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Found 6 results

  1. Sometimes, when I'm watching a basketball game, I get bored, and decide to focus on a single player - not looking at the ball; just that one, single player ... it sounds wacky, but I get quite a bit out of it, and learn a whole lot about how that player operates. In the past few minutes, it has been #5 for the Portland Trail Blazers, Rodney Hood, who has also played for the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Utah Jazz - in college, he played for Duke after transferring from Mississippi State. My initial impression of Hood is that he's very big (he's 6'8"), and also a step too slow for playing so far out of the paint - he has gotten burned a couple of times based on his lack of quickness, and I wonder if he'd have done better in the NBA of 20-years ago. Anyone who thinks this is a crazy way to watch a basketball game should try it, even if only for ten minutes - you can really get a feel for what a player is doing, and how he plays. I "know" Rodney Hood's game a lot better now than I did just 20-minutes ago. With 5:23 left in the 3rd quarter, he's covering Stephen Curry. He just drove strong to the hoop, and missed a dunk, but was fouled hard by Draymond Green - Hood is a lefty, and sank both free throws - he now has 9 points coming off the bench.
  2. I was just watching the opening credits of "Murder on a Honeymoon," and noticed that in the long list of secondary names, there was an actor simply named "Sleep 'n' Eat." "What the heck is 'Sleep 'n' Eat?'" I said. So I looked it up, and of course, it was a black actor. Named Willie Best, and active from 1930-1955, he was a comedian who also had the derogatory name, "Sleep 'n' Eat," and I mean that's how he's billed in this movie! That isn't right, so I decided to give Mr. Best his own thread here, with no mention of this terrible nickname in the title. I only make such a big deal out of it here because that's the only way I know who he is. Hopefully, someone will eventually chime in with some mention of his work. Mr. William "Willie" Best (1916-1962):
  3. If you know the least thing about the martyr Medgar Evers, please read this: It is the absolute basis for what you need to know. "Medgar Evers" by Dernoral Davis on zinnedproject.org
  4. A friend, who is always mining for gems musically speaking, turned me on to Ted Hawkins several years ago. I only have one of his recordings. "The Next Hundred Years" is well worth checking out. His voice is somehow warm and sweet yet hardened and haunting. There's definitely a bluesy aspect to his music, but also a lot of folk and soul. I can't really think of anyone quite like him. He was a busker at heart; always reluctant to record his music. One of my favorite tunes is "Strange Conversation": I had a strange conversation My baby called me on the phone She said that your next lover's gonna be the blues And now I'm gonna be gone I like his take on Credence Clearwater Revival's "Long As I Can See The Light": Enjoy!
  5. The Pre Curry A recent tweet by Phil Jackson compared Mahmoud Abdul Rauf (previously known as Chris Jackson) to Steph Curry. The comment brought up a good bit of ridicule, but it could be that Jackson was recalling the results of a game he coached in the 95-96 season during which the Bulls were playing at a remarkable level and set a record going 72-10 regular season, then cruised through the playoffs. A middling to poor Denver team beat the Bulls in February that year. Denver actually crushed the mighty Bulls in the first half, withstood a monumental comeback and won the game. The guy who made it all possible was Mahmoud Abdul Rauf, simply one of the quickest guards(players) in the NBA, a remarkable outside shooter (one of the great free throw shooters of all time), and a guy who with his accuracy and quicks could get off an outside shot or whip past a defender with equal skill. Of course his style is different than Curry's, but his strengths of quickness, elusiveness and outside shooting emulate Curry's strengths. Abdul Rauf befuddled the Bulls, shredded their defense, scored points and assists, and most amazingly couldn't be stopped by the great Michael Jordan; too quick, too elusive, too basketball clever. At one point in the game Steve Kerr tries to guard Abdul Rauf and is simply outclassed. This of course brings to mind how helpless Kerr would be if there was a competition between today's Warriors and that '96 Bulls team. Kerr, as he acknowledges, would be a hopeless defensive liability. In any case the proof is in the viewing...a sort of precursor to Curry....uttterly crushing the best team in the league and possibly the best team ever in the NBA.
  6. Just back from a conference in Biloxi, Mississippi. At the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. A different feel then most government meetings. Not a lot has re-opened post-Katrina and the area is still in shambles. We asked for recommendations outside the casino for dinner and were given a list of chains as they have corporate backing to help with rebuilding. After some more asking around, we were sent to McElroy's in Ocean Springs (one exit east on I-10). This is an informal seafood place right on the bayou. I went with the daily special of broiled shrimp. They seemed far too small for the fresh Gulf shrimp a lot of local places usually feature but they were very tasty. Just done and well seasoned. Served with a baked potato and salad for $15. McElroy's had a Biloxi location that was still in shambles. The sign out front said re-opening soon but there were no signs of construction work. I walked out on the commercial fishing pier, the first one rebuilt after the storm. The others still have pieces of dock missing and a lot of visible debris in the water that would make navigation hazardous. There were about a dozen shrimpers at the docks. Room for more then twice that. The fisherman I spoke with said it has been a good season so far but that the shrimp are running on the small size. I told him about my dinner and he pointed to one of the other boats and said they were the ones who sold to McElroy's and that they were definitely fresh Gulf shrimp. Went to a fish fry another night and the light cornmeal breaded fried shrimp there were the sort of bigger Gulf shrimp I expect. These were right off the boat and unbelievable. Had my first pickled crab claws. I'd never seen this before. A bowl full of tiny claws with the first knuckle of meat exposed. They were prepped like ceviche in lime juice with a splash of vinegar and garlic. Very, very tasty. The rest of the crab is picked for lump meat. Eaten at a park with a platform over the bayou in D'Iberville. Couldn't ask for a better setting. Almost, but not quite, made me want to like oysters. The marine patrol guys were scarfing those down.
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