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Found 2 results

  1. This article claims that Yelp has offered to remove negative restaurant reviews for $299 a month. I really want to make some sort of joke here about running a $249 special on donrockwell.com, but instead I'll just shake my head in disbelief over the accusations. Cheers, Rocks.
  2. Interesting article comparing and contrasting how Yelp and Google differ in dealing with faked reviews. (To be transparent I’ve spoken and interacted with the author in the past). Nobody that I know has a count on the number or percentage of faked reviews on google or yelp (or other sources) but it is large as an absolute number—as far as percentage it is anyone’s guess. If you wish to get a feel for how active the demand is for faked reviews go to Facebook, as one example, and search for a term such as “review swap(ping)” and join a Facebook group. You will see requests for review swaps or paid fake review services every day. That is just in one group. Anyway the article summarizes to the best of the authors current understanding how Yelp and Google differ in handling fake reviews. I’ve “studied” this phenomena for a while and a bit. I generally agree with the author’s findings. I use google and yelp reviews. I always want to see current reviews vs the default settings by google or yelp. Lastly while restaurants, hotels, and a few other industries naturally attract reviews most business types have to ask customers for reviews—-and they do. (edit)Amazon also has a significant fake review problem. An April 2018 article describes the scope of the problem referencing a WashPo article that dug into the effort to reveal the scope of fake Amazon reviews.
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