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Found 8 results

  1. I live in Takoma Park, just off New Hampshire Ave, and about a mile or so away from La Chiquita, which as at the intersection of on the NE corner of the intersection of New Hampshire and East-West Highway. IMO, they make some of the best pupusas I've ever had. When my wife and I have gone there, we're typically the only gringos in the place. They don't have an official web site (at least not that I could find) but there are some pretty good reviews http://www.thenewave.com/go/la-chiquita http://www.yelp.com/biz/la-chiquita---latin-american-food-takoma-park http://www.washingtonpost.com/gog/restaurants/la-chiquita,1157572/critic-review.html Anyone able to recommend other pupuserias in and around DC?
  2. I've been driving down Georgetown Pike for twenty years or so, and don't ever remember Kabob Place not being in downtown Great Falls, although it has changed ownership fairly recently. It's now operated, I believe, by the Ternisky family (if you've ever come across a pediatric dentist named Ternisky in Fairfax County, that's the father). These folks also own Romantica Pizzeria next door, and I suspect they might have taken control of Kabob Place from the previous owners, who were Persian, due to its proximity. Kabob Place used to be extremely expensive for what it was - in fact, I believe it might have been the most expensive kabob house in the DC region, even more so than Shamshiry, despite it being a tiny little dive. When I visited this time, the prices didn't strike me as being particularly high at all, so they were either lowered, or time caught up with them. What did strike me, however, was the preponderance of Latino cuisine - not on the regular paper menu, but written on sheets of paper, as specials, and taped to the walls. The kitchen workers appeared to be Latino, so I went with the flow - thinking I'd be getting a kabob when I pulled up in the parking lot, I ended up dining south of the border, and I'm glad I did. They were advertising pupusas, and I asked the gentleman working the register (who had very much of a managerial presence to him) if the owners were Salvadoran. He pointed to the grill cook working the flat-top, who turned to me and smiled, and said, "She's from El Salvador." I immediately ordered a Pupusa de Queso ($2.25), and had a Diet Coke (.99) while I waited. For my main course, I ordered Carne Asada ($10.50) and decided to eat in the restaurant rather than get carryout. The pupusa arrived just before the carne asada, and it was wonderful - I suspect this cook has made many a pupusa in her day, and you should remember this when you come here. The carne asada was (not surprisingly) cooked to well-done, with a good char to it, and served with thoroughly pounded refried beans and rice - the seasoning was all just about perfect, and the only decision to make was "hot sauce or not sauce" - the flavor of this dish was good enough where I didn't want to taint it with any chili sauce, so I enjoyed it by itself. Shortly after getting my meal, the gentleman came up to me and told me he'd forgotten my tortillas (I didn't know I was getting any to begin with), and I told him the pupusa was more than enough for me, and we could let the tortillas go. Taken as an ensemble, the beefy meat and the cheesy pupusa were a delicious combination, and just the right amount of food. I finished my meal, and walked out pleasantly full and very satisfied. There is nothing at all fancy here; just solid Latino grill-work at reasonable prices - Kabob Place is worth knowing about the next time you're hankering for Latino food in or around Great Falls. I'm sure the kabobs are fine too, and maybe I'll try them next time ... or, maybe not.
  3. I can't believe that I never got around to giving el Golfo its own thread. I'll warn to begin with that this will be one of the most biased shill-y posts to ever appear on this site. I love this place. It's the neighborhood gem that every area should have. Last night's Puerco Adovado (pork loin marinated in citrus) and Camarones Azteca (Shrimp and Broccoli in a light citrusy sauce) were delicious and hearty. Stick with the non tex-mex stuff and the fish (from their own market with its entrance around the corner) The margaritas serve their purpose. Last night I opted for a Negra Modelo. But it's more than the food that has made me become more than a diner, becoming a fan and cheerleader for el Golfo. When I go in during the week and see only a few tables occupied, I get worried. When I go in on the weekend and see the place full I get ecstatic. Mrs JPW and I have been coming here on a fairly regular basis since before Peanut was born. They've watched Peanut grow up (last night was the first in big person's chair) and are always genuinely pleased to see her despite the kind of messes that a 2.5 year old tends to leave behind. Everyone, from the busboys, to the waitors, to the owner, always greet you with a big smile and open arms whether you're 1 or 100. The owner has been a driving force behind attempts to develop an area business association to work on improving the crossroads. She really hustles: e-mail list, discount coupons in the SS Gazette, you get the idea. They've really developed an incredible atmosphere of COMMUNITY that you find all too rarely. I've had a discount card in my wallet for a couple of years, but I've never used it. Why? I'm lucky enough that the $3 or $4 it would save me are not too important. I could never begrudge el Golfo that extra couple of bucks. I'm happy to pay full price. You'll note well that I spend little time here talking about the food. It's good, dependable, and generously proportioned. It's just that some times there are others things that are more important.
  4. after hearing about this place from the Post's list of must-try dishes, we had some pupusas from here this weekend and they were great, the best pupusas i've had in a while. The place was packed at 2 pm on a saturday, and i understand why. The pupusas ($2 each) are about 4 inches wide, the stuffing-to-shell ratio leans more heavily towards the stuffing, which is how i prefer them, though the corn still added its sweet flavor to everything, they offer both rice and corn shells,we only got corn, but the very nice man behind the counter said the queso pupusa with the rice shell was great. they have a wide variety of pupusas--cheese, beans, lorocco, chipelin leaves, pork, chicken, squash, spinach, and many combinations of these ingredients. i liked the salsa that came with them, and the fact that they gave us generous portions of both that at the curtido. i thought the curtido was a little to plain for my taste--i prefer it more seasoned, this just had a hint of vinegar. if you want carryout, you can order ahead, which is nice, as pupusas often take a while to make. we'll be back. http://www.pupuseriaelcomalito.com/
  5. We finally got around to checking out La Casita, a pupuseria and carryout in a tiny little strip near the corner of Piney Branch Road and Dale Drive. The pupusas mixtas had a nice little crunch to the outside, creamy beans, and good curtido. Carne Asada was respectable and the grilled shell-on jumbo shrimp, Camarones a la Plancha, were much better than expected. All Platos de La Casita come with yellow rice studded with tiny pieces of carrot, and either pureed and rather soupy refried red beans or a surprisingly fresh salad. We ordered Enchiladas Salvadorenas (corn tortillas fried until very crisp and topped with beans, queso seco, and curtido) on a whim and we wouldn't get them again; they were greasy and dull. The store has an extensive selection of frescos tropicales and liquidos that bears exploring, and they offer Atol de Elote, a hot corn drink that has me curious. Two platos, two pupusas, and two enchiladas came to $21.00. La Casita 8214 Piney Branch Road Silver Spring, MD 20910 301-588-6656 (They offer the usual beans, cheese, pork and combination pupusas but next time I'd like to try loroco.)
  6. The City Paper recently gave this place rave reviews. I was skeptical; El Charrito has my pupusa bar set high. But Mi Comalito delivers. The revuelta pupusa is a hair less delicious than El Charrito's, but far above many others I've had. The pork inside was crispy and loaded with cheese. Beans and plantains were almost as good as El Charritos as well. The tamale was average, eh you can't win them all. I'll be back to try the tacos, baleadas, and enchiladas. My major quibble is you can only order pupusas and tamales individually. Tacos come in threes, baleadas in twos.
  7. This is an excellent place for anyone looking for quality fresh latin food. In the back of the market there is a butcher, that has excellent meats btw, where orders are taken for the food. They offer a range of food low prices. Today I had a bean and cheese pupusa, slaw and two corn tamales for a whopping $4.00. The meal is served with fresh pico and sour cream. The store is located on old lee highway a bit east from the lee heights shopping center. LA UNION GROCERY 4308 Lee Hwy Arlington, VA 22207 703-812-9484
  8. Took out our staff to Irene's last night (well actually mostly the kitchen & bus staff, waiters were out partying). With 25 folk in attendance, most of the menu was sampled. This place is seriously good cheap eats! Pupusas are about as grease free as a pupusa can be. Mixtos con todos are a sloppy mess but delicious. Very strongly flavored curtado spiked with an unknown to me black herb/seed. The breakdown on the pupusas were the latino folk averaged 2 pupusa's per person plus an entree, the gringos about 1/2 a pupusa. Baliadas are huge tortillas folded over good fillings. I have had chorizo & cheese in the past. I did not sample last night's, but it looked just as good. Deschilada - shredded beef with scrambled egg was simply superb. Just the right balance of egg and spice. Carne Asada as really good this time, nicely crusty, thin slice of NY steak. A little tough but flavorful. I had stewed tongue as my main and it was incredible. Very rich, nicely chewy accompanied by heavenly beans (filled with lard no doubt) and good rice. Lomo Saltado was also very good with a good spice mix and very nicely caremelized onions. The Tamal di Pollo was just OK. I do highly recommend the tamel d'elote as superb every time we have had it. Also ordered by not sampled was an OK looking plate of grilled shrimp. Lots of beer, a few margaritas, lots of the various drinks and the total with tip came to a tad over $30 a person. Did I say lots of beer? Good eating!
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