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Found 22 results

  1. Heading to San Francisco next weekend for a friend's b-day. Dinners are already set at the Cortez [Purchased by Ron Silberstein in 2008, Closed Aug 10, 2009], at the Hotel Adagio and at Lemongrass. Can anyone recommend anything I need to order at these places? I'll also have Sunday evening to myself so is there a not miss restaurant open on Sunday night for someone who just plans on ordering at the bar?
  2. This article claims that Yelp has offered to remove negative restaurant reviews for $299 a month. I really want to make some sort of joke here about running a $249 special on donrockwell.com, but instead I'll just shake my head in disbelief over the accusations. Cheers, Rocks.
  3. Pop-Up Magazine is rolling back to the Warner Theater with its Fall Issue on September 25, 2018. If you have never heard of this or seen it before you can read more about it here: "Pop-Up Magazine Productions Brings You Original, True Stories, for Your Nights and Weekends" on popupmagazine.com I have been twice before and each time there were some memorable performances. There are plenty of tickets available at the moment, but if history is any guide the orchestra will mostly fill in (and much of the balcony as well) by the date of the performance. Expect the unexpected and remember, once it's gone, it's gone. The performances are never recorded. See you there. You deserve a night out.
  4. *** SPOILERS FOLLOW *** Sometime in the late 1960s, we were visiting my Aunt Kitty and Uncle Ben in Detroit, and were out for a walk. We walked past a park, and Uncle Ben (who knew I was a baseball savant) asked me to guess who the park was named after - I immediately said "Ty Cobb,: and he (in his 70s at the time) said, "No, no, no! Ty Cobb wasn't loved here in Detroit - this park is named for Harry Heilmann!" (With his accent, I thought he had said "Harry Hahmann," and I never got the name right for the next twenty years). Uncle Ben had lived in Detroit for decades, and remembered both players very well - he said how much Heilmann was loved by the residents of Detroit - little did I know that Heilmann was also arguably the greatest right-handed hitter of all-time (apologies to Rogers Hornsby). He's the only player ever to be in the .400 / 40 club (with 40 Doubles) - I may be wrong about this: Someone please let me know if I am. If you're unfamiliar with Heilmann, look at his batting statistics in the 1920s! Maybe the greatest hitter you've never heard of? Nobody has ever hit .400 in four seasons, but people say that if Heilmann - whose nickname was "slug" - wasn't so slow afoot, he'd be the one who had done it: He was a total of 8 hits away - 8 infield hits away - from accomplishing the feat, had he hit them judiciously in 1921, 1925, and 1927.
  5. San Francisco is so expensive servers are priced out of the housing market: Hence full service restaurants and no wait staff. "San Francisco Restaurants Can't Afford Waiters. So They're Putting Diners To Work" by Emily Badget on mobile.nytimes.com
  6. I only just learned of this exhibit via an article in today's Washington Post. I recall the day and the TV coverage of the slow mournful movement of this train carry the slain Robert Kennedy from a service in NYC to Washington DC where he was laid to rest in Arlington Cemetery next to his brother. It was painfully breathtaking. Millions lined the train tracks from NY to DC all along the route, in every state and small hamlet. The scenes were haunting. It was a spontaneous response from people of all walks of life. The exhibit is running currently and through June 10 at San Francisco MOMA. I have no current plans to visit San Fran during this period but if I were I'd visit the museum and the exhibit. I hope this display travels to other museums. It was a mournful haunting moment in American history.
  7. I moved to San Francisco in August 2015 and let me tell you that the variety and extended growing season in California is miles away from what I was used to in New York. It's been kind of an adventure. Cherry tomatoes are still available although I expect them to be gone soon. Each cantaloupe is the size of your hand. These are small heirloom apples called Wickson apples. They're about double the size of a golf ball, have a tart-sweet flavor and are great for eating out of hand. This weekend we bought: whole chicken, herbs (basil, mint), salad greens, rainbow chard, Italian sweet peppers, Seckel pears, green beans, brussels sprouts, Sun Gold cherry tomatoes and regular cherry tomatoes and heirloom garlic.
  8. dcs

    Four Barrel

    That's one way for a company to take ownership of the problem. Too bad it apparently took so long. Tales of despicable behavior follow. Four Barrel Coffee founder Jeremy Tooker accused of sexual assault and harassment, by Justin Phillips, January 5, 2018, on sfchronicle.com. Four Barrel Responds to Sexual Harassment Lawsuit as Founder Jeremy Tooker Divests, by Nick Brown, January 8, 2018, on dailycoffeenews.com.
  9. [This nascent stub will eventually resemble a Dining Guide. The date of this Dining Guide doesn't refer to when it was last edited; it's being updated continually. Within San Francisco, the list of neighborhoods begins at the Golden Gate Bridge, heading towards the Bay Bridge, then snaking back-and-forth, east-west-east-west-etc. in a general north-to-south flow. Cheers, Rocks] ---------------- San Francisco Marina District - Map California Wine Merchant - website - map (see also Le Marais) Pacific Heights - Map B Patisserie - website - @b_patisserie - map SPQR - website - @SPQRfillmore - map Ghirardelli Square - Map (see also Le Marais) Fisherman's Wharf - Map Gary Danko - website - map North Beach (Little Italy) - Map Liguria Bakery - Wikipedia - map Michelangelo Ristorante and Caffe - website - map Financial District - Map Quince - website - Twitter - Instagram - map The Embarcadero - Map Boulette's Larder and BouliBar - website - @bouletteslarder - map Epic Steakhouse - website - @EPICSteak - map Kokkari Estiatorio - website - @KEstiatorio - map Prospect - website - @ProspectSF - map Eating in the Ferry Building Marketplace - website - @SFFerryBuilding - map (see also Hog Island Oyster Company, Yank Sing) Chinatown - Map China Live - website - @ChinaLiveSF - map South Beach (SoBe) - Map Rooh - website - @roohsf - map China Basin - Map Saison - website - Twitter - Instagram - map Union Square - Map Café de la Presse - website - @cafedelapresse - map John's Grill - website - @JohnsGrillSF - map South of Market (SoMa) - Map Izakaya Rintaro - website - @izakayarintaro - map Okane - website - map (see also Yank Sing) Eko Kitchen - Opening May 19, 2019 - map Hayes Valley - Map Jardinière - website - map Monsieur Benjamin - website - map Petit Crenn - website - @petitcrenn - map Zuni Cafe - website - map Fillmore District - Map State Bird Provisions - website - @statebirdsf - map Japantown - Map Marufuku Ramen - Facebook - map Lower Haight - Map (see also Nopalito) Outer Richmond - Map Hakka - website - map Inner Sunset - Map (see also Nopalito) Mission District - Map Californios - website - @CaliforniosSF - map Delfina - website - map Prubechu - website - @Prubechu - map La Taqueria - Facebook - map The Castro - Map Frances - website - @francessf - map Starbelly - website - @StarbellySF - map (see also Le Marais) Bernal Heights - Map Blue Plate - website - @BluePlateSF - map Parkside - Map The Gold Mirror - website - map ---------------- Alameda County (Oakland) - Map Rockridge - Map Oliveto - website - @olivetooakland - map ---------------- Napa County Napa - Map (see also Hog Island Oyster Company) Yountville - Map Ad Hoc - website - @adhoc_addendum - map The French Laundry - website - @_TFL_ - map Deer Park (Meadowood Napa Valley) - Map Dining near Deer Park and Meadowood Napa Valley ---------------- Sonoma County Santa Rosa - Map John Ash & Co. (Vintners Inn Resort) - website - map Healdsburg - Map Cyrus - 29 North St. - Closed Sonoma - Map Boxcar Fried Chicken and Biscuits (formerly Fremont Diner) - website - Instagram - map ---------------- Marin County Marshall - Map (see also Hog Island Oyster Company) ---------------- San Mateo County Princeton-by-the-Sea - Map Barbara's Fishtrap - website - map ---------------- Multiple Locations (* = Individual Locations Referenced)Bakeries Bakeries Le Marais - website - @LeMaraisBakery (3-5 area locations *) Chinese Yank Sing - website - @YankSing (SoMa, Rincon Center *) Coffeehouses Blue Bottle Coffee - website - @bluebottleroast (10-20 area locations) Diners Mel's Drive-In - website - @melsdrivein (3-5 area locations) Hamburgers Gott's Roadside - website - @GottsRoadside (5-10 area locations) In-N-Out Burger - website - @innoutburger (20-50 area locations) Mexican (Including Tex-Mex) Nopalito - website - @nopalitosf (Lower Haight, Inner Sunset *) Seafood Hog Island Oyster Co. - website - @hogislandoyster (3-5 area locations *) ---------------- Everything Else (Cuisine, Specific Items, Resources, Discussions, Etc.) Where Do I Find It? To Eat Cheese Zombies // Poke To Experience Michelin Guide // SF Chronicle - Restaurant Critic // SF Chronicle - Soleil Ho // SF Chronicle "Top 100 Restaurants" in 2018 // Tastes on the Fly
  10. I'll be making a brief trip to San Francisco, and will be happy to review a restaurant or two out in that general vicinity (North Bay area is fine, too). Please feel free to submit requests for reviews, and I'd like to add that I really don't want to go insane on this visit (French Laundry, Meadowood, Saison, Atelier Crenn, Coi, Manresa, Keiko, etc.) - I'll do it if they're voted in, but I'll probably only do one instead of two, and I'd really like to get two under my belt. Note that I've already done quite a few (see the San Francisco thread in The Intrepid Traveler). I'd like to get these nominations in and the poll done well in advance, so that I can make plans (I'll be paying for two and I prefer not to bring a dinner jacket, so I emphasize: Please have mercy on the pricing - think "interesting" and not necessarily "Silicon Valley CEO"). If the top two, or even three, restaurants, are within reason, I'll try to get two or three reviews done. I actually *do* want to go to these luxe restaurants, but I strongly prefer to wait until 2017 - I'm still on the semi-Walking Dead Diet, or at least pretending to be, and I have a ways to go - I went crazy in France, and need to take a little break from huge tasting menus. Go ahead and state your rationale when you nominate, so others can see what might interest them also. I'll keep these nominations open until Monday at 5 PM, and close the poll sometime late next week so I can make advance plans. Also, start thinking about places you'd like to see reviewed in Tampa. I reviewed Bern's Steak House once here, but I'll be happy to do it again (we'll save Tampa for another thread).
  11. Location and Rates - Website with Best-Rate Guarantee I could legitimately say Hotel Abri was in the Tenderloin, but it's just as legitimate to say it's in Union Square, since it's towards the east. Nevertheless, that slight "pull" towards the Tenderloin - parts of which can be somewhat annoying at night (I've encountered some aggressive panhandlers a few blocks to the west) - can lead to room rates that border on being astounding given the level of quality this boutique hotel possesses. On a Friday night in early January, a standard King was $103.20, and the next night it was $127.20 (this does not include the "Urban Fee," described below). This is the second time I've stayed at Hotel Abri, which should tell you something. The first time - maybe in 2015 - I found a room on hotels.com (which I no longer use) for what seemed like an absurdly low rate. I ferried over from Vallejo, had a wonderful lunch at The Slanted Door [shhhh ...], and took Uber to get here. This time around, I took an Uber straight from SFO, which cost me less than $30. You need to be warned that, despite enticingly low room rates, there was a sign out front advertising valet parking for $60 (!), so a word to the wise: Do not come here with a car unless you're so wealthy that you should be staying in a nicer hotel anyway. (I think Yogi would be proud of that one.) As long as I'm mentioning the valet price, I should also mention one other thing that took me off-guard, but proved to be "worth it, and then some," and that's an unexplained $30-a-night "Urban Fee." Having just experienced a two-night stay at Hotel Abri at the absurd average rate of $115.20 a night, I can live with this, because it includes: • Hotel AbRi Urban Tote with Welcome Amenities [including two bottles of water and a full bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon] • Continental Breakfast Bag Available at Front Desk from 6:00 am - 8:00 am • Grab-and-Go Morning Coffee in Lobby • Daily $10.00 Restaurant Credit Cannot be combined [Hotel AbRi has a real restaurant, and pints of Anchor Steam are $4 at happy hour] • Daily Access to Active Sports Club • Upgraded WiFi (up to 3mbps) So essentially, you're paying $30 a day for a drinkable bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon (only one per stay), $10 worth of booze at the restaurant, and you'd be crazy not to use these coupons - you get one per day, and a continental breakfast (which I didn't use, but probably should have, if only for the water). If you're staying two nights or less, it's $30 pretty well-spent; for a longer stay, it becomes less cost-effective. All the other options are what I normally consider to be included with a room - the $30 is inclusive of tax, so it is what it is. I wrote the lobby requesting a quiet room, and mentioned I was a repeat customer. For the second time in as many stays, I got upgraded to an "Urban Suite," which would normally have cost about $50 a night more. Early January must be *the* slowest time of year for Hotel AbRi. I get the feeling that if the hotel is somewhat empty, and you're a member of Stash Rewards, their inclination is to upgrade you (Stash Rewards is a rewards program for boutique hotels - note that if you join through donrockwell.com (by clicking on the link), you get 500 points). I wrote them, telling them about our website, and got this back, so knock yourselves out: "If you’d like, you can share with your readers this special URL to sign up with Stash. It will give them 500 bonus points just for enrolling. www.StashRewards.com/DonRockwell." The service was outstanding, and the boutique nature of Hotel AbRi, combined with its location make it a repeat for me - I'd happily stay here again the next time I'm staying in this part of San Francisco (note that it's just one block away from Kin Khao, which is a *very* popular, Little Serow-like, Thai restaurant (that was in our most recent San Francisco poll) - advance reservations are an absolute must here). So, I guess I wrote about a thousand words - here are eight-thousand more. A solid four stars for Hotel AbRi. The exterior (the restaurant is pretty decent, and it's the one you get $10 coupons for - sit at their bar and have a couple pints for free): The living room (yes, that's a second TV) The bedroom (note the comped bottle of wine) The bathroom (perfectly acceptable; beware the $4 bottle of water)
  12. I'm reopening the San Francisco poll for additional nominations, as I will be spending some more time there during the upcoming months. Additional nominations will be taken until next Thursday, Dec, 22, at 3 PM, after which a week-long polling process will occur. I will have written up the two restaurants where I dined before that poll begins (obviously, one of those is the one that won the previous poll, and it took nearly five hours out of my day to frequent), so those two will not be included. I will probably be going to one hyper-expensive restaurant during my visit (hint: I've never been to The French Laundry); the rest of the time I'll be searching for value, as I usually do. Feel free to nominate and vote for as many luxe restaurants as you wish; just know that I can only promise one visit, even if three of them finish in the Top 3 places in the poll - the luxe restaurant with the most votes will be the one where I go, *if* I can get a reservation. Please feel free to continue nominating restaurants, and you'll have two of the above restaurants reviewed by next Thursday.
  13. I looked up this Instagram account. Several people have asked the poster who it is or where the art is located, but he or she has not answered. It reminded me of these two works by Claes Oldenburg (Sweden) and Coosje van Bruggen (The Netherlands) - pictured below - that I saw Friday at the SFMOMA. The one in the background is a necktie around an inverted collar. At first glance I thought it was a stick of chewing gum! The SFMOMA is an amazing museum - I loved my day there. The most interesting thing was a Bruce Conner exhibit: "Bruce Conner: It's All True." This artist was incredibly creative and had an amazing range. It was difficult to fathom that all of his works were created by the same man. --- Bruce Conner: It's All True (DIShGo)
  14. Man, this rings more true than most people would care to admit. That said, this is my favorite comment about the article: "I kept hoping this article would somehow become interesting. It didn't." There's a painful amount of truth in this article, but the commenter is right - it just never got interesting. It started out *so well* - with the comment about squinting to make the hills seem like Provence - but then quickly petered out after the point was made.
  15. Probably a subjective judgment. Maybe "the worst waiter in the United States" is more apt. I guess if my given name was Edsel Ford, I'd have a chip on my shoulder too... "Past steaming woks and chopping blocks and up a narrow, creaky staircase, Edsel Ford Fong -- the world's most insulting waiter -- greeted patrons with a “sit down and shut up!” Routinely, he cussed out his customers, sexually accosted female companions, and unapologetically spilled soup across laps. According to one diner, he was so malicious that he “made the Soup Nazi look like the Dalai Lama.” ' May 26, 2014 - "The Worst Waiter in History" by Zachary Crockett on priceonomics.com As a side note: In 7th grade, the Lady who served as the cafeteria monitor used to blow a whistle and scream at the top of her lungs, "Sit Down and SHUT-UP" when the decibel level rose to a certain point. Her nickname was Frau Bartelmo.
  16. The Asian Art Museum of San Francisco is one of the world's most comprehensive collections of Asian art. Their collection holds more than 18,000 pieces and the museum exhibits approximately 2,500 pieces. When we visited they were in between major exhibitions, but the permanent collection is well worth your time. We spent about 3 hours there and could have easily spent a couple more. If you are a fan of the Sackler/Freer museums in DC, you will love the Asian Art Museum.
  17. Next Friday I'm flying out west for a dear friends wedding which happens to be in Carmel, CA. At this point, my plan is to fly into SFO on Friday morning, make the drive down the Pacific Coast Highway, spend the weekend in Carmel then head back to SF early Sunday morning. My question is: Are there any great spots to drink some California brews that I can't get here on the East Coast or are there any must stop restaurants / eateries that I should be checking out as I make the drive? I have more flexibility on Sunday b/c we're staying the night so I can go farther afield on my way from Carmel to SF as well as check out some spots in SF itself Sunday evening (we fly out Monday am). I've perused the other forums, but figured this might be the best place to get some targetted advice for the trip. Thanks!
  18. Often, I silently lurk this community blog (I split this off from the Dinner thread), shaking my head in awe at all the talent we have here. Please do expand on this "time-consuming" method for making cioppino. I know there are many short-cuts taken, but I'm not sure of the baseline, and I suspect others might be interested in hearing and learning as well. I'll give you a start: "Cioppino is a San-Francisco-based, Italian-American seafood stew "¦."
  19. Ok, so maybe it is slightly premature to hail the end of the food truck era, but here's some news about plans for a mini-copter or tacocopter to deliver in the Bay Area: "According to the bare bones web site, all you have to do is place your order on your iPhone, tap away, and await the TacoCopter."
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