally disfigured, from what I assume were burns, came in with his family, and the waitress did not miss a beat. She chatted him up, put a smile on his face and mine as well.
  19. Today was my first visit to Reeves. Never even heard of it until today!! The fried chicken with coleslaw. mashed potatoes and onion rings for lunch today was divine!! Can't wait to try the pies...I hear they have the best strawberry pies.
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