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Found 18 results

  1. For Labor Day weekend, we're going to drive down the Skyline Drive and the Blue Ridge Parkway to Asheville, NC. Has anyone been, and can suggest anything? The egullet threads were a bit old. Nothing too fancy-- unless it's a must-go. (On the way down, we're stopping in Roanoke for the night, and on the way back, stopping in Charlottesville for dinner. If anyone has recommendations for either of those places, that's appreciated too, but we've already got a few places for C-ville, and Roanoke is really just a pit stop.) Thanks!
  2. I know that many people travel to the beach each year, but most of the time people cook their food at home & hit up a grocery store on the way in to town. Since my family gets lazy sometimes, we are bound to eat out a few times a week while there. But, I noticed the area seems a bit desolate in terms of food options. Does anyone have recommendations? I've found one place we would actually go back to this year (besides places for snacks like donuts). I won't elaborate much since I wrote these places up w/ their own reviews already on yelp. Good: Food Dudes - atmosphere is friendly, food
  3. Sometimes, when I'm watching a basketball game, I get bored, and decide to focus on a single player - not looking at the ball; just that one, single player ... it sounds wacky, but I get quite a bit out of it, and learn a whole lot about how that player operates. In the past few minutes, it has been #5 for the Portland Trail Blazers, Rodney Hood, who has also played for the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Utah Jazz - in college, he played for Duke after transferring from Mississippi State. My initial impression of Hood is that he's very big (he's 6'8"), and also a step too slow for playi
  4. This kid is smart. "The Nation's Top Running Back Is Changing Positions. 'Smart Guy,' Says Adrian Peterson" by Adam Kilgore on washingtonpost.com "Blue Chip Road Trip: 1-on-1 with 5-Star Quavaris Crouch" by Robert MacRae on theclemsoninsider.com (Note: Crouch is uncommitted at this point. This is yet another future-famous person without a Wikipedia entry.)
  5. Does anyone have any dining recommendations in or around Charlotte, NC? My parents are moving there next month, and I'd like to recommend some places for them (as well as come up with some places to try when I visit!) Thanks.
  6. It wasn't worth starting a new thread for Burnsville, NC, which is about 30 miles from Asheville, the county seat for Yancey County. There are not a whole lot of options, but if you happen to be there, Rio is passable Mexican food -- except the chips are meh, from a bag -- and choose Bubba's Good Eats (go for anything pig, plus excellent pork rinds) over Pig & Grits (no smoke in the pulled pork and mushy, so probably braised or sous vide). Garden Deli on the town square has serviceable food, not high end, but potato wedges are fried crispy & not greasy, and the portions are generous
  7. Just a quick stinkeye to the Duke Blue Devils for nabbing Zion Williamson from Clemson. Okay, I get it, we get all the great football players (cf: KJ Henry), but can't you at least leave us some basketball scraps from our own state? I mean, Williamson is one of the most highly touted recruits since LeBron James, and you took him from us! Stop it!
  8. "Naismith Hall of Fame Finally Does Right by Lefty and Votes in Driesell" by John Feinstein on washingtonpost.com Brian Magid's Facebook Status regarding the announcement Pam Driesell's Facebook Status regarding the announcement Some insider trivia: The Driesells lived right across the street from Springbrook High School in Silver Spring, MD - I went to school with Pam since 5th grade (when they moved up here from Davidson, NC), as well as Chuck (who played for Maryland), but here's the really esoteric, insider trivia: Their house was literally right next door to the family of H
  9. It doesn't feel right putting this in the "To Whom Are You Drinking?" thread. To the legendary Billy Graham, who brought my mother so much comfort throughout her life. What a great man this was - always living true to his word, and never selling out for money. This man could have been worth $100 million; he chose to live an "average" life. I would greatly appreciate nobody criticizing Graham in this thread, as he meant so much to my mother - I grew up watching her transfixed to the television, watching him preach to stadiums full of people. Read his Wikipedia entry, an
  10. Gee this poor guy is in basketball limbo. Jahlil Okafor has only played in 2 games this year and is awaiting a trade or buyout... Just waiting With lots of turmoil in his career he played decently in his rookie year. Playing time diminished in his second year and now he is a guy awaiting a new team. For a micro second I was thinking the Wizards....but nah. He needs playing time to see if he has a decent career ahead of him "76ers' Jahlil Okafor Remains Hopeful for a Quick Resolution" by Adrian Wojinarowski on espn.com
  11. Wake Forest is an underrated football team in this 2017 season, with a record of 4-1, having lost only to Florida State last weekend, 26-19. One thing that most people don't realize is that, after five games, they *lead the nation* in "Tackles for Loss" with 50 - that's 10 per game.
  12. Hi All, Headed down to the Outer Banks starting Saturday and into the following week. (I'll be staying in Southern Shores, south of Duck and North of Kitty Hawk.) About a dozen of us have a house rented and will be doing most of our own cooking, but is there anything not to be missed? With so many people and varying schedules, we won't sit down to anything fancy, but I'm sure we'll do some exploring, so I thought I'd see if anyone here was familiar with the territory. Are there any walk in places where you can grab some fresh seafood (even maybe to cook up ourselves?), or maybe some BBQ? W
  13. The painting I refer to above is here: "Jack Johnson, World's First Black Boxing Champion, was Jailed Under Jim Crow. Will He Get a Posthumous Pardon?" by Sarah Kaplan on washingtonpost.com Please read the above story. My contention is based on these simple three words: "It's about race." If you buy that, please keep reading in earnest; if you don't, I value and welcome your differing opinions. Jack Johnson was the child of former slaves, and rose to become the world's first black Heavyweight Boxing Champion. The article goes into sufficient detail about his life where I don't need t
  14. Location and Rates - Website Prologue - Part One Well, I beat the traffic (barely), and I beat the storm (by a full day); now, I just needed to get well out of range, and find a decent place to stay. As I was driving South, I knew I'd be gone for at least several days, and decided to take advantage of the DC Snowstorm by making a themed vacation out of it. A couple months ago, I needed to go to New York, and decided to make that trip "the 2015 James Beard Semifinalists in New Jersey," hitting three of the four (Elements, The Flaky Tart, and Zeppoli); now, I'd do the same thing with "
  15. Compared to Humboldt Brewing Company's Red Nectar, which I reviewed recently, Highland Brewing Company's Gaelic Ale is far superior. This is a somewhat balanced, easy-going beer that still has some bite and character to it - I suppose you could classify it as a "red ale," but it's really more amber. I can't say Gaelic Ale is "great," but I do think it's quite good, with a moderate, persistent head, a refreshing, almost rye-like taste to go along with it's medium-high carbonation, and a vote from me as a fine daily drinking selection. There's a hint of sweetness on the finish that I f
  16. [posted on eGullet 2003-2004] Enoteca Vin, Raleigh, Most Important Restaurant South of NYC? Did I say that? Yes, I did. Chef Ashley Christensen is my idea of a chef's chef. A hard-working craftsman producing world-class dishes without running up against the rampant egos that are the downfall of otherwise talented cooks trying to make a name for themselves in this competitive, cold hard world. How many restaurants have you dined in lately that have the following: 1) a chef who is sweating bullets on the line in the kitchen 2) true, fresh, seasonal local ingred
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