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Found 14 results

  1. My beloved wants to take a drive out to Middleburg this Saturday, and stop for lunch in the town. I've been to the Red Fox Inn, but about 2 years ago for dinner. And 15 years ago I had lunch at the Coach Stop. OK, so I don't get out that way much. Has anyone been there recently, and what did you like or dislike out there?
  2. This summer Tom Sietsema reviewed this place and tore it to shreds. Since then they've replaced the old chef with a much younger and more innovative one. His name is Tarver King and he comes from The Woodlands resort and Inn, in Summerville, SC. Looks like he's doing some interesting stuff. The place raises it's own cows, chickens, and the majority of the produce... (including sorrel and elderflowers that grow wild on the property!) there is a blog of the food and property started... www.goodstoneblog.blogspot.com His stuff looks pretty modern but completely local... check it out for an interesting read! their regular website.. www.goodstone.com the place is gorgeous and only about an hour outside of the city!
  3. Heads-up that Jarad Slipp has opened Knead Wine in Middleburg in the small space next to the former Julien’s location. Excellent pizzas and wine - one side of the store has $20 wines and one side has $40 wines. Takeout only. Wonderful addition to the village. Knead Wine
  4. Tom Sietsema: Aster in Middleburg will not be open on Thanksgiving. Happy Turkey Day!! Craig Click here for a peek at what we have to offer.
  5. Back Street Cafe is a decent casual lunch option. They have quality soups, sandwiches and the like. Robert Duvall and Bo Derek are regulars there (or at least were years ago when I spent more time in Middleburg.) Has anyone been to Aster for dinner?
  6. We drove through Middleburg tonight, Friday, @8:00PM. It was dead. Stopped in a restaurant across the street from the Red Fox and it was a third full. A year ago on Friday night every seat was taken. Further out 50, beyond Upperville, both Hunters Head and the Blackthorne Inn had full parking lots. Six weeks ago on a similar Friday night Middleburg was dead also. That night we drove by Salamander and noted that its parking lot was 2/3 full. Tonight we didn't take the time. Does anyone know how Salamander is doing? Is it just my impression or is Middleburg taking a real hit from Salamander's opening?
  7. http://kingstreetoysterbar.com/ Leesburg, VA 12 South King St, Leesburg, VA 20175 (571) 442-8068 Monday – Thursday11:00am – 9:30pm Friday - Saturday11:00am – 11:00pm Sunday10:30am – 9:30pm Happy Hour3:00pm – 6:30pm everyday Middleburg, VA 1 East Washington St, Middleburg, VA 20117 (540) 883-3156 Monday – Thursday11:00am – 9:30pm Friday - Saturday11:00am – 11:00pm Sunday10:30am – 9:30pm Happy Hour3:00pm – 6:30pm everyday I couldn't find a thread on King Street Oyster. Can I suggest specifically listing this also in Middleburg and Leesburg as this may be one of the best options in Middleburg based on what we saw wandering around. Mom and I had lunch there on Saturday at the Middleburg location. I had a salmon BLT, and the salmon used was of a higher quality than I have had on a sandwich or salad recently, and I thought it was really a good salmon flavor to it, crisp bacon, you could actually taste each component. They had a slaw with half mayo, half vinagrette, with relish that was really flavorful- a nice mix of acidic flavor and crunch with the mayo to balance it. I might have to try recreating it. Mom had the Asian shrimp salad. The dressing was really good, and there was a lot of fried shrimp on the salad, and the mango was super ripe. Our meal was really affordable and all the food that came out to the tables around us looked good. I would definitely go back here. (Edited to take out the world flavorful so many times- this is what happens when I write too many posts in one day) But I did think the dishes were well seasoned and had nice mixes of texture and acidic-umami-sweet-sour balance. I think it was the balance that impressed me so much.
  8. The French Hound serves lunch on Saturday. It's a great little spot. http://www.thefrenchhound.com/
  9. We checked out the Red Horse Tavern last weekend. The deck can't be beat, but the food was middling to awful. French onion soup contained a weak broth with no onion. And to insult the soup even more, it was topped with plastic American cheese. Quelle horreur! The Cuban sandwich was remarkable for being served almost cold on a cheap pressed club roll. The rueben that Mr. MV ordered had me wishing I'd picked that instead. It was very tasty.
  10. We had an amusing experience at lunch today. We both ordered the Chicken Salad. The menu indicates that it comes with curried chicken, a salad, and tea bread (all on the same plate). My wife is allergic to nuts, and we should have asked if the tea bread had any. Our chicken salads arrived, and, yes, the tea bread was loaded with nuts. My wife told our very charming server of her allergy, and her salad was whisked away, presumably for some nutless bread or some additional salad as a substitute. After waiting several minutes our server brought the "new" salad to our table. There was no bread, but the dimensions of the plate were smaller. The kitchen had scooped the chicken salad and the green salad onto a smaller plate. Why didn't it simply remove the tea bread and return the original plate? Would not have taken more than 15 seconds. I'm sure there were legitimate reasons, but no explanation was offered. We chuckled about this through our lunch. Middleburg in January is quiet and peaceful. No bikers roaring up and down Washington. No leaves to obscure the panorama.
  11. Out Loudon County way (Middleburg in particular) , there seem to be two main coffee shop options. This one, Middleburg Common Grounds (MCG) was less familiar to me (maybe it's newer than Cuppa Giddyup on E Washington) so in we went. They serve a typical variety of baked goods, some described as "made locally" and others as "from our distributor" (I didn't ask; didn't want to know). Didn't try any of those. They also serve a limited range of breakfast and lunch foods. We got some chicken salad and it was fine, fresh and with good flavor. Coffee, and to a lesser degree, wine, seem to be the foci. Two coffee notes I found interesting. First, the equipment. They have a large Marzocco espresso machine which often (though certainly not always) is a good harbinger of fine espresso drinks. Also a Marzocco grinder which, in my experience, is less common in good coffee shops. One of the owners explained to me that the grinder was superior in its ability to ensure a consistent grind and pack across staff. Second, the roaster. They buy their coffee from a Silver Spring roaster I'd never before seen around DC or MoCo called JDKA. No website but some info available online. Friends of MCG's owners, JDKA seems to be an older, small roaster than competes to some degree with lower/middle tier roasters like Mayorga. We ordered a double espresso and an espresso macchiato and didn't enjoy either. Something about the roast or, perhaps, the pull, led to one of the drinks tasting watery and the other bitter. Not sure how big the market would be for seriously good coffee out this far but, suffice to say, it's a niche not yet occupied.
  12. An update on Chef Hump Astorga, from the Chrysalis Vineyards newsletter: ETA: Here is a look at one of his first efforts, the menu for the January Winemaker's Dinner. Sounds pretty darn good
  13. For an unabashed terroirist (like me!), this is huge, wonderful, inspiring news. Middleburg has been named an approved AVA, making it the seventh in the state of Virginia. Decanter.com has the full details in this article written by David Furer.
  14. Mr. MV and I drove to Middleburg over the Labor Day weekend for a nice afternoon trip. The weather was gorgeous and the crowd in town was not bad at all. We had a late lunch at Market Salamander, which I've been wanting to check out for a while now. I ordered the pulled pork sandwich. It comes dressed with a thin tomato based bbq sauce which is a bit tangy. It's topped with red cabbage coleslaw and served on a warm kaiser roll. I enjoyed every last bit of the juicy tender pork.The red potato salad side was delicious with fresh tarragon. Mr. MV had the crispy chicken BLT and gave it a thumbs up. We split a side of mac and cheese which was a bit boring despite it's creamy goodness. Overall quite a cute place, especially the outdoor seating which allowed us to people watch. 2 sandwiches (with sides) + mac and cheese + 2 soft drinks = under $22
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