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Found 5 results

  1. We have one in Houston and it’s eh. Not going to blow your mind, but for hot pot newbies, it's a reasonably non-intimidating place to start.
  2. So, how big is Little Sheep Hot Pot? Big. In fact, *really* big. It was really big five years ago. Based in Baotou, Inner Mongolia, China, Little Sheep Group posted 2 percent of all Chinese dining-out expenses in 2010. Think about that for a second. And then, it got *REALLY* big. In 2011, Little Sheep Group was sold to the massive, $10+ billion Yum! Brands, Inc. (the owners of Taco Bell, KFC, Pizza Hut, etc.) for $587 million, and it's now a wholly-owned subsidiary - they recently opened their first Little Sheep Hot Pot in Eden Center. Ironically, you'd *never* know it was a giga-chain. This restaurant is somethng like Mala Tang, except it has big, *big* money behind it. It's well-organized, family-friendly, and is designed for groups (definitely not the solo diner; unless you want a lot of leftovers). Ordering involves a simple, 5-step checklist, where you check off your broth, your meat, your seafood, your vegetables, and your starch - whichever ones you want. The broth is $2.95, and the extras are what cost the money. I *strongly* advise going with the "original" or the "Yin and Yang"; not the "Spicy" - it's too much. I got the Yin and Yang ($2.95), and for my meat, ordered the Dry-Aged Spring Lamb ($8.95). Tong Ho (a massive pot of Chrysanthemum Blossoms, $4), and Fresh, Thick Noodle ($4). Since it's their soft opening, they threw in a generous little plate of Fatty Steak (Gratis). Considering I made a quick decision, I was very happy with everything I ordered, but you can do even better if you look at the menu before you go, and add even more vegetables - maybe some large mushrooms, taro root, and the like. It's the meats and seafood which will really set you back; not the vegetables. My hot pot, including tax (but not tip) was $23.05, and it could have *easily* fed two people, with leftover broth - one person gets the same amount of broth as four people. That amount also included a Diet Coke with unlimited refills. All the meats seem to be frozen, and the non-seafood in particular are those thin, Steak-Umm-like things - the real treasure here lies in the vegetables. You definitely want some starch (noodles, potatoes, etc.) to thicken the broth as it reduces. The base broth seems to contain every kind of pod, twig, root, spice, nut, and berry known to mankind (the picture below is of the broth before I put a single thing in it - you can *easily* see that unless you're a bonafide chili-head, you don't want the entire thing to be spicy). Here are some pictures to give you a better idea of what to expect. Do not let the "chain" aspect of this throw you off - it's perfectly fine hot pot, and it was packed this afternoon for a late lunch on President's Day.
  3. It looks like another new spot is in the works on Columbia Pike - Mongol Nomads Asian Fusion. It's located in between the psychic and City Kabob Curry House. I couldn't find anything online about them yet.
  4. *Really excited to share this!* According to the internet we have a new Mongolian restaurant!!!! Not Mongolian BBQ (Which was invented by a Taiwanese business person) but the real deal. In my talking with members of the Mongolian community I was told they had tried their hand at the restaurant game before but no one went soooooo lets make sure that doesn't happen again!!! I have yet to go but will do so today or tomorrow and really curious to hear what people think. Just as a warning Mongolian food is very very tough for Americans to take back in my experience. The tastes and flavors are incredibly unusual often soooo just be warned.
  5. I don't mean to post so much but as I've said in previous posts WE GOTZZZZ A BACKLOG to clear. This is a very very unknown store and one of the only Mongolian stores in the United States. Yes Northern Virginia is home to one of the largest Mongolian communities in the United States and actually many of them work on M street in Georgetown. That Ms. Saigon place on m has a bunch of Mongolian people working there for example. Anywhoooo this community has a few legit well hidden outposts. When I say well hidden I mean you won't see them on the street nor are they on google for the most part. SOOOOO Amex.... AMEx or American Mongolian Express doubles as a grocery store and a shipping center. Both of the Mongolian outposts I know of are shipping centers/something else so THIS IS A TREND YO!!!! Anyway AMEX is an extremely small store that is underneath a computer store (the basement practically) that happens to be facing out to the parking lot of this store. It is hidden so you can't see it but at the end of this I'll give the directions. They have Mongolian products one literally can't find elsewhere. In fact I was told that this is the ONLY Mongolian store in America sooooo I literally mean this lol. They have the Mongolian tea and they also have some other goods and knick knacks from Mongolia/also Russia cuz of the historical ties of the two from the communist era and the fact they are neighbors (I've been to Mongolia as well so I've first hand felt the Eastern Europeaness of Mongolia). Here is the REALLY SPECIAL PART THOUGH: Sometimes they have ultra hard to find Mongolian food such as horse milk or aarul which is dried cheese curds. This stuff is very potent and most Americans have a really hard time trying it. Sour and Milky are two words to describe this stuff. My friends did not believe I enjoyed the horse milk or the aarul etc BUT I DO!!!! They only have this sometimes as they get it from the Mongolian "network." Essentially someone in the community decides to make it and give it to them through a process I don't know BUT this only happens sometimes. The shortage can last MONTHS!!! FUCKING MONTHS!!! What I have also been told is that there is like a Mongolian community website (name I have lost BUT will ask around again) where they exchange food amongst each other which also contributes to why they don't necessarily go to the store to get it me thinks. Anyway go to this place if your craving something different to try and something most Americans can't find!!! DIRECTIONS: So here is the hard part.....finding this place This is what you do Type in Bob and Ediths Diner in Arlington on Columbia Pike Park your car as close to that as you can Walk down the street past the CITGO station and keep walking till you see an inclined down sloped street towards a parking lot. There should be a place called like LA NAILS there but there is also a laptop repair type of place THOSE ARE YOUR MARKERS. You should go down the parking lot and turn right stop and look for a sign that says AMEX in blue and red colors go inside and EUREKA YOU'VE FOUND IT The above is a google map view that should show what I am talking about Here is an article about the Mongolian community in Arlington by the way May 1, 2012 - "Mongolian Students Thrive in Arlington Ex-Pat Community" by Rachael Marcus on washingtonpost.com and actually just looking after writing this there seems to be a new MONGOLIAN RESTAURANT!!!! Which I'll post separately!!!
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