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Found 24 results

  1. I've noticed a critical point in both the number of restaurants taking online orders, and the methods in which they're doing it, just in the past few months. For example, it's now possible to order from Hong Kong Palace without picking up the phone - depending on how much you spend, there are freebies you can get with your order: The more you spend, the more you can get. The other evening, I ordered enough to get a free order of Chicken and Broccoli - granted, no great shakes, but hey, it was more than enough for lunch the next day. This doesn't even consider places like GrubHub, Seamless, and Caviar (which I used with great success on a recent trip to San Francisco, ordering from R&G Lounge in Chinatown - it came right up to my hotel room (the Salt and Pepper Scallops were rocking)).
  2. I've never been sure which index to find things in, so I've divided them into three, mutually exclusive indexes: 1. Stores - Places where you buy things - stores, mail order, online ordering, etc. (this is where you are now - see the post below for the current index). 2. Items - The things that you buy inside of Stores, what do do with them, how to cook them, etc. 3. Thoughts - Any other Shopping and Cooking discussion not fitting into Stores or Items. These indexes were started by mktye and continued by leleboo - both of these members are responsible for helping to keep the community going, and should always be in your hearts and minds.
  3. It seems like a completely different place. The bibimbap is really, really tasty -- and something genuinely different amid the sea of blah sandwich places.
  4. Taylor Charles Steak and Ice (from the Taylor Gourmet guys) opened on December 12 on H St. We happened to stop by yesterday to check it out and it was pretty busy. First off, I think the decor is funky and fun. The graffiti and street lights and picnic-style tables certainly evoke the outdoor atmosphere of many of the Philly cheesesteak places. There aren't a ton of seats, but it is similar to other places up and down H. The basic choices are ribeye, chicken, or portabello, wit or witout onions, and a choice of cheeses (provolone, American, whiz, or homemade white whiz). Adding mayo, tomato, and lettuce is an upcharge, plus some options for other toppings. There are also maybe 9-10 options of "specialty" sandwiches where they've put some combinations together. And a couple of hot dog options as well. Fries are available plain, with whiz, or with sloppy joe topping and whiz. My +1 and I each had the ribeye, wit, with white whiz, and we split an order of sloppy joe fries. I think we both agreed that the flavor was good (from the bread to the steak, onions, and whiz), but we both prefer our cheesesteak meat to be a bit more chopped. I realize this is a personal preference, and there are places in Philly that do both chopped and whole pieces. I also realize ribeye is not a lean cut of meat, but I had far too many pieces pull out of my sandwich (making for some huge and awkward bites) and too many bites that were too chewy. I'm not sure if you can ask them to chop it more finely or not, but if not, I think I may steer towards one of the chicken sandwiches next time. The fries were good, but nothing spectacular (and were not that large of a serving for nearly $5).
  5. M&N's Pizza is so weird and yet so awesome. It is in a micro turret shaped building. They sell beer, too. They make mostly average pizza. But they make two pizzas of note. One of them for the pure awesome hilarity of it and the other because it actually tastes good! My coworkers discovered this place years ago and it has become the defacto place the company orders pizzas from for office things. Office lunches or meetings. Whatever. Like I said, most of it is just so blerghishly average. But the guy running the place is so friendly and nice that you just want to buy more stuff from him. He's infectious. That being said they make a cheeseburger pizza. I know, I know. What the hell?! Close your eyes, breath in the vapor through opened mouth and nose, as you inhal-o-latch in to the first bite and what do you think? McDonald's Cheeseburger. I kid you not. It's probably been 15 years since I had one of those things. Maybe longer. But it somehow is so universally known that it just is. This is that cheeseburger in pie form. Pure awesome hilarity. The other one, despite having average crust, sauce and cheese, is the Spicy Thai pizza. I am not really a fan of thematic pizzas, but I'm game to try it. It may not be exactly Thai, it is pizza after all, and even though the flavors are not purely authentic Thai, it oddly scratches the bizzaro itch you did not know you had. It's a devious pizza because all you really want is the flavor and not the average crust. Is it a place you want to go to and eat? Maybe not, at least maybe not more than a few times, but I'll bet you'll be back if only for the guy running it and that damn Spicy Thai pizza.
  6. I was surprised there wasn't a thread on Sweet Fire Donna's. Website: www.sweetfiredonnas.com/ Hours: Walk-up Counter: Sunday - Saturday 11am - 10pm Bar: Sunday - Thursday 11am - 12am Friday & Saturday 11:00am - 1:00am Late Night Bar Menu: Sunday - Saturday 10:00pm - close Online Ordering Available. This place was humming for lunch with lots of take-out and eat in orders, luckily tables opened up quickly as it isn't huge inside. I had the Carolina chopped pork sandwich with coleslaw. I thought it was pretty good for NC pulled pork. Vinegar sauce was good, pork was chopped, but still had some texture. Hubby might even find it acceptable, it was good enough I would take him to try it. I also had a free side (note the word of the day on FB or Twitter) of skin on potato salad that I thought was good, it had a little pepper in it and wasn't too heavily dressed, although definitely there. Anyway, parking over in that area isn't the easiest, but I got a street space not too far away during lunch hour, so I was happy with myself.
  7. I have been getting my Indian delivery fix from this place and it's very good. I have never been to the spot and don't really know where in Burtonsville it is, but it's delicious. Deliveries have been prompt and accurate Website Garam masala wings should be a thing everywhere. They should come with raita without asking, which they might but I ask for extra raita every time so I don't know. The naan is as crisp as you could expect from delivery. I bet it's great dining in. I had never heard of Chicken 65 but I guess it's a thing. A delicious spicy breaded chicken nugget thing here. Curries are great, with various choices of rice, chickpeas, salad, etc for various charges or not. Lamb curries have been excellent. Tons of food for the money but also delicious. Samosa and pakora are pretty standard but the standard is good. As important as anything, the gulab jamun is great. I love a small bite or two for dessert without being weighed down in price or calories. Some Indian places can't get this right, but it's good here. Without throwing any other local indian delivery under the bus, this is the one to get by far. They are on grubhub but not eat24, which is great because you aren't accidentally encouraged to give yelp 2 bucks.
  8. Ok. This place is part of our regular rotation. Its nestled in a little strip mall near the nicest trailer park you'll ever see. I can honestly say I have never had a bad meal here. I have also never had a great meal here either. Everything I have had is in a solid 7 range. The Carnitas, Barbacoa, and Stewed chicken are probably the best. Put them in an enchilada, burrito or taco... it's kind of the same. On Saturdays they have a Kid's eat for a buck promotion.... So I find myself here once a month. Most of the time they have a woman in there that does balloon animals. She is an artist. Really some the most elaborate balloon animal creations you'll see at a Mexican restaurant at 7pm on a Saturday (or anywhere else). Hey... I have three kids.... these things are important. With that said, they are doing a good job of playing to the Chantilly/SR demographics and tend to be full on a Saturday. My favorite thing here is actually their breakfast burritos. I like them better than Anitas (heresy!). The difference between a breakfast burrito with chorizo here and at Anitas is that El Fresco actually puts chorizo in theirs. If you are in the area, they are worth trying. I always get the chorizo with red chile.
  9. Wellllll I don't mean to be quite the debbie downer between contra and Karam for while this was better then my bad contra experience, if they can be compared, this wasn't great either. Now this isn't a totally fair argument as one is fine dining and one is a Lebanese "snack shop" but I believe experiences can be compared across restaurant genres. I digress though.... Tonights resto just wasn't great. Perhaps I am becoming tooooo demanding but I got the chicken shwarma sandwich with falafel in it and I got a mezze spread cuz like you can't have Lebanese without some hummus. Nevertheless, I expected more from this spot sadly and left disappointed. Firstly, the falafel didn't taste all that fresh. It had that sitting around falafel taste and texture which is like chewy falafel that loses its crunchy skin etc. That was a big disappointment!! The chicken was fine but I wouldn't label it so good that it outweighed the falafel tragedy!!! Next was the mezze. Now Hummus is something I feel like I've really honed my knowledge of in terms of how it's supposed to taste. I expect a certain sourness and bitterness to it bursting with chickpea flavor (I know they use other beans but the flavor should still have a bursting quality in the mouth at least to me). It should not be bland which precisely this was. I dunno if it was the beans used or something but this just wasn't the best I've had. I also got some other spread they were fine but I just didn't feel this place was up to snuff. My anxious side thinks I'm being to tough recently but I dunno I think I'd stick to this negative review if pressed. HOWEVER.....the day was redeemed by a nice Lebanese pastry/ice cream shop which I shall wax about in another post!! I promise next post will be positive!!! Is there another one of these I should be giving a hard look at going to?? My feeling is that Turkish food is on average better in NYC then Lebanese but I haven't had enough of either during my short sojourn here in the city to absolutely confirm or deny that feeling.
  10. Went to this nice place after reading about it in the times. A very welcome addition to the Chinatown landscape that increasingly fails in my book. It is very small but sort of sleek especially considering a lot of the restos down there. They specialize in the night market/ snack foods of Taiwan as well as the food served in trains as I recall (train food is a much bigger deal in parts of Asia as I understand it particularly in Japan). I had the night market crunchy chicken which I found to be delectable. It didn't taste disgustingly over breaded and it had a nice savoriness to it. The chicken itself was nice soft and meaty rather then bony and chewy which added to the general deliciousness of the product. The sausages were a special of the day and had that instinctive savory sweetness that characterizes a lot of taiwanese food. I also had a nice bubble tea there with the jasmine tea as I think it is sacrilege to not get bubble tea with Taiwanese food (bubble tea started in Taiwan as did other innovations of Chinese cooking such as Mongolian Hot Pot). I didn't get the bento box which is their bread and butter as I was eating dinner later (at the ever reliable en brasserie) and didn't want to get stuffed up. Nevertheless, this a nice place to come and eat something quickly that is also quite delish as well.
  11. Sushi Taiko is now open....it does not appear to be a chain and it has a Japanese menu, including Taiko Omakase Supreme. I haven't tried it yet, but it's on my short list. Same plaza as Delia's and El Sabor Boliviano, across from Brookfield Plaza.
  12. I didn't find anything on MGM Roast Beef in a google search for DR.com and their name.... so I think this is a new thread... Driving to Home Depot from Fla Ave, I saw the sign for this spot... but no restaurant, just the auto auction. But as you pass the building, there it is. I did not understand the ordering system so here is a primer.... If you are ordering togo, go to the left to the large "Order Here sign, but stop and grab a sheet of paper {white for sandwich and green for a salad} and check off what you want. Then hang out by the cash register for your meal to be called out. One sandwich per sheet of paper. If you want to sit at the counter, you go to the counter and grab an order sheet and choose your sandwich or salad, but at the counter, another nice person comes, grabs your sheet and returns with the food. Everyone there had french fries which looked quite good. The desserts were huge and might have been made locally or off the food truck. I wanted a mixed white and dark turkey and ordered such with mayo and Swiss. When I found out they were out of dark meat turkey, I switched to roast brisket on the recommendation of the meat slicer {no, I am not talking to Hobart restaurant equipment, at least not yet... a very nice gentleman} So I actually had a brisket sandwich with Swiss and mayo. Never before and I never will again. But aside from the crappy bread out of a bag, the sandwich was really good. I tried to order a Devil's Backbone IPA and my sandwich was gone and I was not feeling the beer love before the manager came over and showed the guy trying to get me my beer that the gas was turned off. At that point, I told him I wasn't up for beer and he refunded my money is a second. I htink my sandwich was $11 or 4!@, not cheap but not bad at all for its flavor and bellyfillingness. I wonder if I could bring my own bread and hand it tot he meat slicer? They also serve breakfast and advise you to try a meat topped waffle. They also advertise pulled pork on Tuesdays. The turkey is a real {I suspect the latter is why they were out of dark meat} breast from a real turkey. The Ham a huge thing that looked less good than the other stuff. The top round is hand sliced for medium rare roast beef and I think the one I saw was sliced too thick. I will be back as I suspect there are a few more trips to Home Depot in my near future. And there are prescious few places open in Shaw at lunchtime. By the way, the Rhode Island Home Depot has the best service I have ever had in a Home Depot, except for one very unpleasant cashier. Its a very pleasant shop which I cannot say for most other HDs I go to. Jermaine, who helps you load by the pro contractor's desk, is in particular, a real delight!
  13. Café Rue is a new place that opened up in the strip mall on Route 1 next to CVS and Myong Dong (Oriental Noodle). It replaces the Vietnamese restaurant which used to be there. Their specialty is Chicken and Waffles, which they do well. I had the classic version, which was three pieces of nicely fried chicken breast on top of a fluffy waffle. The chicken ran a little bit on the dry side, but it was still tasty for white meat, which I usually avoid. Hot sauce and maple syrup came on the side. Next time I'll definitely try one of the specialty versions, which include Red Velvet Chicken and Waffles and a Sweet Sriracha Glazed version. The rest of the menu has a lot of interesting items that I'd like to try. I had the Sautéed Kale Greens with Honey & Balsamic Vinegar, which had chewy bacon bits and was sweet and tangy. It was a little heavy on the sauce, but still delicious. Other things that caught my eye were Crispy Lobster Mac&Cheese Bites, Truffle Fries, and Rue Tableside Smores. There's definitely a French influence to the restaurant, including beignets and macarons on the menu. There's even a waiting area with a couch and food-related books ranging from the French Laundry cookbook to Kitchen Confidential. The restaurant itself is is a little rough around the edges, but service seemed friendly. I wasn't able to get through by phone to order takeout in advance. The hours are also limited, from 12-8 W-F, and 10-3 on weekends. Still, there's not many (any?) restaurants near Beltsville serving interesting food like this, so I can live with these minor quibbles.
  14. Not really a sit down dinner place but a really good place for a sandwich, South Market Sandwich.
  15. Just opened sometime in the last week or so. For reference, this is in the site that was previously Stage Burger, and was Sabroso before that. And since that didn't help you for reference, it's two doors closer to the Fillmore than The Classics. http://www.zensaisushi.com/ Haven't been able to see much, as they have large logo decals blocking out much of their window space, and a large Christmas tree occupying one of the two double doors, so visibility from the street is minimal. I will say this much, though - it leaves a sour taste in my mouth when you run to Yelp to put a five-star review up for your own restaurant, complete with obvious press photos that also appear on the restaurant's website.
  16. I really do not want to post this. The service at Burma Road was so nice that I do not want to post anything negative. I also hesitated because they have only been open two days. If I hadn't had the nanje thoke at Mandalay or the salads at Myanmar I would not have had such high hopes for a local restaurant. The menu is mostly chinese with and with the exception of the appetizers there were few Burmese dishes. We started with four appetizers. The tea leaf salad was the best dish of the evening - although it was not spicy as was indicated on the menu. The papaya salad tasted like raw cabbage. A tofu and chickpea paste appetizer was tasteless fried squares served with a sweet melted red lollipop dipping sauce. The hot and sour soup - our only Chinese dish - was neither hot nor sour. We then had two entrees and two side dishes. The pork with pickled vegetable(?) was quite good - slow cooked fatty pork in a thick salty gravy. Nanje thoke with chicken had gluey noodles and a fairly tasteless sauce. The young tamarind turned out to be a dish whose taste and texture reminded me too much of pure shrimp paste. The eggplant dish was flavorful but a bit too oily and shrimp pasty for me. This meal left me feeling sad. Most of the staff stopped by to offer help with ordering and to ask us how everything was. Their earnestness and concern was palpable. I could not bring myself to tell them how I felt about the food. I am hoping that others will try Burma Road and have a better experience. Toby
  17. Thai Curry is one of the Groupon specials today (http://www.groupon.com/deals/thai-curry-arlington?c=dnb&p=5). It replaced Bangkok Siam in the Buckingham shopping area, and has been totally renovated - so much nicer than before. Full disclosure in that I am friends with the owner, but I have enjoyed many of the dishes I have had here. A few dishes that you do not see on every other Thai menu as they are trying to emphasize a more "street food" approach, but we still usually order the standard curries and noodle dishes. I do love the Larb Balls, a nice change from regular larb gai although you have to forget all the extra calories that likely come with the frying part of the dish. The owners also have Kanlaya and Asian Spice.
  18. At my desk craving sushi and had no idea where to go for take out. Google search and this place came up. Website offered lunch special - $9.95 for three rolls. I'm game so I head over - crazy strip of haphazard stores facing Shady Grove Road on one side, this place around the corner facing Gaither Road. Ordered yellowtail roll, Philadelphia Roll and Spicy White Tuna roll. Got some eel nigiri too. I'm no sushi expert but the fish was fresh, rolls presented nicely and held together well, and the eel nigiri provided generous portions. I thought the yellowtail roll was kind of small so I'll stick to nigiri yellowtail next time. Staff was friendly and restaurant area had a few lunch patrons on a rainy day. I'll go again for sure. Nancy
  19. Kochix is a tiny little, mainly takeaway (there are two bar stools and a counter) Korean fried chicken joint in that opened up about a month ago in the space that used to be Arthur Treacher's. As far as I know this is the only Korean fried chicken in DC proper (Is that right?). On our first visit tonight we got a medium combo order (7 wings and 4 drums), half spicy and half sweet soy, and a bulgogi. In texture, the chicken is closer to American style wings than what I've come to know as KFC through Bon Chon (comparisons to Bon Chon are going to be inevitable with this place, and that's not going to work in their favor) -- the skin gives way with a slight crunch, but nothing like the crispy "shell" Bon Chon provides. The glazes feel like they were applied outside rather than integrated into the batter, if that makes any sense. Both flavors are sweeter than the Bon Chon equivalents, and the spicy is not as spicy. These are not bad chicken wings on their own merits, but again, it's just very hard not to make the BC comparison. Bulgogi was downtown steamtable variety lunch spot quality (is there a name for those places? the sort that have 50 different lunch options, from southern bbq and collard greens, to sushi and bulgogi?)
  20. There is a new sign at the Glover Park location that says, "Heritage Asia Thai Bistro," as well as a Thai menu on their website. (The Indian restaurant is still there, as far as I can tell.) I was just driving by so didn't stop to check it out but was planning to walk by this weekend out of curiosity. Does anyone know what this is about, and has anyone tried the new menu?
  21. Have any of you purchased seafood (specifically oysters) through online gourmet food sites? If so, would you recommend it? Alternately, can you suggest a place locally to purchase a variety of West Coast oysters? [note: I'm not looking for restaurants serving oysters; I'm all set in that regard.] ETA: here's one option <-click->
  22. The trend is certainly exploding...just walked by DC Pizza on my way to lunch. I'll try it out after dropping a few RW pounds.
  23. Maria's Carryout Website Looking for a tasty lunch in Timonium? Here is the shop I have been going to my entire life, Maria's Carryout. Sure ther are a few other locations, but this was always my faviorite and IMHO the best. Try a Italian or a cheesesteak. Short on funds, their "garlic bread" has cheese on it as well, great sub alternative. Not a destination, just great food as a decent price.
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