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Found 18 results

  1. And as I said in response - it's easier to drink and laugh with friends when someone will bring you the drink in the first place.
  2. Your friends at Sushi Capitol are getting ready to open our second restaurant in your neighborhood. Kanji characters mean "sushi" and we look forward to getting to know our new neighbors when we open our doors.
  3. Maybe it's the fall weather or that it now gets dark at 5 pm, but I've started longing for warm salty sea breezes and lounging about under the Mediterranean sun. I guess that why I’ve been thinking of checking this place out again. When Mourayo first opened, I used to eat here quite a bit – mostly because the opening coincided with plans I had to the Greek Islands, and I wanted to accustom myself to ouzo so that I wouldn’t make TOO much a fool of myself when I was over there. Some of the outstanding dishes I remember having were the Ouzo Mezze – a sampling of spreads and marinated seafood large enough for two or three to share, the Roasted Eggplant and Feta salad – a sweet, garlicky and salty mound of goodness (a friend of mine from New York proclaimed this the best version she had ever had), Grilled Octopus in ink with fava bean puree – slightly charred with a nice earthy flavor, and Pork medallions with honey, figs, and manouri cheese (although sometimes the medallions were a touch overdone). The place took great pride in the olive oil (used for dipping the warm soft triangles of pita), yogurt and honey they used – all made by one of the owner’s brothers (at least I think Dmitri was a part owner) back in Greece. The best desserts were probably the simplest ones. Yogurt and honey with walnuts may not be a revelation, but it certainly puts you in a good mood; and the Ravani cake with poached pears and moscato wine is definitely a light satisfying ending to a meal(if he’s still working there, get Nassos to tell you the meaning behind the dessert – he’s quite charming in a bumbling sort of way and loves talking about his home country). So will the restaurant still transport me back to Greece or should I book a ticket elsewhere?
  4. Mackin was a basketball factory which produced greats such as Austin Carr (1968), Keith Herron (1974), Duck Williams (1974), Jo Jo Hunter (1976), Johnny Dawkins (1981), and Dominic Pressley (1982). The school closed in 1989, but not before spending twenty years alongside Dematha, Dunbar, St. Johns, and Eastern as the elite basketball school of DC.
  5. Has anyone been to Le Mirch? Never heard of this type of cooking before - Indian with a French influence. Was thinking of our Diwali dinner and having it there. S
  6. Let me start by saying I've never been to Japan, and I've never been to Masa. That said, for my personal preference, Japan is second only to France for my favorite cuisine, and I am very much of a sushi and sashimi hound - it's just about my favorite thing (along with foie gras, caviar, etc.) I had, without much doubt, the best Sashimi-Sushi Omakase I've ever eaten on Wednesday night at the Sushi Bar at Sushi Ogawa, and I've been to most of the great sushi specialists in the U.S. and Vancouver. The only option is a $100 omakase, and I highly advise all diners to call and see if Chef Ogawa will be working before they commit to this meal. My friend made the reservation under her name, and I have no reason to think I was recognized, but boy, this sure seemed like more than the "12-14 courses" they advertise. I don't rule out the possibility that I was spotted, but regardless, I'm spotted at most other top Japanese restaurants in DC, and nobody has put out sashimi and sushi like this before, not even the great Sushi Taro. I had made an exception to my own unwritten rule (the only other one-visit Bold I've ever made has been Elements in Princeton, NJ), and initialized Sushi Bar at Sushi Ogawa as such (this was absolutely the best meal I've had in 2017, my dining partner said it was by far the best sashimi-sushi she's ever eaten, and I've spent nearly 8 weeks this year in Chicago, San Francisco, and Los Angeles), but just to be prudent, I'm going to wait for other people to chime in. There are numerous Michelin 3-star sushi restaurants in Japan, but I honestly cannot envision any sashimi-sushi-driven meals being much better than this, even though I'm sure they are. Still, this raised the bar for me, personally, by a fair amount. About the only thing that fell short of excellence was the crème brûlée (it was fine, but Koji Terano can rest easy). If you go with another person, treat yourselves to a .720ml bottle of Eikun "Big Hawk" Junmai Ginjo sake ($65 on their list, and it will carry you through the entire meal).
  7. I have a kind offer from my future mother-in-law for dinner anywhere in DC for my birthday. She keeps pushing for Nora, but I haven't heard much buzz about it recently. I was hoping to finally get to Kaz or Sushi-Ko, but perhaps I'd be missing out by not trying one of her favorites. I may also be missing out on the political points I'd score by letting her have her way. Has anyone been recently? How was it?
  8. Because of a career transition, I have found myself at the Cosmos Club many times in 2017 and yet, am not a member. I don't know if that makes my review more or less biased because I actually cannot pick up the bill at Cosmos. I am a fan. First off, the service is absolutely perfect. Second, the building is amazing, beautiful, old, and historic. Third, the walls are full of history. Forth, I feel incredibly young and extraordinarily beautiful when I dine at Cosmos. If you exclude grandchildren, I am usually the youngest in the room by about 20 years. It's amazing. But really, I'm here to tell you about the food. When I first went to dine, I assumed that I would get a big baked potato with sour cream, cheddar cheese and bacon bits. I had, however, a very lovely lobster salad that was lightly, and yet perfectly dressed. ALso, I'm a huge soup and crab fan. Even though their crab soup has square carrots in it, I love it. It's very good and the crab is, I think, added at the end so it keeps its crabby, sweetness. My theory is that the average age of the members is quite advanced and their chef is personally invested in keeping them all alive as long as possible so created a wonderful, light, tasty, healthy menu. He should be commended.
  9. We went to the Russia House for the first time last night after a great deal of urging from some hard-drinking friends. We had Jonny Miles (of Shaken and Stirred) in tow, as he was in town reading from his new novel, DEAR AMERICAN AIRLINES. (Aside: the book is lovely, like his columns and sports writing.) We urged him to cross the river for some Todd Thrasher treats from the bar at Eve, but driving felt too complicated, so we stayed in Dupont. The main lounge at the Russia House was open last night when we rolled in after steak and chicken at Bistrot du Coin, which was reliable. The heavy red curtains and velvet appointments make the place cozy. Some lovely, high-kitsch artwork amused as more and more and the evening wore on. The drink menu is vodka, vodka, more vodka, cocktails made with vodka, infused vodkas, and some Russian and former former-Soviet Union beer and wine. We stuck to vodka, and first focused on the house-made infusions in three flavors: horseradish, strawberry, and pineapple-orange-mango. All were impressive in flavor, and the citrus blend was downright delish. We also ordered several plain vodkas, served on the rocks. The flavors ranged from "Christmas in you mouth" to "a new bag of those rubber fishing worms," both of which were remarkably tasty. We allowed the expert to pick for us, but we could not pass the Bogarduskya, which coincidentally bore the family name of one in the group. (Did it really taste like "the sweat of broken Norwegian dreams"?) The portions were large, served in tumblers, the service was prompt and friendly, and last call came gently at 1 a.m. The drinking crowd was very good for people-watching. Maybe we'll eat a little from the small plates offered in the bar next time. Highly recommend an evening here (even if, like me, you don't usually drink vodka).
  10. This restaurant just opened up this week with high hopes, as the executive chef is from the acclaimed gas station taqueria in Elkridge, MD - R&R Taqueria. I absolutely, wholeheartedly love R&R - the devotion to food is incredible there. It was packed at 730. It's the former One Lounge in DuPont Circle and they did a fantastic job with the space. There is red tiled floors, beautiful wood ceilings, exposed brick, a nice bar. Something is different recently in terms of service in this town. Maybe it's a re-expression of what is important in a dining experience, or that people are just nicer, or social media is forcing customer service to be better. In any case, in the District itself, I find myself pleasantly surprised with service. We were told 45 min, and were called back in about 35 for our table for two. I know it's different with these higher end places, but there are not chips and salsa served with the meal - it's 4 bucks a pop. And since a few Yelp reviews stated that the salsa tasted canned and not fresh, I didn't order it. We got the queso fundido and the pozole to start. The queso was not melty goodness. It was silly putty consistency and not tasty. It was too hard to eat - you had to hand pull it to get it onto the tortillas served aside it. The pozole was tasty, fresh with cilantro and spice, but ... served cool! I mentioned it to the waiter, and he said he would tell it to the kitchen. We ordered two plates of tacos. We had the chorizo and the fish. The chorizo was almost as good as the R&R version, but a little different. Only one tortilla instead of two (I don't know why that matters, but it does to me). I don't know if it was masa, but it did taste good. The green sauce they gave with it had a bite, I liked it. The fish tacos were lightly fried and had a nice sauce, the typical white sauce of west coast fish tacos mixed with seasoning so it was brownish and tasty, but heavy feeling. Salsa was a few bucks extra, we ordered it, but they forgot. We didn't mention it. The kitchen was very slow, and the server came more than once to tell us how backed up they were. I'm very sad that this place didn't kill it. R&R is so amazing. The idea that they were going to have a real restaurant 25 minutes from me was so exciting. They don't have the Barbacoa, or the lamb stews. I saw fajitas at the table next to me that smelled and looked delicious. It was sceney- lots of pretty folks here. Nice service. Out of respect of the original location, I'll go back, but not for a few months. One question - does executive chef mean something unique? Does it mean his ideas but he isn't there? Because then it maybe explains away the food/execution. Simul
  11. Saw an ad for this in the City Paper today and don't know quite what to make of it: Black Fox Lounge. PX for the bling palace crowd? Faux classy hotel bar (sans hotel)? Some of the copy is cringe-inducing: I actually appreciate the concept and think that it's a good idea in the abstract (upscale classic cocktail lounge), but the see-and-be-seen vibe I'm getting makes me want to avert my eyes. I can't picture exactly where this is going either (right next to City Lights?), but I haven't walked that block in awhile.
  12. Highs and Lows. Highs - Charcuterie plate - Prosciutto, Mortadella, Capicola, and Salami. A moretti rosso and a glass of lacryma. Great company. Lows - The pizzas. Quattro Stagioni and Quattro Formaggi. To say that I thought they sucked ventworm nut would be an insult to ventworms and their nuts. Right now I'm eating sunflower seeds and the dough was saltier than they are. Consistency was about that of a piece of cardboard. No char whatsoever. Think the oven was not nearly hot enough. The quattro formaggi had more than its desired allotment of parmesan which made it even saltier. Severe disappointment. My rec would be to avoid the pizzas all together. Edit to add - And please train the busboys better. One of my companions nearly got a mouthful of elbow as the busboy reached clear across the table to refill a water glass.
  13. I order 'em from City Lights. They are the classic Westerner crab rangoon, with the cream cheese and flecks of pink. I can't tell you how disappointed I was when ordering crab rangoon in Chinatown and getting some that were actually filled with crab. No cheese at all! How dare you authenticize my guilty indulgence!
  14. This place came up in the Going out gurus chat today. Here's their website. Their cheese and charcuterie menu also looks interesting.
  15. I'm on a bit of a mission to get more threads started for DC's growing quality coffee shop scene. I know there's a coffee shop thread but great coffee, like great wine bars and, of course, great restaurants, deserve more focused treatment IMO. Filter is the best coffee house in upper NW. I'm defining "upper NW" as red line from Farragut North up to the Maryland border and including Foggy Bottom/West End/Georgetown. With Illy Cafe, maybe/not really Juan Valdez south of World Bank (and now Filter) the only exceptions, this part of DC is shockingly under-served with great coffee. We're over-run with Starbucks, Marvelous Markets and even worse. Filter is in north Dupont on 20th just below Florida Ave and the Washington Hilton. It's great and every bit the worthy comparison to Chinatown Coffee, Qualia, Illy, Sidamo, Peregrine, etc. Filter is not a Counter Culture house. They source their beans from Caffe Pronto in Annapolis, itself one of the very best coffee shops (and wholesalers) in the region. Filter has two coffee menus with one devoted to reserves. Had a great Panamanian from that menu recently. Further, it's a low key place with friendly and knowledgeable staff. They even have a cool Marzocco espresso maker that was custom ordered, painted orange and sports the Filter name. These folks know and love coffee. About the only downside is that the space is very small and it can be really difficult to get a table at nearly any time of day. And now I'll exacerbate that problem with this post but I feel obligated to share Filter doesn't roast onsite but that still jives with my onsite roasting theory; namely, a place that roasts on site can usually be assumed to serve excellent coffee but a lack of onsite roasting does not mean a place isn't top tier. Filter is an example of that. I strongly recommend it to coffee lovers and would love to hear what other coffee-loving Rockwellians think.. IMHO, Filter is cool, exceptionally good and very much the real deal in a bit of a real deal desert.
  16. By Missy Frederick Triple B Fresh had its soft opening in Dupont Circle recently. The restaurant serves up Korean fare like bibimbap. [Facebook] … more » Source: Eater DC
  17. I just noticed yesterday that Best Hunan, on Florida Ave. just east of Connecticut (near the Royal Palace) is gone. In spite of its name, it specialized in Hong Kong cuisine, and was pretty good back in its early days. I used to get delivery from them every month or two back in the 90s. I particularly liked their Salt Chicken Cantonese Style. There's now a "pan-Asian" place called Banana Leaves in the space, which I see has its own WEBSITE. You can even order delivery or pickup online. Their website makes the claim that they are "rated among the best restaurant in Metro Washington DC", although they don't say by whom. One item on their menu: "Miracle Shrimp", described as "jumbo shrimp with spicy miracle sauce"....wow! Has anyone been?
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