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Found 2 results

  1. I'm currently watching the terrific NetFlix series, "Narcos," which details, as its main subject, the rise and fall of Pablo Escobar. Escobar merits his own thread in the History forum, but you can get a very good, mostly accurate (but not entirely accurate) history of him through "Narcos" - this is a wonderful series that people will enjoy watching, as well as learning a great deal about Escobar and the Medellí­n Cartel. I recommend it highly, and hope to see your comments both here and there. (Obviously, this thread in our History forum is factual, and is about Escobar as a historical figure; in "Narcos," it's about the show, as well as about the character in that setting whether the material is true or not. I do hope you watch the series - it's really special.) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9UohQDYZcqE
  2. How to read this index: * The pictures are my own selections of a single image that represents the episode (you can scroll through them all by clicking "Next" on the top-right of the photo). * The links in the episodes go to the New York Times, which has a paywall, but allows ten free articles per month - the short reviews are good and worth reading. * All names referenced for the first time are linked, either to Wikipedia or IMDB (if there's no Wikipedia entry). * All names referenced subsequent times have a running number of episodes that they've been involved with next to their name. - 1.1 - "Descenso" ("Drop") - Directed by José Padilha, Written by Chris Brancato, Carlo Bernard, and Doug Miro - 1.2 - "The Sword of Simón Bolí­var" - Directed by José Padilha (2), Written by Chris Brancato (2) - 1.3 - "The Men of Always" - Directed by Guillermo Navarro, Written by Dana Calvo - 1.4 - "The Palace in Flames" - Directed by Guillermo Navarro (2), Written by Chris Brancato (3) - 1.5 - "There Will Be a Future" - Directed by Andi Baiz, Written by Dana Ledoux Miller - 1.6 - "Explosivos" ("Explosives") - Directed by Andi Baiz (2), Written by Andy Black - 1.7 - "You Will Cry Tears of Blood" - Directed by Fernando Coimbra, Written by Zach Calig - 1.8 - "La Gran Mentira" ("The Great Lie") - Directed by Fernando Coimbra (2), Written by Allison Abner - 1.9 - "La Catedral" ("The Cathedral") - Directed by Andi Baiz (3), Written by Nick Schenk and Chris Brancato (4) - 1.10 - "Despegue" ("Takeoff") - Directed by Andi Baiz (4), Written by Nick Schenk (2) and Chris Brancato (5) (Note: I put the above index in on Nov 2, 2015, with each screen shot one I chose that I feel best represents the episode. I wrote the entire index after having finished Season One; my original Oct 22, 2015 post is below.) --- This series, which debuted on Aug 28, 2015, is a collaboration between NetFlix and Telemundo. It portrays the DEA in their attempt to hunt Pablo Escobar, and was renewed for a second season this autumn. I haven't even started watching yet, but I'm going to give the first episode a go.
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