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Found 17 results

  1. Could anyone here recommend a qualified, licensed home electrician working in Arlington who’s reliable and trustworthy? Electricians are notorious for giving wildly different quotes for the same job, and I’d like to pay a fair price, but not overpay. Thank you! Don Rockwell
  2. With so much uncertainty about (sadly) restaurant operations, I would appreciate suggestions where one will find the above in Northern Va. Birthday gift for an ardent fan of the dish. I had planned on the Rappahannock River Co stall at Whole Foods Boro Tysons or Brine in Mosaic. Both are closed. Black Salt is a possibility but hoping for a NoVa address. Thanks.
  3. Short notice, but I'm looking for someplace decent but not too adventurous (or too salty) for a birthday dinner on Sunday night. We're in Falls Church, they're in Manassas. The closer to their end, the better, but they understand they'll probably have to come to us. Any ideas?
  4. Dear daughter is graduating from high school on June 5, 2019 (Wednesday). The graduation is in the morning in Northern VA, so we are looking to go out for a weekday lunch. Ideally we would stay in NOVA, but for the best experience we would be willing to drive to DC or MD. Budget: about $40-50/person before gratuity, but flexible on this. Party of 6. Beautiful contemporary decor is a high priority. DD loves the feel of Founding Farmers in Tysons, and she also likes the decor of Mama Chang in Fairfax. So I am looking for a good weekday lunch place that has such beautiful contemporary decor. My research has come up with Convivial and Centrolina for such decor as well as good food. Any other suggestions (or comments on lunch at Convivial/Centrolina) would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  5. My own website and I can't find a single recommendation for a plumber in Northern Virginia. Anyone? Preferably one who won't take a rat-tail file to me for unclogging a drain on a weekend? I've tried everything, and it's infuriating because the clog is only about six inches down, but *nothing* is going through it - boiling water, coat hanger, drain cleaner, filling the tub with hot water, plunging - I'm betting five seconds with a power snake, and it's done ... and I'll be out $150. I've also given MVP Plumbing first dibs. See what you can do for your friends and relatives if you recommend them on these forums?
  6. I consistently see Linden and RdV praised as the go-to wineries in the area and, indeed, they happen to be my personal favorites. My "problem" is that I exhaustively research everything, so I'm always "stuck" with the best... what's the point of exploring if everything else will disappoint by comparison? So that's why I turn to you, DR crew... outside of RdV and Linden, what should I be trying? Are there any exciting newcomers to the scene I should get in on the ground floor of? Are there hidden gems waiting for me to discover? I don't like crowds and it's supposed to rain this weekend, so a nice, quiet, indoor space is welcome.
  7. I have a friend temporarily moving to the area this summer, and will need to rent a house for a year - are there any Northern Virginia realtors out there who work the rental market? This renter is way overqualified to rent a house in this price range, so the realtor will have the ultimate tenant.
  8. Any tips on a lunch during Winter Restaurant Week (1/30/17 to 2/5/17)? I was wondering if any particular deal caught your eye. A friend and I are planning to have a weekday lunch in Northern Virginia. Thanks in advance.
  9. Hi all - looking for a brunch place for a group for my mom's birthday in a couple weeks. I was looking at Kafe Leopold because she's expressed interest in trying them and we could walk there, but they don't take reservations, and after reading the thread it sounds like service is bad (still) and food is just OK, which won't make up for bad service. Any recommendations for Arlington, Alexandria, Falls Church, or maybe somewhere in DC (though if in DC, it has to have easy parking - valet or a lot)? Would definitely prefer a place that takes reservations, and a little bit nice in atmosphere (doesn't have to be fancy). Virginia would be preferable to DC, but I'm not seeing wonderful options. Willow was her favorite Arlington place before they closed, and she liked Water and Wall for dinner a couple years ago, but I went for brunch last year and was disappointed (also, don't know about the new chef yet). We've been to Tupelo Honey and had iffy service there, she's not a fan of Liberty Tavern or Kapnos (though she loves Zaytinya), I'd like to go to Ambar for dinner soon but don't think their brunch menu looks like what she'd like. She doesn't like Japanese food, or I'd try Yona. Fiola Mare is fancier than I was thinking. Bastille is 3 courses prix fixe, and some of us are likely to want 1 or 2 courses only (same is true of Ser). Not loving Jaleo's brunch menu, though she loves Jaleo generally (hasn't been to Crystal City, just DC). The Majestic and Chart House (she likes the caviar on the salad bar, among other things) are the best that have come to mind so far. Thanks for any ideas!
  10. We have a friend who comes to visit from time to time, who is vegan. Can anyone recommend a quality restaurant in Northern Virginia that his likely to have more than one vegan dish on their menu?
  11. Not sure exactly where to put this....and polls are not common on this site, but it strikes me that with the closing of Gypsy Soul, we could use use some sense of the community as to the best restaurants in the Virginia suburbs right now.... (A Maryland list would be helpful as well, but that's not happening in this thread....) I'm going to set aside Inn at Little Washington as being in it own category, because it's not in the immediate suburbs. I'm looking for mostly Loudon, Fairfax, Arlington and Alexandria here. My Top 10 list? Clarity Trummer's on Main Restaurant Eve Willow 2941 (Whatever kitchen Peter Chang is in today) L'Auberge Chez Francois Vermilion Ray's the Steaks Villa Mozart And then there's Maple Avenue Restaurant, Liberty Tavern, Water and Wall, Amoo's, soon-to-be-potentially-awesome Neyla, Nostos, Brine, Me Jana, and my personal Springfield fave Monty's -- not a bad 'honorable mention' list.... I would be interested in any other opinions....and I think it's not a bad idea for a community like this one to have a few "top whatever" lists from time to time.
  12. Hi All-- I'd like to take my SO out for a special birthday dinner in a couple of weeks. Looking for suggestions. She's a vegetarian so we need options for her. I'm a carnivore so I hope to be happy too. Looking for something in the $150 range all in. Close to Fairfax would be swell, but I'm happy to take a spin into DC as well. Nothing dressy. On the quiet side. Decent wine list for her, but I don't drink.
  13. Need an outside door fixed so it will lock; it either needs to be adjusted slightly (ie. the top hinge) in order to straighten it out or some tinkering with the holes for the handle and lock will be needed. Southern Fairfax County.
  14. Despite our extremely busy weekend schedules, the family (including 14 and 12 year old boys) is finally getting to take a Saturday day trip to DC from Charlottesville. Our three known stops are Politics and Prose bookstore, Right Proper Brewery for lunch, and my favorite DC museum, the Americam Museum of Art/National Portrait Gallery post-lunch. Since we have our beagle/Jack Russell mix anxiously awaiting our return, we are not staying overnight but coming back to Charlottesville Saturday. Where should we stop for an early dinner between Penn Quarter and Charlottesville? We've done Pupatella, Pizzaria Orso, and Four Sisters in Falls Church to give the range/price limit of places we'd be looking at. Suggestions? Thanks!
  15. What a great post, Kibee! I'd have just liked it with a button click but wanted to also share Chef Brandon's twitter feed since his facebook page might confuse people. The latter says the truck opens in a May but Twitter makes clear he's open at Courthouse now. I hope this wins him some support. We need to support young pros like this. @BLTfoodtruck I'm not sure if we create new topics for food trucks but, if we do, maybe cool to start one for him?
  16. Does anyone have a favorite sommelier -- especially in the Arlington Co.(Falls Church, McLean) area? Lots of great wine lists, but not a lot of dedicated somms around. Jess
  17. Anyone have a recommendations for a limo service with a really big (14-16 passenger) vehicle? Reston Limo has a bus, but we're headed to Jiffy Lube and were looking for something a bit more festive. We could just get two limos, but it looks like a giant, obnoxious vehicle would be more cost effective and fun. Rich Boone
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