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Found 11 results

  1. Starting the 1st week of 2017, Reston Town Center instituted a new paid parking policy utilizing a proprietary parking application and somewhat bizarre method of color-specific parking locations. Apparently people who oppose the policy are voicing their position by not frequenting the numerous businesses there. The local printed press has recently been paying more attention: "Town Center Merchants Considering Lawsuit over Paid Parking" by Dave Emke on restonnow.com The local TV news media is slowly keying into it as well: "Reston Town Center Businesses, Residents, Push Back on Paid Parking" on fox5dc.com
  2. I'm in a 2-hour space that activates at 8 AM - I'll pay for 2 hours right at 8 AM via ParkMobile; then, at 10 AM, it's renewal time. Can I simply do 2 more hours, or do I have to get up and physically move the car? If the latter, what's the risk (and cost) of a parking ticket? If Philly is anything like DC (and I suspect it is), they probably look at parking as a way to bilk tourists and residents, so my guess is that they make money any way they can. Paying $25 for 12 hours overnight in a lot is painful.
  3. I live in Arlington and hardly ever venture out to DC anymore for my Saturday dining due to the tough parking situation. That and the fact that there are tons of great restaurants in Northern Virginia which is closer to me and easy to park. However, for RW, I wanted to try Bistro Bis so decided to overcome my parking phobia. What a pleasant surprise! You can get free parking at the garage across the street from the restaurant. Wow! How easy and stress-free. So now, I wonder, what other good restaurants in DC also have a good parking situation. I’d be happy to dine at DC restaurants if I knew parking wasn’t a hassle. The only reason I found out about the validated parking at Bistro Bis was because I called up. I guess I can do that for any DC restaurant I’m interested in, but was wondering if you foodies knew of any offhand. Places that have free or cheap parking garage/lot or there is plenty of street parking. I was at BlackSalt (also for RW) and noticed they seemed to have plentiful street parking. Thanks.
  4. Did you know they don't even require parallel parking in Driver's Ed anymore? There are young people out there driving who have never parallel parked in their lives!
  5. This tweet pretty much says it all. It's $24 to park at Union Station for 12-24 hours, and there's no validation for Amtrak. If you park for a partial day, there isn't much relief, as 2-12 hours will set you back $20. The official web page with current rates is here. If you take a weekend trip to New York or Philadelphia (or wherever), leaving Friday afternoon, and returning Sunday evening, you're going to be shelling out a whopping $68 for parking (*) Depending on where you live, taking Uber or a taxi will be both cheaper and easier. Remember this post is here - it could save you a lot of money in the future. (*) Please note that the website says, "Lost Ticket (flat rate) $24.00," so if you're gone for longer than a day, make sure not to lose your ticket, or you'll be costing the parking garage a lot of money.
  6. Nice coincidence - two days ago, I parked in that garage for the first time in what must be several years. I had these huge plans for a new thread when I drove away, but forgot all about it; your posts jogged my memory, so here goes: I stopped into Best Buy, and in the process, dropped my parking ticket. On the way out, I realized it was gone, and flashes of, "I'm sorry, but lost tickets have to pay for 24 hours" flashed through my noggin like zaps of lightning." I told the attendant ... (Serious question about a different topic: Why are so many parking lot attendants Ethiopian? This is not a racial thing; it's an observation - maybe it's just one, gigantic company that's Ethiopian-owned, I don't know, but an amazing percentage of parking lot attendants seem to be of Ethiopian heritage. Please do not take this as anything other than an observation - it's merely something I've noticed, and have always been curious about (it's an unusual job staffed by an unusual ethnicity, and I'm simply curious), but I always forget about it shortly after driving away - we now return you to our regularly scheduled rant ...) I told the attendant, and sure enough, I got the standard-issue, "I'm sorry, but lost tickets have to pay for 24 hours spiel." I told him I was going to go retrace my steps, and the poor car in back of me had to back up, doing some crazy maneuver in the process. I went up into the parking garage, parked very close to where I had been, retraced my steps, found a ticket on the ground stamped five-hours before (better than nothing, but I was in there no longer than thirty minutes), and retraced my exact steps into Best Buy, even running into the same surly salesperson. I asked if she had seen any parking tickets, and right when I asked, I looked down, and mother of God, there it was on the floor! I had been saved, which is more than I can say for the poor person who dropped their ticket five hours before. I drove back down to the attendant, paid my *two dollars* for having parked about 50 minutes, handed him the other ticket I found, and said, "You know, not everyone who drops a ticket is lying," as he literally cowered behind the glass sliding door - I guess these folks have to put up with some pretty irate customers. I was not one of them, but I was firm in making my point - I wished him a good day, thanked him (why don't they ever thank me back?), and went on my way, resolved to begin a thread about lost parking tickets before forgetting after opening my Brand! New! Chromebook! But here I am, and my point is that in this digital age, there should *be no all-day penalty* for lost parking tickets. If I had committed a crime, there would have been *no* trouble quickly figuring out when and where my car entered the parking lot, and that same technology can easily be reshaped to help consumers with lost parking tickets; yet, it isn't. Why isn't it? Because, minor expense aside in setting up a system, I suspect that these parking companies (is PMI the one with the green-and-white signs?) make a *fortune* from lost parking tickets. I'd love to see some statistics from such a thing - certainly, I've had several instances where I had to pay $15-20 for a lost ticket; others, where a kindly manager believed me and entered an override ticket to let me exit only having to pay for 2-3 hours. Still too much, but fair enough - it's these doggone "take your ticket inside and get it stamped *there* policies" that are responsible for the majority of lost parking tickets - I always used to leave mine in the car unless a merchant stamped it for you (something that's becoming more-and-more rare these days. Willow, I want to say "Thank you" for always stamping my parking tickets - in this day-and-age, it's a class act.) If someone can furnish information that can show that parking companies are unable to implement digital recreations of when and where cars enter the parking lot (which should be fairly easy, given that the drivers would have a pretty good idea about the time and location), my ire would be quelled, but I don't think anyone is going to be able to produce this - I believe these parking companies are fully capable of using this technology as a consumer benefit, but choose not to. Anyone?
  7. I'm really really wimpy about the cold weather. During the winter, I will actually choose a restaurant based on whether I can park in the garage and go into the restaurant WITHOUT stepping outside. I thought about posting a Help Needed topic for a list of restaurants where I won't have to go outside. But I felt silly. But then I saw that Destruya posted this about BJ's Restaurant: So I decided to go ahead and post. I know of the following restaurants where I can park in the garage and not step outside to enter the restaurant: Pizzeria Orso (free parking) Willow Range Meiwah at Friendship Heights Restaurants in Pentagon City Mall Restaurants in Tysons Corner Mall (free parking) BJ's Restaurant (thanks to Destruya) Any others?
  8. Since July 4th just passed, can anyone suggest a restaurant in Virginia that has a really good view of the fireworks on the National Mall? Preferably with good parking? Believe it or not, I'm planning a car club event for next year. Thanks for your input.
  9. I have a work event tonight at Founding Farmers, 19th and Pennsylvania, at 6:00. Do rush hour parking restrictions end at 6:00 around there? If I get there before 6:00, does anyone know if there are any on-street parking options nearby, or will I need to find a garage? thanks in advance!
  10. I have a memorial service next Friday at Howard (see my previous post in "To Whom Are You Drinking" - very sad). I'm not familiar with the area - is there a parking lot near the Louis Stokes Library? Gladly will pay to park - just want it to be easy so I don't have to think that day. Thanks, Nancy
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