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Found 5 results

  1. "Philly's Ishkabibble's Named One of America's Best 'Hole-in-the-Wall' Restaurants" by Michael Tanenbaum on phillyvoice.com Ishkabibble's has been open since 1979, and gets a place on the Oldest Restaurants in the Philadelphia Area thread.
  2. Kanella is also a terrific choice for a BYOB--Greek Cypriot food. Really incredible food--the temptation to compare it to Komi should be avoided--but it's awesome nonetheless.
  3. Best of Philly noted Whetstone Tavern for its kids menu, saying that they're thoughtful about it, and that the kids items are as freshly made as everything else. This is no doubt true, yet this description does this excellent restaurant a disservice. All the food appears to be fresh and house-made, using simple ingredients but with close attention to detail. They have some good happy hour specials, which the wait staff was quick to point out, even tho it ended soon after our arrival. I had a very tasty pilsner draft that the server was nice enough to pronounce three times, yet I still can't remember. Oy! I had an order of pierogies, which were clearly made by hand on the premises, and included beef cheeks, onion, and other stuff. They were delicious and a meal unto themselves. I also got pappardelle, sausage, and kale dinner, and the noodles were also very fresh, solidly al dente , with ample crumbles of sausage and pieces of kale, among other ingredients. Oh, and the prices can't be beat; father in law got the hanger steak and it was $21, most expensive thing on the menu. The food was fantastic and we had excellent service (2 waitstaff taking care of a small, but not cramped, dining room). This is a great neighborhood restaurant.
  4. We were in Philly last night for the Popped festival, and for dinner we went to Cochon on the south side, a French style bistro. It's BYOB and cash only, but the food was pretty good. Pics here. For first courses, we had the sweetbreads with haricot verts and seared scallops with a frisee, lardons, asparagus and fingerling potato salad. We actually were hoping for the crispy chicken livers, but they ran out. For dinner, hands down, the best dish was pork shoulder over lentils dePuy and roasted brussel sprouts topped with a poached egg. The pork was incredible moist and juicy. The duck breast with white bean ragout and pomegranate gastrique was also good. For dessert, we a simple but solid creme brulee and chocolate cake. We got comped the dessert in trade for the 3 beers we did not drink from our six pack. Not bad.
  5. Jim Burke of James was just named a Food & Wine Best New Chef 2008 Has anyone been to James on 8th? I haven't seen any discussion on this thread. Am curious as I'm going to Philly this weekend and have a reservation for this saturday.
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