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Found 3 results

  1. Last night, after a quick 2 dozen oysters at Hank's ($1 each!!!), I met up with Kay and we were looking for a hamburger. Annie's popped to mind. Don't ask why, but something totally camp and retro was perfect. We stepped in and were seated in the front glassed in area. Kay was only one of 2 women at the time, but by the end of our meal, at least 3 other women walked in. So the male female ration was about 90 to 5. I ordered the chopped steak and Kay a hamburger. My chopped steak came with two sides so I opted for salad (out of a bag croutons and out of a large plastic jar Italian salad dressing) and Green Beans (out of a can supposedly in tomato sauce but seemed more like a splash of tomato juice to a huge can of beans. Its been a long time where I have had green beans that melted in my mouth with no resistance to tooth whatsoever. The Chopped steak came out as a sirloin and I was by then too tired to speak up. It was tough and devoid of flavor. A-1 sauce improved it immensely. Kay's burger, however, was damn good! On a nicely chewy bun, it was a large house made patty of pretty flavorful stuff. At $7.95 it was also a good deal. The steak fries, while out of a plastic bag, were also quite good. The drinks, a Tanquerey Martini and a Manhattan were on the other side of bad. Still in all, a fun evening was had. I would go back for the burger late at night, and hope that they can't screw up a bloody mary.
  2. Had lunch here today with a friend who lives in Chesapeake Beach and several friends. The food was wildly uneven, but what was good was very good - Menu Both the Maryland crab soup and the cream of crab were loaded with great crab but described as very salty. The regular crab soup was also disturbingly sour. The person who ordered plowed on and did not return it to the kitchen but probably should have. The people who got the flounder sandwiches loved them, and these were enormous pieces of fried fresh flounder. The person who got a salad (with additional grilled chicken) basically liked the salad, but some of the greens were elderly and past their serving prime. I got the turkey BLT on raisin pecan bread with cranberry aioli. This was kind of a high concept plate that mostly worked. I thought the bread had a slight off taste but not enough to wreck the sandwich. I ate nearly all of it. The iced tea, which most of us ordered, was brewed way too strong. They were generous with refills, but the tea really needed to be diluted to be drinkable. Both the potato chips (clearly made in house) and fries (probably ditto) were excellent. For the price it should have been more consistent, but it's a resort area. Service was pretty good. Go with the fish and homemade fried potato products. Avoid the soups.
  3. Taconelli is legitimate, real coal oven pizza where the coal burns in the oven with the pizza. It is also the BEST pizza in the greater Philadelphia area which includes DeLorenzo's on Hudson street in Trenton. (although this is 95% as good) As such it is known. Anyone going there should call SEVERAL hours prior to arriving to RESERVE OVEN SPACE. It is not just about standing in line at Taconelli's. You must also reserve oven space. It is worth it.
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