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Found 6 results

  1. Where can I find the best Bialys in the DC area? (Asking for a friend. )
  2. Just happened upon this thread and thought I'd mention that Russ & Daughters sells a superior bialy too. Well worth the wait.
  3. One thing I wish I could do more of when I visit my home town of Philadelphia is stop by the neighborhood of Port Richmond. Home to many Polish immigrants, it boasts stores, deli's and restaurants which serve up good old-fashioned Polish food. I miss it. On our most recent visit my husband and I took my mother to Port Richmond, where she grew up. At first bemused as to why we would want to do a "foodie" trip, she was soon made very happy by visiting a place even she had not been to before: Krakus Market. Krakus Market is located on Richmond St., just off of I-95. It has a plethora of all things Polish, from pantry supplies, to frozen prepared foods, deli goods and bakery goods. Also, a small luncheonette serves up delicious Polish food. It has a real neighborhood feel and lots of folks who still converse in Polish. We enjoyed a light lunch of borscht and potato pancakes. The servings are large and the prices are cheap. We also made a visit a few blocks away, to Czerw's on Tilton St. Czerw's is known regionally for thier kielbasa. I bought smoked, fresh and "skinny" kielbasa for a brunch we were attending the next day. Czerw's also carries homemade pierogies, bigos, and other products such as jarred herring and horseradish. Other not to miss places include Syrenka's Restaurant and Taconelli's Pizza. Syrenka's is also on Richmond St. It's a cafeteria style place which serves up Polish and Eastern European fare in a no frills, all about homey food atmosphere. Taconelli's Pizza, on E. Somerset St has honest to goodness thin crust brick oven 'za. Be aware that it's very popular and hitting it at peak service time could mean a wait. Eh, go wait at the bar across the street! FYI on Port Richmond
  4. Meanwhile, I hear there's a Polish hole-in-the-wall some place in Wheaton that does a fabulous kielbasa thingie.
  5. My lovely and accomplished daughter came up to Philadelphia on Sunday. We celebrated my birthday just a block down 16th Street from Monk's at The Warsaw Cafe. Unusual place that has served Eastern European (yes, Polish) food with a continental flair since 1979 - borscht, chilled berry soup, Russian crepes (stuffed with smoked salmon and topped with caviar), wiener schnitzel, crab cakes were all delicious. After walking around the Rittenhouse Square area, we went to Old City for ice cream at the Franklin Fountain, an old-fashioned ice cream parlor that serves homemade ice cream just down the block from the Continental. Wonderful way to spend a summer evening.
  6. A foray into the Port Richmond section of Philadelphia on Xmas Eve led to the best babka I've ever had. Early in the morning, before 9am, Mr. MV and I were waiting for Krakaus Market to open, when we were directed to Szypula's Bakery. We bought a cherry-cheese babka that was the ultimate-dense with cheese, yet light, and highlighted with a sour cherry filling. If you love babka, you must seek this place out! From insiderpages.com
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