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Found 8 results

  1. Not a farmer's market obviously, but Whole Paycheck (Foods) has had purple baby artichokes. I've seen them at a couple of locations-- P St, and the one down in Annandale.
  2. Ok, so an odd question- I was maybe a bit, uhh, ambitious in my purchase of frozen Bao Buns at the Lotte. I now have quite a number. And I have found, when I put them in the instant pot for the number of minutes they say to steam them- that when they come out, they are of course annihilate your mouth hot, but when they cool to the point you can eat them, I feel they have lost some of their texture and the skin becomes too firm on the outside due to drying, and I feel like there should be some way to temper this. I am looking for a solution as I would like to make the rest of them for my family reunion, but will need to be able to serve a number of them at a somewhat correct eating temperature. In China, as I recall when we got them on the street to go, they put them in plastic baggies- I assume coated in some oil because they didn't stick? I have about two weeks to run some tests, but would love advice if anyone has figured out a solution for this quandry. I have tried googling and it seems pretty pointless as all the recipes for making bao dough call for plastic wrap so it skews the search results.
  3. I couldn't find a general thread on party planning, so I decided to start one. I saw some specific types of parties, but none fit the bill for this one, and I thought a general topic might get posts as many people here do a lot of general hosting. My specific quest right now: I am hosting a wine and cheese tasting by the Cheese Monster. I wanted to have some snacks to go with said tasting after the seated tasting/learning session that would go well with cheese and enhance the experience. But I didn't want things with more cheese, which rules out a lot of my go-to party snacks. I would prefer the items to be make ahead (although I can also pick up some things). Things I already have crackers, salami, spinach and artichoke dip. But I would like to make a few more substantial snacks.
  4. So the SO and I like to cook a lot at home, and we'd like to get into grinding our own spices as needed. However, I haven't had much luck finding someone locally (I don't mind an online retailer if it's reasonably priced). Any recommendations? Also, if anyone can recommend a reasonably priced manual burr grinder, that is also of interest to us. Right now we're using the electric blade grinder, and it's somewhat inconsistent.
  5. Hello fellow DR'ers, My BIL is getting married, and my MIL is having an engagement party for him and his bride-to-be in Charlottesville on Labor Day weekend. There are going to be about 40 people. She has asked me to help with all the food, which I think I an perfectly capable of doing. I will have a few days to prep and make food with some help from my MIL and I can also make my hubby and SIL help too. I kind of/sort of have a menu that my MIL and I are conceptualizing. I need some help on quantities, other menu ideas, and if there are better places to source certain things, tips on making some of this ahead. The menu we were thinking about is quasi Italian so: Meatballs (thinking need about 80-100?) in marinara (was thinking 1 oz size that they have at restaurant depo all beef, I could make from scratch, but I just don't think it's necessary when I am going to have to prep so much), cheese platter (can likely make this myself with maybe some olives, etc, I could make one large one or two medium size ones), caprese skewers with seasoned mozz balls, melon and proscuito skewers (this is one I am worried about have never balled melon before, may have to practice, I wish I could buy melon balls, I could always cube it, but the melon balls look so precise), antipasto platter, some sort of tortellini likely cheese so it is veg friendly with a sauce? (was kind of thinking a non-nut pesto??), grilled veggies, garlic bread (is there any good recipe for like a rolled bread, garlic bread, instead of the big loaf that you slice variety?), tiramisu or tiramisu cups (I will buy this pre-made), and then another type of dessert (maybe a cake? That we can also buy from somewhere). I also thought about making pepperoni rolls with this too. I think I might need another pasta??? maybe a baked penne one with meat, one not with meat? For beverages, I was thinking a punch of some sort would help so that we don't have to have so much poured. We will also have wine and beer. Will have to figure out beverage amounts as they are not very good at that sort of thing. I guess we might need sparkling wine for a toast. Is Total wine the best place to go for this sort of thing, price-wise? Thanks for any tips and suggestions.
  6. A couple of years ago I was thrilled to find paccheri (scroll down & forgive source), a kind of wide tubular pasta, at Giant in Tenleytown of all places. (Large enough to stuff, which is my intention.) It was when the store was going upscale and trying for sophistication in a special store brand. In what is now my local Giant, product lines are dumbed down. I am thinking of going to Litteri, though for just one item... Sometimes you'll find the stuff at TJ Maxx or Marshall's, but I am wondering if anyone has seen these guys in a more mainstream location in DC--like a Giant. Mille grazie!
  7. This weekend is my family reunion. I am going to make banana cake and pepperoni rolls for eating there at the reunion. BUT the second part of our reunion we have an auction to raise money for a scholarship for the family. I am going to take canned pickles (dill and b&b ) and a can of salsa. I am trying to think of other things I could either buy or make that might be a hit at the auction. My family is full of pretty good cooks, and they also like to eat, so I think something I make could raise a little money. I have also thought about buying some neat things and putting them into a basket. The question is what- what do I have time to make this week or pick up and what would someone bid on. This isn't a fancy auction, but my family has pretty good taste in food. It also needs to be something that is fairly travel safe as it is a 3 hour drive down to the reunion. I am good with cooler bags and etc though. I thought about putting the pepperoni rolls in the auction and not having them to eat... Anyway I could use a little help on ideas. Thanks in advance.
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