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Found 12 results

  1. As we all know, Dean & Deluca is pricey on groceries. In the seafood department today, I spotted a batch of supersized topneck clams with a sign that I thought said $40. Is that for a pound or a dozen, I wondered. That would be in keeping with the preposterousness of some other items there. But the counterman let me know that I'd missed the decimal point -- they were going for 40¢ apiece! I said that was great but I am not a shucker, and value my digital appendages. A supervisor happened by and said that he would shuck them for me, preserve the liquid, pack them in ice, etc., etc., except that the shucking knife he'd ordered hadn't yet arrived. A friend with whom I was shopping said Let's take them to your place and steam them open. I said How many do you have? He said 17. I said I'll take them all. In the end, he packed 14, rejecting 3 as unworthy. Price: $5.60. They peeped open after about 20 minutes of fumes and I thumb-wrestled them apart without misadventure. They went down very easily with a squirt of lime juice. Tasty, meaty and still cool despite their steambath. What a deal!
  2. Have been stopping at the wholesale bakery for Balthazar located in Englewood NJ for 2 days. Wonderful breads plus amazing tarts which might be more like spectacular toppings the likes of which I’ve never had.
  3. Spiced roasted chickpeas Tamarind margarita Gul mina cocktail - feni, gin, kokum, lemon, basil Naan. I think this was the sourdough naan Bengali roasted carrot salad, with pine nuts and lime juice Crispy soft-shell crab, green mango salad Goan grilled calamari, with lime, pickled onion and cilantro Mexican Coke really works well with this kind of food. Milk braised baby lamb, spring pea salad Asparagus with coconut. Braised gingered greens Pilaf with morel mushrooms Masala chai Goan bibinca, apple-rhubarb compote. Vanilla bean kulfi, edible gold leaf, strawberries, rosewater syrup. Grilled pineapple, vanilla, black pepper syrup. Would definitely return. My only regret is that this restaurant is 3,000 miles away from me and I can't just fly to NYC whenever I feel like it. Paowalla 195 Spring Street (Sullivan Street) SoHo
  4. In NYC over the weekend for a birthday getaway. Was able to spend several hours getting acquainted with The Dutch, the new-ish spot from Andrew Carmellini in SoHo. Unfortunately didn't ever make it over to a proper table as I was using the place as a meetup for folks. But got to try several of their items via the bar. Definitely get the fried oyster mini sandwiches (order several), the hot fried chicken (semi-famous in his cookbook), and anything they're recommending from the raw bar. The real standout, though, is the service. Top notch at every station -- the killer bartenders somehow made dealing with the Friday evening post-HH rush seem effortless and kudos to the beverage director Brynn who took care of us with a little extra. I'd recommend going for lunch or early in the evening during nice weather when the sun is still out and occupying the counter seating alongside the open windows.
  5. Might go in the city for lunch and high end shopping at battery city park (Brookfield Place). Thoughts on where to go? Saturday I'm meeting up with a cousin at Beauty and Essex.
  6. And inspired historian, always relevant: But Palamabron called down a Great Solemn Assembly, That he who will not defend Truth, may be compelled to Defend a Lie, that he may be snared & caught & taken.
  7. We stopped by this place just to get a drink. While there we picked up a homemade "Ring Ding." Amazing! Don't know if they have this every day, but if you stop in and they do have it, better pick one up as it was delicious. It was the yummiest thing we ate in NYC during a weekend of plenty of good eating!!!! As a kid I didn't even like Ring Dings, but this thing was a winner.
  8. I was in New York for to run the NYC Half Marathon last month and the one thing I really really wanted to do was to get bagels, cream cheese, and lox at Russ and Daughters. I stayed with my cousin who had moved from the Bowery to Tribeca since my last visit and he convinced me to go to Sadelle's instead as he had a friend involved in the business side of the place so I agreed and asked a Jersey City dwelling friend to meet me there for brunch on Saturday. My cousin's friend had graciously called in my name ahead of our brunch trip so my friend and I were able to get seated as soon as we arrived around 11:30am despite a 30-45 minute wait for others. Despite recommendations to get the sticky buns, I wanted to stay on the healthy side and ordered the whitefish salad with an everything 2.0 bagel while my friend had the smoked scottish salmon with a plain bagel. While we waited, the restaurant brought out two large glasses of mimosas for my friend and I and we toasted to our reunion. Our smoked fish came out on a tiered platter along with lightly pickled red onion, cucumbers, cream cheese, and capers so we decided to share the fish so we could get a taste of both. The bagel was fantastic (the New York Bagel of my dreams) and the smoked fish and accoutrements were good as well. I haven't been to Russ and Daughters for two years so it may be nostalgia, but I do remember the salmon at Russ and Daughters to be quite a bit better. It was great to catch up with my friend and I am glad to get my NYC bagel fix. Next time, I do need to get to Russ and Daughters because the Super Heebster is still calling my name.
  9. This is the sort of place you learn about and then keep in your back pocket, a quirky, one-of-a-kind type place that you keep coming back to over and over again. Housing Works is a nonprofit devoted to a "healing community of people living with and affected by HIV/AIDS. Our mission is to end the dual crises of homelessness and AIDS through relentless advocacy, the provision of lifesaving services, and entrepreneurial businesses that sustain our efforts." To help fund their activities, they run a bookstore and cafe (as well as a chain of thrift stores) where merchandise is donated and the staff is mostly volunteers. For lovers of used bookstores, this is your place. The cafe serves your typical bookstore menu: sandwiches, soups, and salads. But the bread is provided by Balthazar Bakery, dairy from Hudson Valley Fresh, coffee from Intelligentsia, beer includes selections from Brooklyn Brewery and Sixpoint. Great cause, great bookstore. I only wish I had had more time to poke around the vinyl bins.
  10. Ventured out to Costata last night. Costata is a part of the AltaMarea empire, and is marketed as an Italian Steakhouse, as Costata apparently means Ribeye in Italian. The space is at the corner of Spring & Sullivan in Soho (despite it being identified as in the West Village on Opentable), diagonally across from Dominic Ansel's shop. The restaurant takes up four floors of a five floor townhouse, recently renovated to include a glass elevator in the front of the house. The basement houses restaurant offices, a glass doored wine room, and restrooms. The first floor houses a bar and table space, as well as the hostess stand. The second floor contains another bar and more table space. Unsure of the third floor's layout, and the fifth floor apparently contains a dentist's office (?). All in all, a very pretty space, and I can't imagine the cost of renovations. PJ Calapo is manning the kitchen here, and is turning out a rather lengthy menu, encompassing at least half a dozen crudos, another half dozen (at least) each of appetizers, pastas, and entrees "“ aside from the steaks and side orders. The specialty of the house seems to be the shared steaks for two or more, which include a Bistecca Fiorentina and a Tomahawk Rib Chop, as well as large langoustines priced per piece. I was seated upstairs due to a private party taking place on the first floor. Looking over the menu, I decided to have a glass of rose and my first softshell of the summer. I was presented with a fried jumbo softshell of uncertain provenance, split in half and served with shaved fennel, calabrian chilies, and preserved lemon. The softshell was excellent, with minimal breading. However, I really enjoyed the combination of the shaved fennel, chili paste, and lemon "“ so much so that I ate the softshell by itself, then the fennel, chili, and lemon together. I wasn't much in the mood for a large steak, so I ended up taking the server's recommendation for a pasta course, which was the garganelli alla fiamma, which was garganelli pasta (potentially made in house but freshly made in any case) along with prosciutto, peas, and truffle cream. The pasta was excellent, if over-sauced. There was a cloud of parmigiano reggiano on top of the dish, so between the truffle cream and the cheese, this wasn't a light pasta, but I certainly enjoyed it. Service was fine. Neither notably good nor bad "“ comptetent. Between my appetizer, two glasses of rose, and the pasta I rang in at right around $70 pre tax and tip. Not exactly cheap, but one could easily spend much more here, particularly on wine "“ they have a premium by the glass selection delivered via coravin that had some pretty nice bottles at pretty nice prices. Ultimately a fine meal in a very nice setting. I'd return, but will check out other spots in the neighborhood first. <Edit> Guess I mentioned Coravin too soon.
  11. Spent the weekend in NYC with my 16 year old drama queen taking in a few shows. We had a truly fabulous brunch at Hundred Acres in Soho on MacDougal street. We started off with the Ricotta fritters with date molasses and powdered sugar. They were a creamy, tangy beignet...but only better. There were probably 7-8 on a plate and perfect to share. I had the goat cheese-thyme bread pudding, two poached eggs, warm spinach salad, lemon butter. It was one of the best brunch dishes I'd ever had. The bread pudding was gooey and savory. The lemon butter sauce elevated the wilted spinach to another level and the eggs were perfectly poached. My daughter had thebreakfast sausage, two poached eggs, cheesy jalapeno grits, bourbon jus. She kept using her side order of home fries to sop up all of the bourbon jus when she had otherwise polished off every bit. The sausage was more of a link sausage with a great crispy skin and bite to it. Honestly, this is a meal both of us will remember fondly for years....and I'm sure will me a mandatory destination for all future trips to NYC.
  12. http://www.salumenewyork.com/menu.pdf We were meeting a friend at the Warren/Chambers St. dog run to let the dogs play and catch up and promised to bring lunch. The hotel we were staying at- Tribeca Grand- had a guide to the area and recommended this place. Having missed out on Salume in Seattle due to timing, I owed my husband some really good cured meat. This shop is not affiliated with the Seattle outpost, but is none the less a very authentic place to get a perfect sandwich. They also have some salads and a nice little coffee set up with really good doughnuts. We had the lemon glazed cake doughnut and walnut cream filled doughnut, both were really good. But the sandwiches... seriously why does someone not do this in DC? We had four of the Salume Panini's. These are not your typical pressed sandwiches, but traditional Italian panini, on really good Italian style rolls. COLUMBUS CRESPONE • 11 Caciocavallo, Arugula, Horseradish Sauce, Olive Oil FRA’ MANI SOPPRESSATA • 12 Apricot, Cardamaro, Grana Padano, Pistachio Oil, Oregano, Pepper MORTADELLA • 11 Cave Aged Salva Cremasco, Gherkins, Il Moscato Di Nonino Grappa, Watercress BRESAOLA• 12 Pecorino Paglia E Fieno, Arugula, Colatura, Meyer Lemo I didn't get to have any of the Columbus Crespone as it was all Hubby's but my friend and I went halfsies on the sopressata which was just amazingly good, the meat and cheese were just such good quality and the condiments really complimented it well, but there weren't a ton of them, they weren't slopped on it was just delicately composed to be a really good sandwich. We also split the bresola, which had a nice contract between meat, cheese, lemon that made it really fresh. I also had a bit of the mortadella, which was also good, but not as good as the other two. Anyway this place is a great stop for a really well composed sandwich for either eat in or take out. Right near all the fun boutiques of soho. And if you are with a dog near a good amount of dog friendly parks/runs.
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