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Found 13 results

  1. One of the more pleasant dining experiences, I've had in a long time. The space is simple, clean and serene which is a great reflection of the food. I went early so it wasn't so crowded but I'm guessing that this place will be consistently packed. If you had to try one dish, get the grilled Mero with miso. It's sea bass that has a nice char on the outside but comes out tasting smooth and creamy. My full post is below; Izakaya Seki
  2. Hmmm . . . everything I've ever read about Yamazoto emphasizes that it's a place specializing in, well, humongous "specialty" rolls, which I've found to be a surefire sign that I won't like it. But if other Rockwellians would confirm its quality . . .
  3. Let me start by saying I've never been to Japan, and I've never been to Masa. That said, for my personal preference, Japan is second only to France for my favorite cuisine, and I am very much of a sushi and sashimi hound - it's just about my favorite thing (along with foie gras, caviar, etc.) I had, without much doubt, the best Sashimi-Sushi Omakase I've ever eaten on Wednesday night at the Sushi Bar at Sushi Ogawa, and I've been to most of the great sushi specialists in the U.S. and Vancouver. The only option is a $100 omakase, and I highly advise all diners to call and see if
  4. The same guys that own tako, own the small sushi carryout in the shoppes at glen echo (goldsboro at macarthur blvd) its awesome, inexpensive and cool. No seating , just carryout. (Little industry secret, this is where the top caterers get their sushi from)
  5. This video may be off-putting to some - it isn't horrible, but it isn't easy to watch, either: "Japanese Restaurant Serves Live Frogs as Sashimi - WTF Japan, Seriously!!" on blog.asiantown.net "Tokyo's Infamous 'Piss Alley'" on tofogu.com
  6. This is in the former location of Annadale Seafood, located at 7123 Columbia Pike in Annandale, which is where I have one of my favorite Korean food experiences ever. Tonight, wanted to re-live that memory and headed back. It is now called Janguh Si Kwanguh Dong. It doesn't look like anything on the interior was changed, perhaps it is a bit cleaner, but still much the same. They have upgraded the menu and there are better descriptions and more English. I wait staff spoke better English also, and were able to better describe the differences in the sashimi platters. Basically, there are ab
  7. Would you please explain this? I'm not criticizing or anything, I'm just unfamiliar with Japanese dining customs, and curious. Sashimi after sushi is a faux pas?
  8. In case there isn't a topic here for it, I thought I throw a few words to Gaboja in Annandale. This is a little place, maybe ten tables, in the little strip mall on Columbia Pike right next to the more visible/easier to find Cafe Tu Ah. The main reason I want to exhort it is they have lunch specials of amazing values. The one I usually get is their hwedupbap: Hwedupbap!!! by Fortran, on Flickr Now maybe this isn't the greatest hwedupbap in the area, but you get that big bowl, banchan, some miso soup and a yummy souffle-y egg dish (I want to say gye ran jjim, but I might be wrong) all for a
  9. Some Korean-American friends took me to Kimko Seafood in Ellicott City this weekend for Korean style sashimi. This place was mentioned under a different name, Bethany Seafood in a post by howchow a while ago. It's known to have lobster sashimi. I also found out from my friends that they often serve San Nakji, live octopus sashimi. Unfortunately, when we arrived they had run out of the octopus for the week. We ordered the large sashimi platter/dinner for the 5 of us. I believe it was $200. You start off with a small cup of congee, and then they brought out 20 different plates of bonchon. This
  10. 204 East 43rd Street New York City 10017 Phone: (212) 972-1001 Fax: (212) 972-1717 Web: http://www.sushiyasuda.com/ One of my favorite destinations in New York is Sushi Yasuda in Midtown East, one block from Grand Central. I've been numerous times, and my visit last week was typical of the remarkable experience I've come to expect. My meal last Thursday at the sushi bar was omakase and included, in order (all nigiri unless indicated): bluefin toro, branzino, yellowtail, mackerel and jack mackerel (I told the chef I loved mackerel), scallop, arctic char, Australian king salmon, giant
  11. I had to stop by the Apple store (because, of course, every single one of my power cords had frayed to the point of failure). I was going to go to Sushi Rock, where I've still never been, but instead went to Whole Foods. They had nice looking Wahoo for $14.99, and I bought about 1 1/3 pounds, some good olive oil from Northeastern Spain (organic, first-press, the only Spanish oil I found in the entire store, purchased to honor Gerry Dawes). The fishmonger cheerfully trimmed the skin from my wahoo (get your mind out of the gutter), and I took my $19 purchase home and used about 3/4 of it for a
  12. At the request of DonRocks, I am starting this thread about my experience at Annandale Seafood. (I adapted this from a review I wrote about a year ago after visiting) After watching Anthony Bourdain's episode on the outer bouroughs of New York about a year ago, I was intrigued by the Korean seafood joint he went to. I wanted to find something similar in the DC area. I did extensive research and found good reviews for a place called Ga Bo Ja (there is a short thread here on this place). I convinced my wife and parents to head out for a try. When the GPS got us to the non-descript strip center
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