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Found 3 results

  1. Another year, another Superbloom! Hooray for a wet winter Flowers came up about a week ago and will last a few more weeks in a "rolling bloom" if anyone is interested... Anza-Borrego Desert State Park California Deserts In 'Super Bloom' Thanks To A Wet Winter Anza-Borrego Desert Wildflowers Update NYT video of flowers Pretty flower pics to brighten your day courtesy of the Orange County Register
  2. After a quick visit this Christmas, I'm reminded to tell people that there is NO FOOD available in the park! My family ("...there has to be a cafeteria or something somewhere in there.") was a bit annoyed at the outset that I kept harping about bringing everything we would want to eat/drink (though you can fill up with water at a couple BUT NOT ALL of the visitor centers), and to be prepared to stay in the main part of the park all day long once we entered ("...we'll just drive to 29 Palms and grab some food for lunch"), but were quite happy once we were there and they understood. It takes a while to drive through the park, even just the upper loop (29 Palms to Joshua Tree), so planning to drive out for a meal and come back in is really, really inefficient. So plan ahead and enjoy! Even if you don't plan to rock-climb formally (there are tons of local outfits that will take you out for a few hours), if you like rock-scrambling, this is the park for you! The rock piles and cliffs by the Indian Cove area are phenomenal for scrambling and easy climbs (look carefully at just about every pile/face and you'll see a climber or a whole climbing class) and extremely accessible (it's only a 5-minute drive in, compared with entering the main portion of the park, so this is a part of the park you could visit briefly to climb/play/walk the nature trail and grab food somewhere on highway 62. Also, there is no pay station to enter this portion of the park.). Hidden Valley inside the park has a nice, flat, 1-mile loop that contains many tall rock piles and walls particularly begging to be climbed.
  3. Mary Scott was an actress who appeared in four "Alfred Hitchcock Presents" episodes, and that's good enough for me. Ms. Scott was married to Sir Cedric Hardwicke (who played in "Rope"), but after seeing her for the fourth episode in AHP, I decided that no matter what else she did with her career, she deserved her own thread, and I hope someone else chimes in with some of her other work. Scott published a memoir entitled, "Nobody Ever Accused Me Of Being A Lady," but with her mildly Audrey Hepburn-like screen presence, I'm accusing her right now. The four Alfred Hitchcock Presents episodes she played a key role in are: S02 E13: "Mr. Blanchard's Secret" as Babs Fenton, a spirited housewife cock-sure that her next-door neighbor is involved in some terrible skullduggery: S02 E15: "Crackpot" as Meg Loomis, a newlywed haunted by a seemingly crazy side-of-the-road man: S03 E10: "The Diplomatic Corpse" as Janet Wallace in one of the more awful episodes in the entire series (even though it featured Peter Lorre): S04 E08: "Safety for The Witness" as Nurse Copeland who swore allegiance to the witness-of-a-witness to a murder (who happened to be Art Carney):
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