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Found 10 results

  1. Over the last 5 or 6 years, after investigating and experiencing cocktails as a transition from seating to menu to perusal to expectation, my wife and I have built a cocktail cart to recreate some of the things we have had over the years when the mood hits us. Here is a favorite of mine that is a riff on The Last Word that I think is an improvement on same-- "True Syrum" by mojo1229 on kindredspirits.com Rye and cointreau instead of gin and maraschino liqueur. It's great after a long hard week at work. Best with Rittenhouse Rye. Enjoy.
  2. Hey all, if you have any ideas, I could use some help! I've got at least 7 more weeks to go of a low/no carb diet (gestational diabetes) and am reaching my tolerance for grilled veg and meat/fish and cheese and eggs in any form. I did see the low-carb pasta and T-day threads here on DR, and searched quite a bit on the internet. I've made meat muffins, egg muffins, meat/egg muffins, salads of every sort, and grilled or roasted pretty much every vegetable I like ad nauseam. I rediscovered olives last week and curried chicken (and egg!) salad and there was quite a bit of chili in rotation for awhile, but beans are carbs as well! (Carbs lurking EVERYWHERE!) I am dying for pasta and rice but using all my pay-to-play exercise to eat some fruit and dairy every day. Whole foods (small amounts of potatoes, corn, peas) don't seem to spike the ol' blood sugar as much as anything processed (any form of bread, tortillas, etc.). I know it's a really first world problem to have and I do recognize that I'm incredibly lucky to have easy access to tons of of healthful and delicious food...I'm just sick of what we've been eating and feel bad for my poor, mutually suffering (his choice, the trooper) husband. So any recipes that even tweak our usual list would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  3. Hi I am new to this forum and on a low sodium diet due to serious medical conditions. Any good recipes, cookbooks or tips is appreciated thank you so much
  4. Give me your favorite gin cocktail recipe. Something interesting and delicious that lets the gin shine through. TIA! --- The Gin and Tonic Project (dcs)
  5. Hi Foodies, I'm looking for the community to sound off on their favorite recipes from Marvelous Market and from Bread Line, both of which were own by Mark Furstenberg. I'm helping put together a collection of recipes from his professional baking career, and would love to know what your favorites were, and what recipe you would like to see. Apparently the brownie from Marvelous Market was to die for.... anything else? Thanks! -Kathy
  6. We're having a cookie party with some neighbors this weekend. Do any Rockwellians have any killer cookie recipes they'd like to share? Thanks
  7. More about this here: "Betty Crocker's Absurd, Gorgeous, Atomic-Age Creations" by Tamar Adler on nytimes.com "It is a dish hard to make sense of: a shimmering vermilion ring of canned tomato sauce, held motionless by gelatin, concealing a coeur caché of canned asparagus and artichoke hearts, the hole at its middle filled to bulging with mayonnaise and sour cream. Called "˜"˜Tangy Tomato Aspic,'' the dish dates from the atomic age, the decades after the bomb was dropped, the war won and a clean, bright American outlook born. It was the age of technocratic make-believe and the early days of the anthropocene. Gastronomically, it was an age that today "” from a perspective admiring of the natural and authentic "” looks shockingly artificial. Nowhere is the era's ethos and aesthetic better represented than in the 1971 Betty Crocker Recipe Card Library. On 648 cards, everything I've ever found intriguing about this segment of American culinary life is on display."
  8. This is Traveler Terpening of Cold Country Salmon here in D.C. Summer has rolled around again and we're heading back to Alaska to fish for the summer. We're excited! (partly because it's getting really hot here and we want to go north!) Don Rockwell asked me to get involved with the forum so here I am, hoping to lend a hand with anything related to Alaskan seafood (specifically salmon). We have amassed quite a collection of Alaskan seafood recipes (mostly salmon) on our website. We set this up so it can be searched very easily. It's not just for our customers but for anyone who loves Alaskan seafood. For instance, if you want to cook some salmon but only have a stove and no outdoor grill, you can search for recipes that use an oven. Conversely, if you have a specific species of salmon, king salmon say, you can find recipes for that specific species (a lot of folks don't know we have 5 species of wild salmon in Alaska--each look and taste different). This database will continue to grow and also to become more technologically sophisticated as time goes on. You can find that here: http://coldcountrysalmon.com/blog-archive Our recipes page also has some good ones: http://coldcountrysalmon.com/recipes This is also the season when our customer preorder their share of this coming summer's catch. We have refined our process and are turning out some of the best salmon in Alaska. If you love salmon, preordering is a great way to do it--get it from the fisherman (me), get it cheaper than normal (minimum order) and get it right out of the water as soon as we get back from the fishing season. You can preorder sockeye salmon, king salmon, hot and cold smoked sockeye salmon, and sablefish. You can order online at our website or you can download the order sheet and mail or email it back to us. We take a 50% deposit up front and the balance when you pickup your salmon. Pickup is the last week of August, 2013 in the rear parking area of The Local Market on Broad St. in Falls Church, VA. You can see all the details here: http://coldcountrysalmon.com/buy-fish While the above "preorder" is for this summer and your salmon will be in the last week in August, we are also doing a "mini preorder" right now as a final farewell and to help folks stock their freezer one last time before we leave. This is for sablefish, which, if you haven't heard of it, is pure butter (with a tail). It truly is the most amazing white fish you have every had. Essentially all of the world's supply is caught in Alaska and Japan buys 95% of it--hence almost no one knowing what it is. What it is, is better than any other whitefish (including things like halibut and Chilean seabass), and, unlike the later, sablefish is sustainably caught. Sablefish is the only thing I sell that I dont catch myself, this is caught by a dear friend of mine in Southeast Alaska and it was caught this last week (the season is March - Nov). If you would like to partake, you can order and pay online before June 4th, 2013 at midnight and you will be able to pick up your sablefish Sat., June 8th in the rear lot of The Local Market from 8am-12pm or on Sun., June 9th at the Palisades Farmers Market from 9am-1pm. Order & pay here: http://coldcountrysalmon.com/june-2013-sablefish-order We are headed north to fish soon, so we will be offline for the summer. But when we return we hope to be more involved than we have been with this wonderful online community of food. Enjoy Traveler Terpening
  9. Ran out of coffee and decided it was a good day for chai, but had no chai, either. Tried this combo: 6 or so green cardamom seeds, scant teaspoon black peppercorns, scant teaspoon whole cloves, three inch stick cinnamon crumbled, scant tablespoon fennel seeds, 1 star anise, tablespoon minced ginger, four cups water. Boiled for five minutes, simmered another ten minutes, threw in five teaspoons green tea (Republic of Tea Gu Zhang Mao Jian tea, it was that or Lipton's), simmered another five minutes. Strained, added a little honey and milk. Very tasty. Picked out some of the ingredients from an open package of mixed Chinese whole spices, including a thing that looked like a nutmeg with a stem but it got squishy so probably wasn't a nutmeg. No idea what it was. Next time will add real nutmeg (probably mace, actually) and vanilla bean, and Darjeeling. Anybody else like chai?
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