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  1. how Tom S. could give Opera two stars is beyond me. The food was pretty bad as I remember and we were quite limited as the table next to us steered us away from the pasta dishes. Best U street meal has been at Coppies Organic.
  2. What are you supposed to order from Mr. Chen's organic in Woodley Park? I have heard nothing but great things about this place. We FINALLY ordered from there the other night and were just, well, whelmed. I feel like I'm missing something. BF had string beans with pork, which was supposed to be spicy. Not only was it not spicy, but it was really sparse on both pork and flavor. I had beef teriyaki. While the dry spices on the beef were really great (kind of aromatic), the veggies it came with were overcooked and flavorless. With health-conscious options and organic meats and veggies, I
  3. Not a farmer's market obviously, but Whole Paycheck (Foods) has had purple baby artichokes. I've seen them at a couple of locations-- P St, and the one down in Annandale.
  4. For those that are reading this thread, Chez Panisse (the restaurant) is almost as difficult a reservation as the French Laundry. It is not an afterthought but a very real destination that many people on the West Coast and elsewhere build trips around. Quite literally this is Mecca for many who care about the emergence of America and the ascension of a serious cuisine from a country that was once thought of as having good fried chicken and decent charcoal grilled steak. For all that I may have raved about Danko (and the bar if you go at the last minute and arrive BEFORE THEY OPEN!) Chez Paniss
  5. I understand that the folks at the McLean Organic Butcher get all their meat from local sources...we've still not made it out there, but I've spoken with them on the phone a couple of times.
  6. I was hoping to try the brunch menu at ABC Kitchen, but got confused about the time/date info on the website. Despite arriving just a few minutes after the noon opening time, we were told all of their tables were 'committed'. Fortunately, there was space at the rear bar, which was bright and relatively quiet and looks into the ABC Home store. The $28 3-course prix fixe was a steal, given the quality of the ingredients and the care and attention that were apparent in each dish. We shared each course, so I sampled the following 6 dishes: Cauliflower soup - topped with rye croutons and
  7. Scenes from this weekend: Enchiladas con mole de pollo - sauce of chiles, chocolate, nuts, shredded chicken, tortillas, onion and queso fresco. Tacos de carnitas - two tacos of braised pork, orange, bay leaf, milk, cinnamon, beer, jalapeño, onion, cilantro and tomatillo salsa. Nopalito 306 Broderick Street (Oak Street) http://www.nopalitosf.com/
  8. A delayed note. I had some lunch brought in from Chix and was fairly impressed. I had the chix chicken which is seasoned with a secret blend of spices (so says the menu). I found it flavorful and tender. I only ate the dark meat, but my work partner had the breast and say they were juicy. The meat was seasoned well. I had black beans and rice on the side. They were decent, not wowed off my feet , but decent. I would recommned stopping in and supporting them. The food is good and the mission better. http://www.chixdc.com
  9. I have a kind offer from my future mother-in-law for dinner anywhere in DC for my birthday. She keeps pushing for Nora, but I haven't heard much buzz about it recently. I was hoping to finally get to Kaz or Sushi-Ko, but perhaps I'd be missing out by not trying one of her favorites. I may also be missing out on the political points I'd score by letting her have her way. Has anyone been recently? How was it?
  10. I have always loved this wine, and right now they have stacks of it at the Pentagon City Whole Foods for $16.99 a bottle. Two unusual things about the bottle itself: it's a 1 Liter bottle (most bottles are .750 ml, or 3/4 as much), and more interestingly, it has a "pop top" that you open like a bottle of Heineken - it's not twist-off, but a bottle opener does the trick. I think both of these qualities drive home exactly what this wine is: a wine to quaff like water. It's dirt cheap (Pentagon City Whole Foods cannot possibly have low prices, and I suspect the producer sells this ex-ce
  11. I *never* buy non-organic produce. I have organic produce readily available, so why wouldn't I buy it? Today, I went to Whole Foods, and bought some grapefruit, and the only ones they had were conventional - I'm not completely militant about buying organic, so I bought a few to have on hand ... at a buck a pop. I just had one, and it was *terrible*. Not only was the moisture lacking, but it had a foreign bitterness to it that I can't explain away as being citric acid. I had about 25% of it, and hurled the rest in the garbage can, seething. Okay, now, my palate is pretty finely t
  12. Went to the Naked Lunch restaurant on Saturday, in the bottom floor of the new Mom's Organic Market in Courthouse (on Lee Highway). Enjoyed my lunch thoroughly. They don't seem to have a separate website (though they're a separate restaurant that I think only operates in MOM's - there's one in Rockville and Merrifield, maybe others). I can't find their menu online, so I'll try to remember to take a picture of the takeout menu I brought home. Some of the items are described in the yelp reviews. It's a tiny, tiny place - one two-top table, four barstools (with backs and padded, yay) at a l
  13. Can anyone explain how honey can be certified as "organic"? How does the producer know the types of plants the bees visited?
  14. While I am far from being a vegan, or a vegetarian, you didn't mention Great Sage. I've been there several times and found it to be enjoyable. If you buy into the concept, plant-based organic food, it can be quite tasty. Definitely do vegan food better than most places that specialize in such. It is our go to when a couple of my militant vegan relatives visit.
  15. Arg, forgot to get definite answer about cherries this afternoon. I'll check with my usual source of when things will appear at market this evening. New Morning Farm's market at the Sheridan School (36th & Alton) had their first Tuesday market of the summer today They had the regular suspects, beautiful sweet peas, asparagus, lettuce, strawberries. The exciting find du jour was heirloom tomatoes! The also had regular hot house ones but as far as I am concerned between the strawberries and heirlooms summer has arrived. Fresh strawberries on a Tuesday may just get me through this week.
  16. When I was a student at UMCP, we would sometimes walk a little up Rt 1 to Jerry's pizza, which as I recall was next to a tire shop. Now that section of Rt 1 in College Park alternates between seedy old liquor stores and shiny new high-rise buildings with retail on street level. NuVegan is located in one of these newer buildings, immediately adjacent to campus, and entertainingly direct neighbor to a burger joint. This is the second store in a mini-chain, with sister location Woodlands Vegan Bistro on Georgia Ave in Columbia Heights. The menu has a short list of entrees (always available),
  17. Hi all, I'm Kathryn Pasternak and I live in Falls Church, VA. This is my first post, and let me apologize in advance for it being long -- but please read on!!! My first jobs working in the USA (I'm from Canada) were in fine restaurants in NYC -- Gotham Bar and Grill, Cafe des Artistes, The China Grill, Gordon's, Cafe L'Express. For anyone who knew NYC in the 1980s, you might recognize the names. I have the Gotham and Gordon's to thank (a short lived (sadly) but very very fine N. Italian restaurant in the village) for schooling me in food and wine. But alas, I didn't stay in restaur
  18. That was fast. This was just announced on the Mt. P listserv. Could be interesting if done right. A new restaurant, called Goodall's Bistro, will be opening in Mt Pleasant. This eatery will take over the commercial spaces currently known as Tonic and Last Exit, at 3155 Mt Pleasant Street. Tonic and Last Exit will be closing in early June, giving way to this new venture in organic, locally sourced cuisine. We are hoping to open later this summer, with an estimated opening date in late August, or early September. Will Warren, who is the founder of Goodall's Bistro, has lived in Mt Pleasant for
  19. I am so thankful to whoever turned me onto the My Organic Market chain as an alternative to Whole Foods. The first time I tried it was sometime this winter when I went to the Arlington WF in search of apples but all I found were soft bruised things for $2 a pound. My stop at MOM's (near Cheesetique) turned up wonderful organic apples in great shape, at about $1.29 a pound. It's certainly not the gourmet food experience that WF is, but if you're looking to buy a week's worth of organic produce for under $30 and Trickling Springs milk in a gallon jug, this is the place to go.
  20. Had dinner at Farmicia this past weekend and had an enjoyable meal. Highlights for me were the Tuscan Grain Salad (organic spelt, chopped garden vegetables, lemon-basil vinaigrette, arugula) and the Crispy Fried Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail (atop a trio of fries, bloody mary dipping sauce). My entree of Boneless Pork Chop Dijon (grilled, honey glazed turnips, broccoli, cider-sage sauce) was good, but the meat was slightly overcooked and therefore a bit dry, but the sauce helped. It did have a nice bit of char from the grill that went well with the sweetness of the turnips.
  21. For me, the trifecta is interesting food, good service and fair pricing. Add in some scenery for bonus points. The Orchard in the middle of downtown Frederick hit the trifecta and then some. The Orchard is Vegetarian and Vegan friendly while offering a pretty wide selection of fish, shrip and chicken dishes. What's neat is that they aren't really tied to a particular food genre like Italian, rather they build their menu generally around fresh vegetables, then around the preparation type. So for instance, you have a few main groups, including Entrees, Salads, Stir-Fries, Sandwiches and
  22. I've been gone a bit from DC, but I noticed at least one new street vendor-type downtown, the 'On The Fly' electric vehicle near 8th and G Sts., I believe. Photos Has the program to bring in new vendors with different offerings that people really want worked out? I remember they surveyed the public, then they issued some new permits. But I only saw this one vendor. Are there more?
  23. I've been hearing about this insanely expensive, insanely good, juice-smoothie bar next to Equinox gym in Bethesda, but didn't get around to trying it until this morning. Jake Parrott recently told me, about New York Avenue Beach Bar, "It's not about lowering your expectations; it's about changing them." I haven't yet been to New York Avenue Beach Bar, but I cannot imagine there is much overlap in clientele. In fact, I cannot imagine two more polar opposite houses of beverage. And when you see the prices at Purée, you'll change your expectations right quick, too. I walked in today and was h
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