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Found 7 results

  1. I had a delicious DR dinner at House of Siam (I loved the larb) & tried a couple of times to meet a friend there for lunch-once they were closed on Mon. & the next time they were just closed, permanently. I saw that they had reopened as Thai Ghang Waan & decided to pick up lunch for my friend, who's moving cross country. I picked up larb & som tang, both very good, pad kha prow (I would have liked it hotter, but I didn't specifically ask for that), & pad lad na (wide noodles w/ broccoli & brown sauce)- I didn't try this, got it for those who like not-spicy, but I liked that they packed the noodles & sauce separately, so it wouldn't spill or get soggy. Fried rice was,well, fried rice -it was all good, average sized servings & pleasant fast service. It's not too close to me (I have several good options), but if I were in the area, I'd definitely try some more dishes.
  2. This is one of the only restaurants to serve Uighur cuisine in the country (there are probably 5 total, from my limited googling, and none in the east coast). I'd been meaning to go to this place since it opened, as it's pretty close to where I live. There have been good early reviews on Chowhound and Yelp and Tyler Cowen, and I was pretty excited about it. It's right next door to Legal Seafood on 23rd St. First impression is that it is absolutely freezing in that restaurant. The hostesses and waitresses were wearing parkas. I kept my coat on the whole time. I ordered a hot tea to start, out of sheer necessity. Unlike a lot of Chinese restaurants, the tea is not free. They also have many varieties of it. This one was their house, and it was $3.50. They don't have alcohol at this point. It was just me, so I couldn't order a whole lot. They are known for their big plate chicken, but it was a lot of food for one person, and I don't have time for leftovers this week, so I'll wait til the next visit to try it. I got the cold spice noodle, which is similar to Hong Kong Palace's Chengdu Spicy Cold Noodles. This came out first, and they give you a lot more of it. It's not that spicy, and honestly, blander compared to HKP. For my main, I wanted something spicy, and so she recommended the chicken laghman. This was a noodle stir fry, there was eggplants, celery, red peppers, green peppers, and large caliber noodles that I guess they are noted for. It was a brownish sauce that was tasty but not spicy in the least. I told the waitress this, and I asked for some chili. She brought a brownish sauce that was pretty darn good, added that umami, and spiced it up a bit. I was really hoping to like this place more. I certainly get their star dish, nor did I try any of their lamb dishes, which looked good. I saw people with the chicken dish, and it looked/smelled great. I'll go again when I have some company to eat with. I'd suggest going when the weather gets better, unless it was heating problem that hopefully will get fixed. Anyone else go yet?
  3. It looks like another new spot is in the works on Columbia Pike - Mongol Nomads Asian Fusion. It's located in between the psychic and City Kabob Curry House. I couldn't find anything online about them yet.
  4. Diya Bistro opened around new years at the corner of Great Seneca Highway and Quince Orchard Road in the former Famous Dave's location (which moved to the Wegmans shopping center in Germantown). We had high hopes for this place as my wife and I generally like Indian food, and it is within walking distance of our house. They didn't change much from when it was Famous Dave's with the exception of tables, chairs, and maybe a paint job. The antler chandeliers still provided the light. They really push thallis here, which gives you a plate of several items including bread a desert. You can order a vegetarian thalis or meat thalis. It is supposedly all you can eat. We warned them that my wife if very sensitive to spice. Never-the-less, her meal came out very spicy (even for my tastes). We said something and they brought her some dal, which was also spicy. There was one thing on the plate that she was able to eat, which looked like sweet potato. They never checked back to see if the dal was okay for her tastes--it wasn't and she left hungry. Maybe it is our fault that we didn't push things a bit further, but we basically gave up. When they brought us the bill, we asked about the desert. They said it was on our original plate. We paid the bill and left. Never once did they ask us if we wanted a refill. Perhaps, they were still going through opening issues (it was a few weeks after they opened), but spice level for my wife is a deal breaker, and she would not risk going back. I don't even remember if I would consider the food good as I was trying to make sure my wife was satisfied, so perhaps this is not a fair review. We really wanted to love this place, as it is in our neighborhood.
  5. Wellllll I don't mean to be quite the debbie downer between contra and Karam for while this was better then my bad contra experience, if they can be compared, this wasn't great either. Now this isn't a totally fair argument as one is fine dining and one is a Lebanese "snack shop" but I believe experiences can be compared across restaurant genres. I digress though.... Tonights resto just wasn't great. Perhaps I am becoming tooooo demanding but I got the chicken shwarma sandwich with falafel in it and I got a mezze spread cuz like you can't have Lebanese without some hummus. Nevertheless, I expected more from this spot sadly and left disappointed. Firstly, the falafel didn't taste all that fresh. It had that sitting around falafel taste and texture which is like chewy falafel that loses its crunchy skin etc. That was a big disappointment!! The chicken was fine but I wouldn't label it so good that it outweighed the falafel tragedy!!! Next was the mezze. Now Hummus is something I feel like I've really honed my knowledge of in terms of how it's supposed to taste. I expect a certain sourness and bitterness to it bursting with chickpea flavor (I know they use other beans but the flavor should still have a bursting quality in the mouth at least to me). It should not be bland which precisely this was. I dunno if it was the beans used or something but this just wasn't the best I've had. I also got some other spread they were fine but I just didn't feel this place was up to snuff. My anxious side thinks I'm being to tough recently but I dunno I think I'd stick to this negative review if pressed. HOWEVER.....the day was redeemed by a nice Lebanese pastry/ice cream shop which I shall wax about in another post!! I promise next post will be positive!!! Is there another one of these I should be giving a hard look at going to?? My feeling is that Turkish food is on average better in NYC then Lebanese but I haven't had enough of either during my short sojourn here in the city to absolutely confirm or deny that feeling.
  6. Mike & Eric, who formerly ran the now shuttered Bay Hundred in Tilghman Island, have resurfaced with a new restaurant in St. Michael's: Mike & Eric's. My impression of what the place offers is excellent skillfully prepared food at moderate prices, served in a casual setting by a very friendly hospitable staff at a great location. MIke, who is a very warm and welcoming host/bartender, runs the front of the house, while Eric runs the kitchen. They have some sidewalk seating, a very quiet back patio, and a comfortable dining room that is designed, according to MIke, to be as "non-jarring" as possible. For starters we enjoyed the Crab Bisque made with lump crab and sherry, and corn & crab fritters that came with a zesty red pepper aioli for dunking. For main dishes we had the Crab Canneloni made with swiss chard, ricotta, and crab topped with a sundried lemon cream, and the Bouillabasse, which was packed with seafood such as mussels, shrimp, scallops, and fish in a saffron tomato fennel broth, although I'd say the Bouillabasse is more like tasty seafood stew than a bouillabasse. The wines offered match up nicely with the items on the menu and are reasonably priced. They're located at 200 S. Talbot Street in St. Michaels.
  7. I sent the kids off today w/ the groupon for Red Holic, which was for fried chicken, dumplings, & sodas. Lizzy went w/ her brother to his lax game, after I promised food (since she doesn't eat meat, I thought she could get some kimbap or tempura). Tom said the chicken & dumplings were good, Lizzy said she got noodles, veggie dumplings, & 'something that looked like gnocchi' in a red, spicy sauce- she wasn't impressed, but I think I primed her for shrimp tempura, which wasn't available. I'll try & use the Joong Mi groupon myself soon....
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