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Found 14 results

  1. This new venture opened recently in the Belle View Shopping Center, just a bit south of the beltway, off the GW Parkway. it has taken literally YEARS for their doors to open, but I'm glad they finally have done it. they seem to be first and fore-most a bakery of BEAUTIFUL European-style breads and pastries. However, in recent days they are adding to their cafe menu. there doesn't seem to be a regular standing menu for the cafe food. Each day's menu is posted on a chalk board outside and posted on their Facebook page (where they post captivating photos of dishes while they are being prepped in the mornings). they seem to have a couple of soups and sandwiches daily. I tried their Asian flank steak sandwich with cucumber cilantro lime slaw on wonderful bread. my friends enjoyed the butternut squash soup which they reported had a nice spice to it. My daughter and I split one of their HUGE chocolate eclairs and both wished we hadn't have shared! I've gotten their pain au chocolate and ham and cheese croissants for breakfast too. all have been a delight! this establishment is just nowgetting on their feet in regard to decor. they have a big glass wall that separates the cafe area from the significantly large working bakery area. the cafe is slowly adding artwork and more tables. Once they work out those minor details, it will be a wonderful spot to sit and eat. I'm definitely looking forward to warm weather when they can open their big French doors that lead to the sidewalk. Outdoor dining maybe??
  2. You'll see some familiar faces from Bistrot du Coin here, and also recognize alot of the menu from BdC (and there's the writing of the wines by the glass on the mirror). This place is in a really odd location, though-- in a neighborhood I had no idea existed (and I grew up in DC and used to live in Bethesda). It's off MacArthur, hidden on Sangamore Road in a new shopping strip. Satisfying bistro stuff: mussels, steaks, tartines, etc. The food was good, but the two reasons to venture up here if you don't live nearby are the great second floor patio and the desserts. The brioche with a creme brulee center (and a perfect raspberry macaron) was fantastic. They are definitely still getting their sea legs service-wise, but Patrick Chassagneux (used to be a server at BdC) is the perfect host.
  3. Oh, my goodness - I don't know why I didn't see this before ... Woodmoor Pastry Shop! That's bringing up some memories - we used to walk through the corridor in the middle of that strangely shaped shopping center, and enter Suburban Trust Bank from the back.
  4. Have been stopping at the wholesale bakery for Balthazar located in Englewood NJ for 2 days. Wonderful breads plus amazing tarts which might be more like spectacular toppings the likes of which I’ve never had.
  5. Damn. Back before we got a Maison Kayser around the corner here in DC, I used to hit the 40th St location when I visited the NY office and always ogled the wares in the window at Lady M a couple doors down the block (this is across from Bryant Park). If those things taste half as good as they look....
  6. I recently had a chance to visit Bottega Louie, a bright, cavernous space in The Brockman Building on South Grand that is both a gourmet market and restaurant. The large open floor and high ceilings plan gives the place a certain vibrancy, with an accompanying noise level that you might expect from such a large room. I took a seat at the 10 stool bar in the front closer to the market and quite enjoyed the Cioppino, which also cost $30. It was a full bowl of succulent seafood, that contained perhaps the most plump mussels I have ever been served. Truly satisfying.
  7. Pastry chefs Tom Wellings and Camila Arango opened up Bluebird Bakery at the old LivingSocial building by Gallery Place/Chinatown metro. They plan on serving croissants, scones, and tarts in the mornings and pizza bianca for lunch and the afternoon. I was able to try their pain au chocolate croissant and lemon ricotta torte. The chocolate croissant was good. Very similar to the ones in texture and flavor that St. Michel's used to make. The torte was the star of the show. The texture and flavor was amazing, as well as not being too sweet which is what I personally enjoy. The bakery will be open from 8 a.m. until 3 p.m. every day except Sunday. 918 F St. NW
  8. Background: Pumpkin miniature cheesecake Foreground: Key lime tart B Patisserie 2821 California Street (Divisadero Street) Lower Pacific Heights http://bpatisserie.com/
  9. A mere five doors down from the newly opened Four Sisters' in Merrifield is a spacious bakery and espresso bar to enjoy a leisurely cup of joe or tea with a few cases full of pastries and cookies. Owner and Pastry Chef Toni Srour and his wife Samar opened this venture back in March, and it is a nice addition to the lack of bakeries in this area, especially in Merrifield. Of the three things I tried, a Mini Palmier, Lemon Macaron, and a slice of the Vanilla Yule Log, two were a hit and the last was a slight miss. It has been a long time since I've had a palmier that does not leave a lard- or shortening-like aftertaste and I did not taste it with this one. However, the sugar on top was extra-caramelized, which is fine by me. For $1.50, the lemon macaron was smaller in size than what I've seen in other bakeries, but the moist, slightly tart, but lemony flavor right after that initial crunch and break of the meringue part was well-worth it (although I haven't had enough macarons to make a great judgment). The Yule log slice of cake was similar to the moist cakes sold in Asian bakeries, but it was a bit too mushy for me. The buttercream was definitely better than most places, but I really enjoyed the sugar topping (a sugared chimney), as it reminded me of the sugar flowers that once topped cakes in the past. Owner and Pastry Chef Toni said that they bake everything there and they also serve some lunch items. One of the things I'd like to try next time is the Thyme herb Croissant. According to the Post article, it was his dad's recipe. The Pastry Xpo website is basically a shell right now, but Maurice Pastries is a bit better, content-wise. Pastry Xpo 8190 Strawberry Lane Merrifield, Virginia 571-282-4970
  10. Is this place still around? DCist named this one of the best bakeries in 2013. I've been looking for a bakery like this, and would love to try it.
  11. After reading about it in the Post last Week, I put Saint Michel Bakery on my list of places to check out for lunch. I'm not thrilled about the options in the lower part of Rockville (or North-North Bethesda), but I know I'll be back here to try more of their sandwiches. http://www.washingto...9060200792.html I had the pan bagnat; tuna on baguette with anchovy, egg, tomato, olives, and peppers. The baguette was great, crisp outside, soft inside. The tuna was solid (nothing spectacular, made with a touch of mayo), but the anchovy gave it a nice salty kick. The eggs added a creaminess to the whole sandwich. The 1/2 baguette sandwich (probably 9-10 inches) for $6 was delicious; too bad there is nowhere there to eat it. Carry out only. I also got some mini raisin buns and apple turnovers, to enjoy tonight. Before going, be sure to map the address. It is an easy place to miss.
  12. For all you French pastry lovers (count me in that group), you can obtain the world-class wares of Arnaud Herodet, longtime pastry chef at the French Embassy, on weekends at Gilberts Corners (US 50 at US 15, in Aldie VA). When the local farmers markets reopen he will be at some of them as well (his wife helps man their booth). You can also order stuff on line (www.arnospastry.com) and pick it up at his home in Chantilly (in my old neighborhood, in fact). Don't forget to include some brioche rolls, they are incredible.
  13. Fresh Baguette in Bethesda [name corrected] also has a decent cannale; probably not quite BF level. (It's smaller.) I thought St. Michel's was the tops, though -- and best bargain, too.
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