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Found 19 results

  1. This is a fact-based, apolitical list of the United States Senate and its Elections - I will be filling this in backwards over time. There are three "classes" of Senators, each having elections every six years (assuming there are no early vacancies). Class 1 (33 Senators) last had an election in 2018, Class 2 (33 Senators) in 2020, and Class 3 (34 Senators) in 2016. The 115th U.S. Congress begins on Jan 3, 2021. If this list is ever completed, it will go backwards in time to 1789. Any candidate getting more than 10% of the vote is named. Any election with each opponent receiving less
  2. "Joe Biden Picks Sen. Kamala Harris as his Running Mate" by Alisa Wiersema and Libby Cathey on abcnews.go.com
  3. I've been tracking our own Jon Karl's work for nearly twenty years, and I believe this was the finest moment of his formidable career - it was the right speech at the right time. "Freedom of the Press" by Jonathan Karl on abcnews.go.com
  4. "How the GOP Health Care Failed Without a Vote" by Veronica Stracqualursi and Adam Kelsey on abcnews.go.com This is a historical thread about an issue of significant national importance; not a partisan thread, except whatever partisanship exists by its very nature. Please reply thoughtfully - it's perfectly fine to discuss the bills themselves, their contents, the implications of this, etc. For example, if someone wanted to draw a parallel between Trump saying "The Democrats now own ObamaCare" and, in a reverse situation, a Democratic President - who just retracted a bill because (s)
  5. Do people honestly think that in 5-10 years, smugglers in Mexico *won't* have drones that could lift people over a wall, and then return to lift others? Everyone is so damned short-sighted. Drones will also be the drug-running agents of choice in the near future, if they aren't already.
  6. I was told, by someone who really knows the situation, to read this: "John Kelly and His Son's Memory Bring Decency to the White House" by Michael Daly on thedailybeast.com
  7. [Please let me emphasize that this is a non-partisan website, and that any mention of "Republican" or "Democrat," or "conservative" or "liberal," will possibly be deleted, especially if it's a generalization. Also, no personal insults are allowed, although criticism of a person's *actions* are. This thread is about the comment itself, its implications (if any), and anything else closely related to it. Thanks for understanding, and for your responsible participation, Rocks] As a poster, and not a moderator, I find this comment extremely troubling - you should feel free to watch the entire
  8. Everyone knows that the height of Washington, DC buildings is restricted, and many people mistakenly think the law says that buildings can be no higher than the Capitol Dome, which is a myth. In 1910, the Federal Government passed the Height of Buildings Act of 1910 which amended the Height of Buildings Act of 1899. See? You just learned something - there were two of them! After you read this post, you'll get the greatest benefit if you read the Wikipedia article about 1899 first (which includes a section about the Capitol Dome myth), and then the one about 1910 next. The 1899 law limite
  9. When you're driving up the Baltimore-Washington Parkway, on the way to Baltimore-Washington International (Thurgood Marshall) Airport, the answer will be on your right when you pass Laurel: 193 countries are members of the United Nations. 2 countries are observers of the United Nations (Vatican City and Palestine). 1 country, Taiwan, is recognized by 21 UN members and 1 UN observer. 1 country, Kosovo, is recognized by 108 UN members and Taiwan. And that equals 197. In reality, there is no exact answer to this question, but this is a good approximate number - you c
  10. There's a meme out there that says "arguing on the Internet is like running in the special olympics, even if you win, you're still retarded." I fully agree with the premise, but not the words. I think that meme also applies to political discussions on social media. You can't win, even if you think you won, you're pissing people off. Many members here are my "friends" on Facebook. I respect your food opinions but I have no use for your political slants. I will unfriend people who consistently post their political views. Get a life, a job, a hobby, etc. Thankfully discussion of po
  11. [i'd like to remind everyone that it's NOT okay to discuss politics or religion unless it's in an intellectual or historical fashion. Personal insults are forbidden, as are blanket statements about political parties or specific religions, but it *is* encouraged to discuss policy and decisions in terms of their implications and impact, either potentially or fully realized. I believe I've mentioned to everyone that I am very much of a political independent, and that I judge each and every issue on its own merits, and that is the way I want this community to function.] The specifics of this iss
  12. This is a great question that I just happened to think of, and despite my pride in knowing geography, cartography, and national capitals, I was wrong. Keep reading, and if you understand the answer, you will have learned a great deal in a very short amount of time. I was talking with the lady cutting my hair yesterday, who happened to be from one of these countries. I said, "It's landlocked, isn't it?" She said yes, somewhat impressed. This evening, I looked at a map of South America, and slam-dunked the countries in the Western Hemisphere that were landlocked. That is, until I checked m
  13. As President of China, Xi Jinping, arrives in Washington, DC today, I ask myself if he is the least famous person in this part of the world, relative to his position of importance. Pope Francis visits for a few days, and it is one of the most publicized, famous events in the recent history of our nation's capital, but then the day after, the *President of China* arrives, and nobody even knows he's here. Don't get me wrong: I'm not taking anything away from the Pope, but the differential in popularity between the two visits is remarkable. What do people make of this? Is it because a p
  14. I mentioned in the "who ya drinkin' to" thread that I wanted to raise a glass to Abraham Lincoln on the 150th anniversary of his death, which is today. Which I have done, and which I do now: Here's to you, Mr. Lincoln. I also mentioned that Lincoln is the only U.S. president that I get emotional about. Which I do. He is the secular saint of our American history, the martyr who gave his life in service to the ideal of the American union and whose service ensured its survival. He is one of my very few heroes, maybe really my only one, besides Julia Child. Lincoln gave what I think was probably t
  15. DonRocks


    1500c The Rhind Papyrus - "Directions For Knowing All Dark Things" (Ahmes) 530c Pythagoras forms cult at Croton 458 "Agamemnon" (Aeschylus) 250c Philo of Byzantium uses a circle and a secant to determine string proportions 75c "De Rerum Natura" (Lucretius) 25c Didymus uses syntonic comma to correct Pythagoras 15c "De Architectura" (Vitruvius) discusses the mesolabium (error on p. 119 attributes this book to the 9th century) ------- 100c Clement (Alexandria) inserts image of Christ into music 126 Pantheon rebuilt by Hadrian 150c "Harmonics" (Claud
  16. Summary: 1) Empire Merchants (a wine distributor) donated $33,000 to Sen. Jeff Klein's re-election campaign. 2) Empire Merchants is pushing a bill, which was authored by Jeff Klein, that would benefit almost exclusively them. How? 1) The bill requires that all wine sold in New York is warehoused in New York for at least one day 2) Empire Merchants has their warehouses in New York 3) Almost all other competitors have their warehouses in New Jersey with its lower costs 4) These competitors will now have to make arrangements to store their wines in New York for one day 5) The estimated co
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