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Found 15 results

  1. I couldn't find a thread on this deserving shop. On the way home from a successful dentist visit to Arlington - I couldn't resist the simple singage. "Livin' the Pie Life". Took home a small chilled chocolate cream and an apple/cherry right out of the oven. The chocolate had a chocolate crumb crust and the fruit pie had an excellent traditional pie crust. Being of a savory orientation, I also got a bacon and cheese scone. There were also mini quiches that I'll try next time. All were great and worth the price ($$) - and being about 4" in diameter, they were lighter in the calories than getting a whole pie. The chocolate pie scored some serious husband points.
  2. I am currently in a state of euphoria induced by the most wonderfully crafted pie by Emily Truman, of Odd Pies. The suspect, a malted chocolate pecan pie. She doesn't offer these pies regularly, but she should. It was a gift to be able to indulge in her offerings. To serve in her inspiration for her pie confections, she looked to the owner& founder of the famed Four& Twenty Blackbirds in Brooklyn, NY. The crust of the pie was perfectly flakey, and filled with a sinfully stickiness of chocolate pecan. Traditional pecan has been elevated to a new standard. I don't think I can return to eating any other rendition. I am thankful for Emily Truman of Odd Pies for making this holiday extra delicious!! Please look her up on both Instagram, oddpies. You are welcome. >••< kat
  3. I know you are probably in the District, but Mom's Apple Pie Company in Herndon makes great pies. It is all they do. I don't know if they sell at any of the farmer's markets but you may want to call them. They are seriously good. Moms Apple Pie Co.
  4. I walked up to Pie Sisters yesterday to check it out. The store is located on M Street in Georgetown right before 35th Street, across from the Key Bridge. The shop is really cute, a few tables with flowers on each one and an L shaped case holding cuppies (muffin-sized pies) and full-sized pies. Erin, one of the sisters, was very helpful about explaining the savory pies to me. She told me that their full-sized chicken pot pie (which also comes cuppy-size) can be ordered by phone ahead of time for dinner and when you bring back the glass pie plate you receive $5 back. It looked really good but I opted for 3 coconut custard cuppies and 1 cherry cuppy to take home to my husband and daughter. Now I am not a huge fan of sweets so I didn't try any last night, although my daughter did and she said it was really really good. But this morning I was hungry so I ate the coconut cream cuppy for breakfast and, oh yeah, it's really really good. The crust was incredible - flaky, browned to a pretty tan color. The custard was amazing, not too sweet, with flecks of coconut and it was topped with fresh whipped cream and a pretty pie pastry leaf on top. I just realized it probably would have tasted even better yesterday, if that is even possible. I've been dreaming about it all day. Goodbye cupcake --Hello cuppy.
  5. So sayeth the City Paper: http://www.washingto...-to-georgetown/ The company, which is actually named Connecticut-Copperthite, once had a location at Wisconsin and Ohio (?) according to an old poster. The current owner is the great-great-grandson of the original owner. And for us Georgetown-averse types: "At some point in the future, Copperthite envisions a mobile phone app where customers can place "smart orders" and pick the desserts up at pie wagons near Metro stops around the city."
  6. Acme Pie Company Pies. OMG!!! YUM. Acme Pie Company Website and article about Acme and the chef in ArlNow This is the 2nd time I've had a slice of an Acme Pie that are now available at the Java Shack. It left me in tears of delight...and especially today on a cold, damp and dreary day. How perfect with the Autumn brew coffee today at Java Shack. Today I had the apple cranberry. Perfection. Scrumptious crust of perfect proportions and thickness against the firm slightly tart and sweet apple cranberry mixture. Dang I could have scarfed down an entire pie today. These are terrific. Acme is distributing their pies in a number of outlets and their website and the article describes how to get a hold of them.
  7. Should be some kind of comment from someone about Flint Hill, VA and the great restaurant that was once there.
  8. Since this past weekend was a super special weekend for me (I feel blessed Easter happened around the same time), I decided to treat myself, visit New York and explore bake shops and coffee shops (separate thread soon). For bakeries, here are my observations: Chelsea Empire Cake. I love the clean lines of the font of the storefront and interior design. I also like how they have so many different types of cake and baked goods to choose from. I only purchased one slice of their chocolate cake to sample. The cake traveled well from NY to DC, since I didn't eat it until the next day, and I loved the chocolatey goodness without it being overly sweet. The only slight downfall is that it was a teeny bit on the dry side, but I would still go back to buy their cakes and try their wares. Fat Witch. This is inside the famous Chelsea Market. I bought two mini brownies ($1.75 a piece) and one "Wicked" brownie (with green sprinkle sugar, after the musical - around $3). I haven't had these yet, but the locals I asked really love this place and I really liked the sample I tasted. The shop is really small, but I love whoever designed their logo. East Village Milk Bar. The East Village location is right around the corner from the noodle bar and right across the street from Ssam. One can walk right past it without you knowing it's there. The main design downfall is that it's tiny and no public washroom to use. The main flavor downfall is what others have posted in this forum: it is simply too sweet. I tried the chocolate cake truffles where the first ingredient listed is sugar. That should have clued me in, but nonetheless, I wanted to see what the fuss was about. And I was fussy, but of course, in a bad way. I also didn't like the cornflake chocolate chip cookie for two reasons: 1. It was too sweet as well, and 2. It was too gimicky. Sweet snacks should be simple, no fuss and delish. This place strays from all three in my book. Hell's Kitchen (Theatre District border) Donna Bell's Bake Shop. I stopped here after seeing Avenue Q at the New World Stages. The store is about 3/4 kitchen and 1/4 shop, but boy, what a shop! I wish I purchased more than the one piece of the pecan bar here--it has all the goodness that a good baker/eater looks for in a bar: proper shortbread (okay, it may have been a little too buttery), not too terribly sweet, but just gooey enough (a good use of honey in this case) with a healthy helping of pecans atop. I scarfed it down when I got back to DC. It also traveled well. I definitely can't wait to explore places others have posted in the "Mother Thread" as well.
  9. One of my favorite elements of living in Williamsburg is Pies-n-Thighs. My typical order is a chicken biscuit (fried chicken cutlet served on a biscuit dripping with honey butter and hot sauce) with mac & cheese (more hot sauce). Of the signature pies, so far my favorite is banana cream. A neighborhood gem and killer of cholesterol test results.
  10. http://bubbys.com/ A weekend in Tribeca yielded a new bevy of particularly good restaurants to add to our list. One such addition was Bubby's. It may look a bit gaudy from the outside, the name a tad low-brow for your style, but the peach "pop tart" may have been the highlight of my weekend in NYC. We brunched at Bubby's on labor day before taking off. It is a 24 hour diner/bar with a mix of traditional american foods and other interesting dishes thrown in. They had a nice selection of fresh squeezed juices, house made lemonades and sodas. You could get cocktails or other items. I had fresh grapefruit juice, which really was fresh and delicious and Hubby had a watermelon lemonade. I know it was good because he didn't offer me a sip. You really should order the pastry basket if you are there for brunch, even if like us, you have to take some of it home. There was a peach "pop tart" which was really just a turnover. But their crust is phenomenal, it gave me an idea of what their pie must be like, and I am sure it is darn good! Warm and fresh, filling not overly sweet with perfect peaches, this is something I will remember. There was also a sticky bun, part bready and cinammon, part gooey and pull apart, and part almost toffee like with bits of chopped nuts, the sticky bun was really good too. The raspberry zucchini bread was moist and flavorful. I have a blueberry, corn muffin/scone at home waiting for me. For an entree I had the avacado, spinach omlette. The breakfast potatoes served with the dish had a really good flavor, hash-likeness to them. And I liked the whole grain toast served. The omlette itself was light, well made, fluffy. It was a huge plate of food that I absolutely could not finish, but it was so good. Hubby had the hash with house pit smoked bbq, must have been good as again, no bite offered, but he actually ate it all. It came on biscuits that looked really good too. I wish I had room for a slice of pie, they looked amazing, thank goodness for that turnover, really it was that good. I'm still thinking about it. I'd really like one right now. I might actually have to do some baking.
  11. Dangerously Delicious Pies is coming to DC, opening very soon at 1339 H Street (next door to H St Country Club). They had hoped to open before Thanksgiving, but have not quite yet finished everything. Thanksgiving pies (apple, pecan, pumpkin, and sweet potato) are available now via telephone order at (202) 398-PIES. I haven't been to the Baltimore location, but I hear they are very popular, and they get some serious love in the dr.com thread on Pies. Here's what "thelistareyouonit" has to say about them:
  12. Any tips on where to find leaf lard? Preferably from a local source.. Want to experiment with it in pie crusts.
  13. I am just not an apple pie kind of gal. I have been asked to bring one for thanksgiving.. where can I find a good one?? Help! (DONT anyone ask me to make it... unless you are offering to come and make it for me ) Thanks folks. --- [The following posts have been split into separate threads: Mom's Apple Pie Company (RaisaB) Dangerously Delicious Pies, Baltimore (MissCindy) Dangerously Delicious Pies, DC (youngfood) Shut Your Pie Hole (Drive-by Critic) The Pie Gourmet (monavano) Livin' The Pie Life (goodeats)]
  14. I love Dangerously Delicious Pies, chocolate chess is my fav. It is a small operation and I have heard in the past that he gets quite overwhelmed during Thanksgiving. Perhaps he is better prepared now (this was a few years ago) but I must admit that it would give me pause. Rodney does make a kick ass pie, though.
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