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Found 17 results

  1. On Kobe Bryant's final game of his career, he tosses in 60 points on a career-high 50 shots. Yes, the Lakers were feeding him the ball and telling him to shoot, no the Jazz weren't playing their best defense, but who cares. All people will remember 50 years from now is 60 points in his final game. Congratulations on a legendary career, Black Mamba!
  2. {Don--I know this is off-topic but I'd like to hear what people I trust think about the Philly dining scene... Delete if you must!!!! } [(*)] They've extended the Dali exhibit and I've got tickets for 9:30 on the morning of the 20th. A good friend is meeting me there from NY. We may add in a trip to the Barnes or the Constituion Center but right now I'm just thinking about lunch. We probably go to Philly once every 18 months or so and have pretty lousy luck with dining. Before we default to cheesesteaks (which we often miss if the parking and traffic is too bad...) I did discover I ca
  3. People who love to Eat are always the Best people , Katt Hull In an effort to connect all the dots, I have included a link to a page I manage on FB. The interaction on that platform isn’t as nearly interactive as I would like, but rather a peak inside my adventures in food. I chose to name the page after a quote that completely resonates with me. People who love to eat are always the best People. I knew from an early age , I was different from the rest. I watched cooking shows instead of cartoons. I sought out cookbooks in old bookstores and found a sense of home in those dusty pa
  4. Did we really not have a thread on Wilt Chamberlain? I don't have much to say that hasn't already been said, but I'd like to list for everyone Chamberlain's single-season rebounds-per-game average in the playoffs over the course of three different decades: 1959-1960: 25.8 1960-1961: 23.0 1961-1962: 26.6 1963-1964: 25.2 1964-1965: 27.2 1965-1966: 30.2 1966-1967: 29.1 1967-1968: 24.7 1968-1969: 24.7 1969-1970: 22.2 1970-1971: 20.2 1971-1972: 21.0 1972-1973: 22.5 If I had to name five athletes of the 20th century who had the most imposing statistics, in any
  5. Talk about getting lucky. After driving from Jim Thorpe to Philadelphia, and touring the Philadelphia Museum of Art, we checked into Cambria Hotel with plans to go out to dinner in a couple of hours. Two hours later--not wanting to get up, get dressed up, or get in the car--I began looking online for carry-out. I found the Nomad Roman website, where I saw photos of delicious-looking, thin-crust pizzas. We ordered four pies: Spicy Soppressata, Spicy Sausage, Trenton Tomato Pie, and Marinara. All were fabulous, with thin, wood-fired crust and fresh, organic toppings. The standout, for me,
  6. This is extremely sad. "Philly's Restaurant Community Toasts Cocktail Maven Katie Loeb, Now in Hospice" by Danya Henninger on billypenn.com "Restaurant Community Remembering Katie Loeb" by Michael Klein on philly.com
  7. Philadelphia, PA - MRP Realty will officially open The Bourse Food Hall, on Thursday, November 15th and the celebration continues into Friday, November 16th. Initially built in them1890's, the building, was converted from a commodities exchange into a beautiful artisanal food hall. The Bourse Food Hall Grand Opening A Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony by Mayor Jim Kenney, will mark the start of the opening on Thursday, November 15th at 9 am. Then, the first one hundred customers to dine at The Bourse Food Hall for breakfast (9:15 a.m.), the lunch (noon), and dinner (5 p.m.) are going to re
  8. The Noma Guide to Fermentation, an authors event at the Free Library of Philadephia. The price of the event is $40/ includes book and lecture. Tickets available starting on 9/7. If you are a couple the price is $55/ one book to share.
  9. Brenner's first time on "The Tonight Show" in 1971: Brenner, among other things, reflects on that performance in 2013. Wow, you talk about a deep, reflective opine - what he's saying extends far beyond stand-up comedy, but for *every* aspiring stand-up comedian, this is required viewing. In just eight minutes, he touches on a lot of fascinating things - Brenner was a true comic pioneer who really lived the transition from old-school to new-school:
  10. I just took a look at Bookluvingbabe's post (which was this community's first post) about Dining in Philadelphia, put a link in for her Salvador Dalí comment, and ended up at Philadelphia Museum of Art's website, which featured this painting representing their 2005 Dalí exhibit. I'm not going to sit here and try to explain the painting (although there are obviously two parts of the same monster, fighting itself - there's your metaphor for Civil War), but I do think it's super-cool, and I really need to find out more about the Spanish Civil War - I've always read that Ernest Hemingway cove
  11. iPhone users, follow these steps to create a Philadelphia Dining Guide quasi-app: 1) Bring up this webpage. 2) Tap this image on the bottom of the screen 3) Tap "Add Bookmark." Voila! Your own free (kind of, sort of) app in less than 30 seconds! --- Please feel free to contact me with any typos, suggestions, corrections, or comments. In order to ensure future access to this dining guide, simply become a participating member of donrockwell.com. Go back and read the previous sentence ten times: none of the restaurants covered in this guide serve a free lunch, and there is a very high lik
  12. My wife and I had dinner at Laurel last night, which I've seen consistently seen reviewed as one of, if not the best, restaurant in Philadelphia. We had a positive experience, though it definitely did not live up to the hype. On the positive side, it is rare to dine at a restaurant of this caliber that is also BYOB, and the $85/8-course price fix is exceedingly reasonable by the standards of refined dining in major American cities. The restaurant is a tiny hole-in-the-wall place devoid of any character or ambiance whatsoever, and it's a pretty tight squeeze. The service was good - servers
  13. Just cleaning out my wallet and I noticed that the sales tax was 6% at a restaurant in Merrifield, but 10% at a Starbucks on Fairfax Blvd near Paul VI high school. Are both tax rates correct? Thanks in advance!
  14. This is going to shock people: Our most popular forum, in terms of views, is not Washington, DC Restaurants and Dining; it's the New York City sub-forum in News Feeds. Sound impossible? It's true. In fact, the Baltimore sub-forum in the News Feeds forum gets more views than our Shopping and Cooking forum. As I've said before, I'm gunning for fingertips; not eyeballs, and I will remain forever loyal to our active members - i.e., those who write posts - because they give us the one thing that no other restaurant website has: a community. Cheers, The Lone Ranger.
  15. The Philadelphia News Feed should be a little more interesting now. Foobooz, Philadelphia Magazine's food and booze blog (get it?) finally fixed its rss feed, so it's now available to youse guys.
  16. All, I have labored for months breaking up the old Intrepid Traveler post "Philadelphia" into a full-blown Philadelphia Forum. This surpasses our New York forum in scope because I've spent my summer fully populating it with threads from what is now the Mother Thread - each post detailing an individual restaurant now has its own thread in the new forum. Furthermore, any references to that restaurant have also been copied in (this was a considerable amount of work). The only restaurants that aren't included in the forum (but remain in the Mother Thread) are from posts which review multiple res
  17. I've tried and tried, and cannot find a definitive Philadelphia neighborhood map that clearly delineates the neighborhoods, especially in Center City. There is overlap and I understand things are nebulous, but I can't find *a single one* that dares even try. Can someone PM me if they can find one? I need neighborhoods, clearly delineated by streets. Something like this: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_knHAwNprdBg/TPvkJszaZOI/AAAAAAAADyM/P2T3ifjfIjM/s1600/philadelphia-downtown-map.jpeg is good, but it doesn't have enough neighborhoods (where's Market East, for example), and it doesn't have th
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