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  1. 2 weekends ago, stopped in this new place for lunch and really enjoyed the chicken. Here is the website. We had a half white and it was cooked perfectly like most pollo a la brasa places but it was also super flavorful. I almost bought more even though I was stuffed. Kind of addictive. The 2 sauces were good two - a yellow mayo that wasn't spicy and a tomato based spicy one - I'd say a medium strong heat. The sides were hit or miss. The guasaca was a riff on guacaomle and served chilled was kind of meh - especially since it doesn't come with chips or anything to scoop it with. Better were the yucca fries which comes dusted with delicious spice blend that adds the right amount of heat and lime. I thought the chicken didn't need sauce but was still good with the yellow one whereas the yucca fries were good with the orange tomatoey sauce. The quinoa salad was ok - nice light to balance the strong chicken flavors but nothing too special. The Arroz Blanco was meh. I would have gone for the special rice but like a few of their sides it had unnecessary bacon and other proteins that I don't eat. I should also say that this place's set up is a bit unusual. You walk in to a nice bright sitting area - but no full tables, only lots of counter tools so it is a bit odd to eat with companions since they are only next to you and not across a table. This is odd because the space is big enough for several regular 2 or 4 tops. It is counter service so you walk back to an open kitchen and order. The food is all ready immediately. Then further back in the long space are bathrooms and at the end of the hall is a big walk-in freezer door. When you open it, you enter a new sitting area with a few small regular tables and then a big bar area. This backroom is their bar which has a full bar menu/cocktails, but only serves a few food appetizers from the front space. Moreover, they don't want you bringing food/drinks back and forth between the two spaces. All a bit odd to me. I think the owner wanted to diversify and have chicken but supplement income with a bar and found this long space and this is a the result. Or the owner just really liked the idea of having a quasi-hidden bar in their restaurant. In short - go for the delicious chicken and yucca fries. It is deceptively big menu so I'm sure some other items are good too.
  2. Don Pollo, at 7007 Wisconsin Ave in Bethesda (just south of Bradley Blvd). Wow! Some of the best Peruvian chicken I've ever had. Mash potatoes to die for and great Cole Slaw, All for $6 dollars
  3. Finally got my ass out the door around 9pm last night. Thank god El Pollo Rico is open until 10.
  4. I'm surprised we don't have a thread on this place. I was going to post about their nachos, but I kept remembering other things we like and figured that they deserve their own thread. Barbara and I were there tonight for a quick dinner of shared nachos and a couple of beers. The nachos were good, a hearty pile started with a thin layer of refried beans on the bottom of the plate, chips, shredded roast chicken, ground beef, cheese, sour cream, guacamole, and jalapenos. These were good, surprisingly not greasy, with crisp chips throughout. We also go frequently for takeout chicken sandwiches. The bread is nothing special, a commercial sub roll, but the chicken inside is their roast chicken torn into large chunks. It's served with commercial french fries, but with mustard-mayo sauce and a spicy green sauce. Barbara wrote a review for her blog a few years ago. I'm glad to say that they are consistently good and we still like eating there.
  5. Sister and I stopped in for lunch on Sunday mid-day at this little Peruvian chicken joint in the strip mall adjoining the Wal-Mart in Burke (before engaging the huddled masses in said Wal-Mart). It's a clean but tired looking little place, friendly service, so-so- food. We each got a 1/4 chicken plate, dark meat, with 2 sides @ ~$10 each. I had the plantains and black beans, she had the mixed veg and plantains. No yucca on the menu, but they do have fries. Mixed veg were very evidently frozen bag stuff that was heated through, black beans were very watery and barely seasoned at all. Plantains were quite good and there is a $1.50 upcharge for those that the cashier told us about but isn't listed on the menu board. Chicken itself was a small portion but tasty, good skin and moist, properly done meat, nice charcoal flavor but less evident was any marinade. There was also a list of other typical Peruvian dishes, such as lomo saltado, huincaina, etc. Didn't see anyone ordering anything but the chicken. A few small orders of carryout while we were there and one other person eating in. My gut instinct is this is mostly a mid-week carryout dinner sort of place.
  6. There have been the Peruvian chicken threads, but I decided to start one just for Crisp & Juicy. I went to the one in the Wheaton Mall and got the usual chicken and fried yucca. But also decided to get the fried plantains and potato salad. The plantains were okay - not caramelized the way I usually like them. The potato salad was really good though, with green beans and corn, it gave it a fresher, crisper edge instead of the heavier slog.
  7. *uses Oprah voice*....I GET IT, PEOPLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLE! Wow, I can't believe this is the first Peruvian chicken for me--after reading so many rave about it. Those chickens schmeared with crack. So juicy, so tender. I had 1/4 chicken at Pollo Coco Rico and the seasoning made me swoon on the first mouthful. The green chili dip isn't for me. I like to keep my buds fully cabable of tasting. The mayo (white sauce) however, was used liberally. Very, very good! The dish came with fries or yucca, and a small side salad.
  8. "Ricardo Zarate to Open Peruvian in Old Comme Ça,Space" by Amy Scattergood on latimes.com Comme Ça, thread on donrockwell.com
  9. Please feel free to merge if there is an existing thread (I could not find it). Chicken on the Run...is it a micro-local chain or a stand alone joint? I really don't care. I'm now working in Bethesda again (woo-hoo!) and I noticed this place even before my first day yesterday and I knew I needed to try it. Wow. This is possibly the best peruvian chicken I have tasted, with Que Rico fighting for the title but losing by a hair (and it is way up in Owings Mills, MD). I think it must be the charcoal flavor/wood flavor I am tasting that makes me giddy. The mild sauce is very good, and the green hot sauce is nice, better than just pure pureed jalapenos, but still not up to the level of Que Rico in Owings Mills -- not 'creamy' enough while retaining heat (too watery). The rice is good, but not what I ordered but it was so busy I did not bother to try to get it fixed. The yuca was really nice and lightly treated in the fryer. I hope to go back and try the fries and salad next time. While I did not try the corn, it looked weak. My only real complaint about the place is that their chickens are, um, small. Or maybe that is just how they cut them. My quarter dark meat section was pretty small by my standard, which is OK since I am on a diet and this was and never will be diet food, but I thought I'd mention it for those who might care (like me when I really want to fall off the wagon, hard.)...
  10. And now with Village Chicken open at the southern end of the shopping center (4 doors down from Delia's) it's becoming a chicken's worst nightmare .
  11. Linky to their website Went here tonight to fortify myself prior to a Costco run up the street. In a formerly Pizza Hut that was warehousing a Danny's for a while, its newest incarnation is as Sardi's Pollo a la Brasa. Bustling and somewhat cavernous, their menu serves up a good bit more than pollo a la brasa. To me, a someone concerning bit because most of the great peruvian chicken joints have a singular focus. It was clean, nice and the folks were quick to serve and please. The sauces came in 3 shades -- white, yellow and green. The former two good for dipping french fries in IMO and the green being primarily blended jalapenos and maybe something else. The chicken was nice, but it was not as good as other places. The emphasis of the spices and herbs in the mix was not cohesive and it leaned very heavily on salt -- too much salt (and I love salt). The skin was well done and nice and crispy, though. But this place still pales in comparison to El Pollo Rico, Que Rico (especially so, this is my benchmark joint, in Owings Mills, MD), and even Crisp & Juicy and Megachicken (in Laurel, MD) and Chicken on the Run in Bethesda. Good, but not great. If I liven very close, I'd be a regular to see if the salt was a one time flub. But Megachicken is closer to home and Chicken on the Run closer to work. And special excursions elsewhere make more sense.
  12. I have mentioned before that the national dish of Springfield is rotisserie chicken. Jacalito is in the same little strip mall as Bozzelli's, and therefore I never tried it because of my typical beeline to Bozzelli's. Now I am culinarily conflicted, because Jacalito is not only good, it's damned good. Two mentions up front -- it is a mom-n-pop single restaurant, and it is honest enough to put "Tex-Mex" on its window and in its title. That's a good start. I ordered carry out today, and the order was two whole chickens, sides of Mexican rice, a la charra beans and house salads. Plus an order of guacamole. Oh, and enough of the green and white sauces to drown in. Total tab was about $32. When I got home, I had a few things to do as I walked in the door, so I didn't tuck in until about 30 minutes after leaving Jacalito. The time lag didn't have a negative effect on the food at all. The chicken was juicy and succulent, the rice and the beans were really good and the salad was fresh and crispy. The guacamole was also fresh and chunky, not as spicy as I would normally like, but quite tasty. Three adults ate, or overate, until full, and lots of good food is left over for tomorrow. There may be a dozen or more of these places in and around Springfield right now, but Jacalito is second to none. I can't wait to try their soft tacos or huevos rancheros in the near future. www.jacalitogrill.com
  13. Super Pollo is one of the few places that Don recommends that doesn't yet have a thread here. His review of the Arlington location is here. Has anyone else been there or any of the other locations? How consistent are they?
  14. You should go to El Chalan on 20th and I Street, NW (Peruvian). The ambiance is bastement-bleak, but with good company and an extra 5 bucks or so for Pisco to warm your belly, I think you'll be fine...
  15. I am from Olney and recently returned from a trip to Peru- so my parents invited me to join them at Sardi's Fusion, a Peruvian "fusion" restaurant in Olney. The space is the recent home to Taste Gastropub. We ordered solely from the Peruvian section of the menu, but I was impressed. First- they make their own chica morada, (a Peruvian drink made from red corn and warm spices.) It wasn't the best I've ever had, but absolutely acceptable and the effort is commendable. We ordered the Lomo Saltado (skirt steak sauteed with fries, onions, tomatoes, with rice), Arroz con Mariscos (rice with shellfish), and Aji de gallina (chicken with aji sauce). To be fair, I did not eat in mainly higher end places in Peru- but all dishes at Sardi's were really great and better in quality to many I tasted there. The aji de gallina was not a stewing hen as they have there, but a nice yellow aji sauce over chicken, rice and potatoes (Peruvian food never spares the carbs.) The lomo saltado was cooked REALLY well to a medium rare with a nice sauce and all the traditional additions. My favorite was the arroz con mariscos- fresh tasting seafood (mussels, shrimp, bay scallops, calamari) with a nicely cooked rice with red pepper, some tomato and a spices. I would happily order any of the 3 again. We did not explore the fusion section of the menu or veer from the entres, but there looks to be some good things there as well as some ways to appeal to all palates. Note- we went at 6:15 wtihout a reservation and got a table. By 6:30 it was packed. 7- a few parties were waiting. Here's the menu, a large .pdf file: 3d85a9_8c7e82b7decf4a3da976ce3fd0ce8a2c.pdf
  16. So we went to the one in Baltimore for lunch before a trip to Port Discovery. We also got the whole chicken family meal. Sides of black beans and fried rice. The chicken is definitely smaller than Crisp and Juicy (Arlington). When we get the whole chicken there, usually about a third of the chicken is left. At Chicken Rico, we went through the whole thing. The chicken, while flavorful, I found to be a bit too much on the salty side for me. The fried rice was much better when mixed with the black beans. It was good for what we needed at the time.... something kid-friendly and quick in the right location for us. I was a bit intrigued by a couple of the stirfry things on the menu. If we go to Port Discovery again, we'd certainly consider going back, but it's not a place we're ever going to crave, particulary when we live just a couple miles from Crisp and Juicy.
  17. Right across the street from Goddard Space Flight Center is Cipriano Square, anchored by K-Mart, and featuring such restaurants as Ruby Tuesdays, Five Guys, Baskin-Robbins, Burger King, and Papa John's. Chicken Rico has been open about a year, and is exactly the type of independent restaurant that catches my eye. Unfortunately, I didn't care much for their 1/2 Chicken ($6.95), which relied heavily on garlic and cumin, but was ultimately bland and dry. It came with two sides: The yuca was very deep fried, had been sitting out, and had a mashed-potato-like consistency on the inside; the chicken fried rice (50 cents extra) was very oily, and laid to rest after two bites. The sauces, one yellow and one green, fared no better. On their carryout menu, Chicken Rico advertises "fresh made soups" and daily Peruvian specials, such as Cau-Cau (beef tripe, $6.99), and Pescado Frito ($8.50). Cheers, Rocks.
  18. I was in R'ville Town Sq. for a client meeting that ended at 11. I was hoping that Carbón would be open by then but they didn't open until 11:30. So I stood outside, tried to get some work reading done, for 30 minutes. As soon as they opened, I rushed in to order 1/4 chicken dark and chicharron. For sides, I had some rice, fried yucca, and iceberg lettuce. Let's start with the chicken, even without the skin (which I discarded), it was tender and flavorful - a very good Peruvian chicken. I also like the chicken at Super Chicken and Crisp & Juicy - I can't really rank them in any order, they're all good. The chicharron was pretty good, moist and flavorful. There were still some fat clinging to the meat, which is good for those who aren't counting cholesterol. I took a few pieces home as a treat for the dog on Halloween. The yucca were underfried, the rice was nice 'n salty, and I don't eat iceberg lettuce. ETA: My other option was Oro Pomodore for pizza but since I had already gone to Pupatella the night before, I decided to do Peruvian instead.
  19. I've been keeping an eye on this space for a while since the old Scotto's Rigatoni Grill disapeared. I've seen the signs for Aguaymanto for some time but they hadn't opened yet. Last thursday I was cutting through the area on my way to Chipotle (having talked my son out of Chick'fil'e). As I droe by I noticed lights on here and hung a quick left to check it out. I'm glad I did. They opened a few weeks ago. and they did a very good job of remodling space. The staff there was very nice and were especially kind to my rampaging 2 year old. We got carry out, a half a chicken with yuca and Seco con Frijole which was a Beef stew (with cliantro and garlic), beans and rice. Both dishes were quite good although the chicken was a little dry (probably the nature of the beast). Qhile we waited for the food they gave out a small bowl of freshly roasted corn (which was quite good). When the food was ready one of the managers even helped me carry the food to the car (as I was wrangling with the aforementioned 2 year old). Anyways I am glad to have them around as they are on my way home and will likely be a regular addition to the carry out rotation. Edited to add the website: www.aguaymantorestaurant.com
  20. If you're in the area, you should try Su Pollo, south end of Rt.1/Richmond Hwy.-cooked over charcoal, more than half the time, the skin is crisp (I give it to my pups) but I've never tried their yuca, I get rice. The soup (aguadito de pollo) is excellent, especially w/ a little green sauce, & the tv always has soccer. It's a little hard to maneuver into their parking lot, but you can park in the shopping center next door, (other side of McDonalds) & pop in & out.
  21. I'm not sure whether La Fondita has changed ownership, or simply gotten a makeover along with its new rotisserie. Much of what's inside Chicken Loco looks very similar to the way it did at La Fondita, with Latinos chowing down on hearty soups with hunks of corn thrown into the bowl, and Central and South American specialties sitting in trays behind the counter. What's new, aside from the name change, is that as of yesterday, they're serving Pollo a la Brasa, and a Half Chicken ($5.20 without sides) was a pretty game effort for the second day of operation. The cumin-y rub had a decent flavor, but they'll ultimately need to adjust the temperature of their oven, and get the penetration of spicing down more into the core of breast meat - easier said than done. The white mayonnaise-based sauce is, as it so often is, lame, and the green sauce was a standard spicy-grainy version. Either way, I think the decrepit Chicken Pollo down the street is in for some tougher competition from Chicken Loco than from either of the (superior) Korean-based chicken houses, Bon Chon Chicken or Chicken Village, all four sitting on Little River Turnpike between the Beltway and I-395. Mama's Pollo, a fifth, sits right next to TemptAsian Cafe, but is probably too far down the road to make much difference. Cheers, Rocks.
  22. The national dish of Springfield appears to be rotisserie chicken. The new (4 months old) A-Nine is a fine addition to that trend. The spare restaurant is in the plaza across from Mike's, in the place that Royal Court Barbecue used to occupy. I just polished off half a chicken, and it was succulent. Standard white and green sauces gave it a nice kick, and sides of beans, rice, plantains and salad were unspectacular but good. I would definitely return, and next time I'll pay attention to the daily specials. There was a green noodles dish accompanying a nice little steak on the specials board today, and it looked quite appetizing. 6133B Backlick Rd. (703) 992-9003
  23. "Restaurant With Questionable Spanish Name Opening On Glebe Road" by Ethan Rothstein on wtop.com
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