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Found 22 results

  1. I am spending more and more time in Richmond Va and have noticed we do not have a thread on wonderful city. Look here for information on one BBQ place http://www.donrockwell.com/index.php?showtopic=38 I had a great meal at "The Hard Shell" located downtown on Cary Street. I started off with Calamari, fresh, fried, lightly dusted with corn meal. My main meal was a pasta and seafood dish. The seafood was fresh, pleantiful and full of flavor. The light tomato and basil sauce was a perfect accompliment to this dish.
  2. Sugar Shack Donuts is another soon-to-be addition to the area near the Braddock Road Metro. Sugar Shack made USA Today's list of Top 10 best doughnut shops earlier this year. Things are definitely picking up in the Northwest quadrant of Old Town, with more to come. And they're hiring, according to the signs in the windows. The latest news, and links to previous stories from Red Brick Town can be found here.
  3. "Arthur Was Always Different": Reflecting on Ashe's Legacy, 50 Years after U.S. Open Win" by Ava Wallace on washingtonpost.com I remember pulling for Jimmy Connors in the 1975 Wimbledon Finals - had I only known better ... I am *so glad* Ashe won that match, and it took a lifetime of living (not just being a tennis player) to understand *why* I'm so glad Ashe won.
  4. Anyone out there currently working and living in Richmond, VA. want to talk local restaurants, etc?
  5. Bawarchi was similar but not quite as good as Karaikudi. With that said, the buffet was usually excellent. Unfortunately when we went last week we were informed that they discontinued the weekday lunch buffet. I imagine I will be writing another epitaph soon.
  6. John Dehner is someone whose face you recognize, but you don't know his name (how many dozens, if not hundreds, of actors and actresses fit this mold?) I don't want to simply parrot Wikipedia, but he was an animator, professional pianist (making him near-and-dear to my heart), and an actor in radio, films, and television, having nearly a fifty-year career. He was in three "Twilight Zone" episodes (all quoted above), among countless other things - I hope these little blurbs will stimulate memories of actors like Dehner (né John Forkum in the former name for Staten Island: Richmond (believe it or not, it was officially called the "Borough of Richmond" until 1975!). Unfortunately, among these episodes is perhaps my least favorite (or, more accurately, "most hated" in the entire series: "The Jungle" - my comments about it are above, and they stand as written. I cannot believe Rod Serling had the final say in this, as he was *in no way* the type of man who would foster these stereotypes about people of color - if he was alive today, I bet he'd jump at the chance to get his side of the story in). Incidentally, the other two episodes were very good to excellent.
  7. I've heard tell through the internet that the new Chettinad restaurant in Chantilly, Karaikudi Restaurant, has opened. It's been a long time since I've had even meh Chettinad food, so I'm curious to know if anyone has been (for buffet or meal)? The menu has the usual egg-based and egg-featured Chettinad specialties, various parottas, quail, goat, crab, fish, prawns... Heck I was happy to see Chicken 65 if only as an appetizer, been a long time since I've seen that! They also have a pretty good selection of vegetarian dishes as well, including ulli theeyal which I'm not sure I've ever seen around here. I'm thinking a weekend trip here might be in order.
  8. Sticky Rice will be the 2nd new sit down place on H St., after Granville Moore's, and tonight there's a free sushi tasting at Rock & Roll Hotel.
  9. I got a chance to catch up a bit with Mike Derks last night at Southern Efficiency, though I was too tired to stay for his DJ set at Eat the Rich. This morning I saw an announcement for working on crowdfunding a GWARbar in Richmond. I backed it, because of course I would, and hey, I think it'll be a cool idea. If you think so too, you should check out the campaign.
  10. Recently had dinner at Rogue Gentlemen and came away impressed. Impeccable cooking, a great cocktail program, nice atmosphere, good service, and plentiful neighborhood parking. And the prices are indeed quite moderate on the pocketbook.
  11. I have a houseguest from France with a CPAP machine, and I was just told that it failed yesterday. Knowing nothing about these machines, I did an internet search, and virtually randomly dialed The CPAP People in Richmond, and was routed to an agent on call named Ellen. Ellen spent a good ten minutes talking with me about the probable causes of failure, saying it was most likely a power issue (France uses a different current system than the United States), and that if it wasn't obviously the power, we'd need to take the machine into a technician locally (she said this with the full knowledge that we were not customers, and never would be). Well, as soon as I hung up, I checked the power device, and noticed the light wasn't on, so it wasn't the machine itself. I had a second international converter on hand, and hooked it up to that, and like magic, the green power light came on. So, it was the converter itself that had blown out, and not the machine or the power cable. I called Ellen back to thank her, but I'd like to take this a step further due to her extraordinary level of customer (or, in my case, non-customer) service. "Thanks to you, an 82-year-old with sleep apnea will sleep well tonight," I said. So Ellen, whomever you are, thank you! Don Rockwell
  12. Similar to this discussion here. I also see El Chucho is ranked highly in the Dining Guide. I hate recommending any food spots to folks from CA, but that's where I find myself now with no other recourse. If you could recommend something in DC, and then a place anywhere between Baltimore and Richmond if you think it's better, I'd think we'd be set. I'm happy to provide closure to this quest by relaying her reaction to the food, but I am pessimistic about this person being thrilled.
  13. Website We had graduation dinner at Acacia on Saturday night. I like the new location, it is much more modern, open and light. We had a sauvignon blanc from Glen Manor that was very good, very light and crisp, but in a good way. I started with softshells and slaw with pickled onion and a curry vinagrette, which wasn't as bold as I thought it would be, but it was good, a little unwieldy to eat, but good. For my main I had the rockfish with:cipollini puree, ramps, local mushrooms, chayote squash, sunchoke, roasted apples, lingonberry sauce which sounds odd, but was actually really good. I liked it. Hubby had the hanger steak which he liked, as well. I also had bites of the crabcakes which were good- even by my own Annapolis standards which says a lot. The french press coffee they serve is good. I didn't have dessert, hubby had the orange waffle, I don't think he loved it. Nice selection of after dinner drinks, too.
  14. About once a year, I find myself in North Richmond not far from Henrico, and three times now, I've ended up at Umami, a tiny little family-owned coffee and tea shop, specializing primarily in teas. The shop was decorated for the holidays, and I ordered an Iced Tea ($3.25), got out my computer, and went to work on their free WiFi. After about thirty minutes, the kindly proprietor came over, took my cup, and refilled it for me without even asking. This is not some junky iced tea either; Sabrina, the owner, knows her teas, and they are exceptional. Wanting to support this wonderful little family business, I also bought a two-ounce packet of Jasmine Tea ($5.00) and an Infuser ($5.99). Even though you can't make the journey down to Richmond every day, you can still support Umami by shopping at their online store - they have a large selection of quality teas, and I'm sure they would appreciate the business. I hesitate to mention this, but Umami is also minority-owned, and I personally take great pleasure out of supporting small, diverse, family-owned businesses rather than simply walking into some corporate behemoth and buying a pack of tea bags. This is a delightful shop, and one which I will continue to frequent when I find myself anywhere in the area. You can shop online with confidence, knowing that you're supporting kindhearted people when you buy from Umami. Coverage initiated in Italic in the Dining Guide.
  15. I was reading the "healthy dining" thread, and knew I couldn't get away with mentioning the opening of this new restaurant without posting a new thread first. (or fear being chastised by Don! ) Energy Kitchen is a restaurant the has nothing over 500 calories. http://www.energykitchen.com I do know that there is some affiliation with Five Guys with this location. They have been planning this for over a year--I know as when I went to NYC last year in December I knew they would be coming so stopped in to take a gander at one of the original locations. That is each item, mind you. So when you order a burger AND fries, you need to realize the total amount of your meal will NOT be 500 calories.. But if you want to have them without totally shooting your day's calorie allotment, this is the place to go. They just opened last week and I have to say that all the men in my office were disappointed, except with the fries. The women however, thought otherwise. Ha! So far I have tried the Bison Cheeseteak, the Energy Burger and a salad with Grilled Chicken. This is not going to be "gourmet" food, but at these calorie counts, I am very happy to be able to get a burger and fries for lunch. I'll wait to pass full judgement on the food since it just opened, but suffice it to say that I will be back for more. Next week I'm going to try the Turkey burger.
  16. Last year, Man vs. Food’s super glutton Adam Richman hosted a Best Sandwich in America bracket style competition. The winner for the Mid-Atlantic region was a fried chicken liver sub from The Black Sheep, besting a Baltimore crab cake and the Washington W Hotel’s chicken club (perhaps the Fast Gourmet chivito was declared ineligible). Today, I found myself close enough to The Black Sheep to stop in for lunch. It is pretty close to the VCU campus, and I imagine they have a steady stream of customers at all hours. They are open breakfast through dinner. After a quick glance at the menu, I decided on the USS Congress described as chipotle roasted pork shoulder simmered in a tomatillo barbeque sauce with grilled pineapple & a Mexican style pickled pepper & cabbage salad, loaded into a toasted French baguette. The first thing you’ll notice is that the sandwiches aren’t referred to as subs, grinders, hoagies, or any other familiar term, they are called battleships, and all named in honor of said ships. Secondly is that the prices seem absurd, $12 for a “half” $18 for a “full”, that is until you realize the half appears to be over a foot and the whole is enough to feed three or four people. Although the dining room is quite charming, I got my battleship to go. By the time I got home, my lunch was still warm and delicious. In my head, I was thinking the flavors would be similar to District Taco’s al pastor, but it was much more a bbq shoulder that happened to be served with pineapple. The pickled pepper and salad gave it a banh mi vibe, but it all worked very well together. Even after the twenty minute car ride, the veggies still crunched and the bread wasn't too soggy from the sauce. I imagine they do a lot of to go orders, and know how to pack their food. Coming from the interstate, instead of through the city, it’s very easy to get to from the Belvidere exit off 95 South. The first trip was worth it, and I’m looking forward to exploring the rest of their menu. They don’t have a website, but use Facebook to post their menu and information. Bonus points for making their page public, so you don’t need an account to view it, The Black Sheep Facebook Page.
  17. Pardon my first selfish post of the VBT, but I have to rave somewhere about this local product. For those of you who aren't familiar with Hardywood Park, it is one of the breweries that have started to put Richmond on the beer scene map. They gained some notoriety with a 100 point rating from the Beer Advocate boys for their Gingerbread Stout. Along with Strangeways, Center of the Universe, Lickinghole Creek, Extra Billy's, and the grandfather of them all Legend, Richmond has started to make a name for itself in beer. Cream Ale is a personal weakness of mine. Back in the days of the good Brickskellar, I drank through their entire stock of Pelican Kiwanda Cream Ale. They never got any more, and I had to have a friend from Portland bring some to me when he visited the East Coast. I've never found a cream ale that quite hit me the same way, until I picked up a six pack of these cans ($10 at Total Wine Richmond). According to the Hardywood PR team (who are very good btw), "in 1935, Richmond, Virginia made beer history as the first place ever to sell canned beer, a cream ale from Krueger Brewing Company". This brew is supposedly a tribute to that. It doesn't redefine any style or stake new ground, but it is an excellent cream ale. The alcohol content is a low 4.4%, and the color is a light pilsner. Regardless of what I said about Back in Black, this is my new go to canned beer for this summer. It's light, it's crisp, and it's smooth, and I imagine it pairs with any meal you care to eat outside. I don't think Hardywood cans and bottles make their way to DC, but keep an eye on the Churchkey Twitter feed or have someone you know from Richmond bring some to you. This is a brewery that is doing some really exciting things and should become a national player, or at least national name, within a few years. -Eric
  18. The Chinese New Year 4711 (Year of the Snake) begins on Sunday February 10. Is anyone interested in celebrating the New Year at Peter Chang's in Richmond? I am willing to arrange a special feast. I have no idea now of the cost, but it will surely be more than a "$20 Tuesday" with a preset price and list of dishes. If so, please indicate your preferences for : Saturday, Feb 9 afternoon Saturday, Feb 9 evening Sunday, Feb 10 afternoon Sunday, Feb 10 evening Remember, it's in Richmond, so if you are going to imbibe you will need a way to get a ride home or stay overnight. Sheldon
  19. I received this letter late last night from a friend of mine who is a very close acquaintance of Buz Grossberg. Yes, the author is clearly biased via association, but also hints at the ultimate irony of this teary-eyed video: Bill's was buried by pure, free-market capitalism (*) and competition. (*) Or, maybe not. Here's a Richmond Times-Dispatch article about the closure which reveals that Grossberg received a $1.3 million SBA loan. So, competition, sure; "free-market" capitalism, maybe not quite so much.
  20. I forgot to add this after my recent trip, but Banana Splitter is right. Go to Aziza. Beautiful room and beautiful cooking. $42 gets you what has to be the best tasting menu value West of Komi - a lentil soup, several mezzes for the table, bisteyaa, and your choice of entree and dessert. I'm not too familiar with this cuisine, so it is hard to compare - but this was refined but very flavorful cooking. Many "ethnic" places are either a little too rustic or dumbed down. This came off as well chosen ingredients cooked with a sure hand. My advice to people coming from out of town to DC is to go to Zaytinya because it is something you can't get in a lot of places. Aziza works in the same way on a much more intimate level. I don't know know of anyone serving food like this here.
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