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Found 11 results

  1. I just saw the paperwork in the window. Oriental Cafe's signage is still up and the interior looks untouched thus far. Please, if there is a Santa Claus, let this place be better than the Little Caesar's abomination a few doors down.
  2. I feel like I am on a mission to find really good, fast, and tasty lunch places while working downtown near Metro Center for this month. Today's find was based on a recent post for quick lunch ideas near Metro Center (see post #12 for original suggestion), specifically, a recommendation for Mayur Kabab House. Having driven past there numerous times, but not brave enough to go in until today, I was quite pleased with the results. For lunch, the best option is their Lunch Buffet for $8.00 (tax included). The buffet, which can be dine-in or carry out (I chose the latter) includes four vegetable dishes, chicken curry (bone-in), chicken kabab (also bone-in) and rice and baked naan. The portions were HUGE, to the extent that I now have dinner too. The vegetable dishes for today were: daal, paneer with peas, an eggplant dish, and a cauliflower dish. The eggplant was very soft and flavorful and the chicken kabob and curry chicken both very moist and not dried out from the burners. Would definitely go back.
  3. A new carryout place just opened in Shepherd Park. It's on GA Ave between Geranium and the library. They did a soft opening a couple weeks ago and we tried stopping in but chose the one night they closed to work out the kinks learned during the soft opening. We happen to have some friends who have done extensive traveling in Nepal and benefited from them getting some carry-out tonight and bringing it over for dinner, we live just a couple blocks away from the restaurant. Our friend went in hoping to speak Nepalese with the owner and found that the owner is Pakistani, but was told all the other staff were Nepalese, though none were there at the time. They ordered pork, beef, chicken, and vegetarian dumplings, though for some reason, one of the chicken orders was switched to beef. Our guess was that they ran out of the pork as the dumplings are probably made ahead of time and reheated as ordered. They also got two orders of chicken curry which came with rice and chickpeas. The dumplings were all good with nice seasoning, more than one gets from most Chinese dumplings. Even though a little spicy, as noted by the kids, they still loved them. The fillings are predominantly meat, without a lot of other filler. I personally, prefer a little more vegetable mixed in, and these were really filling. They provide three different dipping sauces, a spicy sauce, more traditional (so we were told by our friends) tamarind sauce, and then a light sesame dressing sauce. I used a mix of the spicy and tamarind sauces. Our friend's assessment was that the dumplings were authentically Nepalese style in taste and of average quality. The curry and chickpeas was pretty much what you might get in any of the Indian restaurants around here. The rice though was a blend of rice and various other seasonings and additions, not plain white rice. It was flavorful enough to stand on its own. Unfortunately, since we didn't pay for the food, I have no idea about the price. We will definitely be going back on our own as it's just a couple blocks away. Probably not something to make a special trip for, but if you're in Silver Spring and want to make a little detour for carry out, might be worth a try. It is definitely a nice addition to the area which seems to be oversaturated with Ethiopian restaurants and I think given the option of dumplings here or McDonalds across the street, my kids might actually go with the dumplings. One warning if you are taking the food far, with the new regs on carryout containers they use a cardboard based carryout container that does not hold up to the curry at all. When we opened up the bags, the curry containers were close to total deterioration. The dumplings came in tin containers that probably should be used for the curry as well. Moh-Moh-Licious Facebook Page
  4. I hit the lunch buffet at Ghar-E-Kebab for lunch today, and my friend and I were favorably impressed. The choices are limited, but as Jeff said, it's fresh and they put out fresh stuff constantly. The raita and chutneys could be better, however, and it would be nice if a pickle or two was offered at lunch. They offer free delivery within five miles, so we'll definitely try some of the regular menu offerings. Price point is lower than Tiffin.
  5. I was in Springfield Plaza to have lunch at Pho Hong Anh and pick up some Springfield Butcher provisions when I noticed the sign, already up, announcing MoMo Nepalese Food "Opening Soon".... A quick search indicates that this is not a chain, and that "momo" is a dumpling. I don't know of any other strictly Nepalese restaurants in our area, but I recall in the '80s a Himalayan restuarant in the Adams Morgan area that had some pretty decent stewed goat dishes. I'm looking forward to visiting a new country, in a figurative culinary sense, in Springfield.
  6. In the old 867 Cafe space. Signs are up in the windows. Have zero information but high hopes. Last I heard this was supposed to be a second location of Steak and Egg. I guess that deal fell through. Looks like it is Indian and Nepalese food now.
  7. I enjoyed that video - it's nice to see someone being open-minded, and having their eyes opened (in a good way). The baji at MoMo's looked exactly like what he was eating, and I would instinctively agree with his tendency to want to get some sauce on it (my lamb was barely sauced - there wasn't enough to moisten the baji (recall that I believe this dish was assembled in a hurry - there were three of us, and we ordered four entrees, and that, along with a tiny language barrier, is probably what happened). I suspect baji transports quite well, and survives the frigid Himalayan winters with the greatest of ease (it's essentially "petrified rice"). Note that in the Wikipedia link, you'll see that outside of the Newari culture, baji is often called "chiura." Note also that "liquified baji is also used in Chinese folk medicine as an aphrodisiac." Get the visual in your mind, and it will become obvious why.
  8. This Sunday I walked by a place called Himalayan Heritage in Adams Morgan. It says it serves indo-nepali food, and some of the things on the menu looked intriguing. Has anyone been?
  9. Himalayan Heritage isn't "strictly" Nepalese, but it's got a pretty good representation. I'll be surprised if MoMo doesn't throw in some Northeastern Indian dishes also.
  10. There's also Mount Everest Restaurant in Parkville, MD (Route 1 just off the Baltimore Beltway). I started a topic for it here.
  11. We found ourselves in Parkville today for a family function. Knowing we had to eat before driving back to Virginia after the event, and wanting desperately to avoid the fast food chains that dot the landscape there like so many land mines, I searched on line and found Mount Everest Restaurant nestled in the Fullerton Plaza, diagonally adjacent to the KMart (!). It was right on our way from the family event to the Baltimore Beltway to head home, so we stopped in. They offer a buffet at lunch, for $8.99 (not sure if the price is the same on weekends). We got to sample some dishes from Nepal along with more familiar fare from India. Vegetable Pakora were light and crisp--I went back for seconds. Sambhar soup was rich and comforting. Chana Masala, one of my favorites, did not disappoint. Vegetable Korma was delicious and rich-tasting, simmered in coconut milk and yogurt. A Nepalese Saag (I didn't write down the name) was lightly cooked and spiced mustard greens, light and flavorful. Aloo & Simi, a Nepalese dish of green beans and potatoes with tomatoes, was really delicious. Three chicken dishes rounded out the buffet: Chicken Tikka Masala and Tandoori Chicken were both very good versions of the classics. I didn't get much of a taste of Kukhura Ko Maasu, the Nepalese chicken dish, but I'd try it again. All in all, it was a nice selection of well-prepared food for a very reasonable price, and the restaurant itself was a peaceful oasis in an otherwise very generic commercial area.
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