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Found 5 results

  1. Just a notice to all my fellow Sumo Fruit (aka Dekopon) fans that their rather brief season (a month, maybe) is upon us. H Mart has the boxes of 7 a la many other boxed fruits you find at Korean markets for $19. Whole Foods (Fair Oaks, at least) has them loose for $3/lb. these are roughly the same price, I think. I just bought 6 of them and it will be a struggle not to come back tomorrow to buy even more and stockpile them!
  2. I never knew that the Navel Orange (the "navel" is the protrusion which contains a second fruit) was the result of a mutation that occurred in Brazil around 1810-1820.
  3. I was surprised to find Seville oranges at the Glover Park Whole Foods the other day, and bought a couple. (The cashier looked at them with some puzzlement, I told her they were Seville oranges, so she immediately rang them up as navel oranges at $1.25 apiece. They were supposed to be $0.50 apiece. The error was corrected.) Anyway, what shall I do with them? (I only bought two, so I'm not open to suggestions of marmalade.) I used to have a pork-and-Seville-oranges dish at a restaurant I really liked on 17th Street (I think it was called something like "Cantina del Sol" -- it morphed into the negligible La Frontera a long, long time ago). Anyone make that dish, and if so how? Any other ideas?
  4. I was in Whole Foods today, and picked up a bag of organic Valencia Oranges. I figured these originated in California, and I was right; but I didn't know that the town of Valencia, California was named after the orange! (The orange was originally named after Valencia, Spain, known for its orange trees which originated in India.) These would be perfect juicing oranges, but I love eating them whole. The number of seeds is quite manageable - just a few per orange - and the biggest problem is that there's so much juice, that it just goes everywhere. They're not *the* easiest oranges to peel, but I've encountered tougher foes.
  5. Matt is having a citrus sale to benefit his high school band. If anyone is interested, please go to this link. And you can pay with a credit-card online. He only needs to sell about five boxes, so don't do this unless you actually want some oranges or grapefruits (in the worst-case, I'll bail him out and donate to D.C. Central Kitchen. ) Three pieces of specific information you'll need to enter: 1) Enter Organization ID 171874 (the link should do this for you automatically) Upon checkout, under "Which seller would you like to credit for this order?": 2) In the drop-down box, select "Band Member - Junior" 3) In the drop-down box, scroll down and select "Matt Rockwell" I'm not sure what the delivery charges are to your house, but if they're more than a couple bucks, I'll pick everyone's up and figure out how to get it to you. Cheers (and thanks!), Rocks PS - Regardless of whether or not you want any fruit, please click here and follow the link. In general, there is too much disconnect between marching bands and football teams - if this negative incident can be used as a launching pad to alleviate that unnecessary (and unnatural) situation, it will be a long-term net positive for everyone. I propose a gesture of respect from football players to band members (and vice-versa), perhaps something as simple as mutual fist pumps of acknowledgment when the team runs by.
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