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Found 10 results

  1. Can you believe that there is no general thread (at least none that I can find) here about Facebook? The reason I'm starting one now is because I've noticed a somewhat disturbing trend in the past few days. A few days ago, a Friend (whom I've only met once in my life, but who did a favor for me long ago) posted that for his birthday, he'd like people to donate to his favorite charity. I thought, "Well, what a nice thing to do. Sure, why not?" So I donated $20 out of respect, and wished him a Happy Birthday! I'd forgotten all about this - until I saw another Friend do a similar thing a couple of days ago. And another. And now another. Has anyone else noticed this on Facebook in the past week? Changing the subject a bit, the last two times I've donated money - once on Facebook, once on GoFundMe - including having given a fairly ample sum to a person who doesn't even seem to like me, but who seemed desperate - both times, I got not so much as a thank you, or even a "Like." Really? I don't expect anything in return when I give people something, but what has happened to common courtesy? The flip-side of this is that I gave a pretty substantial sum to an old high school buddy who really *was* desperate - he needed a kidney transplant, pronto. And a couple months ago, he got one, and is doing much better now - we haven't seen each other in 40 years, but now we've reconnected, and that makes all of this worthwhile.
  2. MealTribes DCeater just recently featured this social community. It started last October. On November 17th I will be meeting with the co-founders to discuss the expansion of the platform to the Mid-Atlantic region. This is my calling. I invite all of you to check out the community. I know it’s geared towed millenials, but honestly all are welcome. Chief, kat
  3. What the hell am I supposed to do today in the office? "Facebook Down: Site Breaks for Users across World" by Caroline Mortimer on independent.co.uk #SocialAnxiety #WhatDoIDoNow #OMG #WTF
  4. Here is a great story about a customer's interactions with a restaurant facebook page. Lots of people followed it and noticed it. Its one way to grab attention. ....so its an applebee's. so what. Its still endearing.
  5. We found the response to a one day quick post in arlnow to be spectacular and wrote about it on our little school blog: http://www.bartending-school.com/arlington-restaurants-making-chicken-salad-chicken-sh I used to lease restaurants and just know the location inside the Courthouse courtyard is just terrible. Nearby neighbors miss the restaurant because its on the interior of the courtyard and does not have street front visibility. Hundreds of people lined up to get free meals. We interviewed some eating on the patio. Astonishingly some were neighbors and simply didn't know the restaurant was available. They liked the meals, the offer in arlnow and the genuine response from the owner taking orders. It was an incredible example of social media gone wild creating visibility that you can't get elsewhere. Now for the restaurant I hope insurance covers everything and they are back in business in two weeks or so with increased customer awareness.
  6. Foodie/Blogger/Social Media Enthusiast Seeking Position: If you're looking for someone to help with PR/Social Media/Marketing, please contact me. I spend a great deal of time studying social media trends, analytics, and strategy. I love resources by Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Mashable, Social Mediology, and information by Dan Zarella, self-proclaimed social media scientist. I have advanced proficiency of twitter clients, Hootsuite. I am also familiar with bit.ly, pinterest, instagram, facebook, twitter, etc. Thank you! Lisa Shapiro ldshap00@gmail.com
  7. Hey all- I've been in the web development and web marketing business for several years. I've been looking to build up a portfolio within the restaurant social media marketing arena because I think it's a fun area to be in right now. I find the Ideal candidates to be small upstart chains or restaurant groups comprising of multiple concepts. If there's anyone here interested, my skillsets and capabilities for restaurant social media marketing include; Online reputation management across major platforms such as Yelp and Urbanspoon. This also includes getting in touch with dissatisfied customers to learn about their experience and relaying the feedback to you Content development strategy across all major relevant platforms (Facebook, Pinterest, Blog, Twitter,etc) Facebook Ad campaigns Researching and implementing 3rd party online menu ordering system solutions Implementing and developing mobile marketing technology Developing email marketing strategy and list management Identifying online influentials who can spread word about your restaurant Website management (graphic and html changes) Social media training for employees- Train employees on to use social media and/or identifying appropriate content relevant to your online goals Email me privately for further discussion. Website (undergoing redesign. But there's a few web marketing case studies there if you want to see what I've done) Dean
  8. All FOH / BOH and F&B industry professionals!! Culinary Agents is FREE TO JOIN Talent Benefits - online resume, automatic job matching - if you're not looking...forward to a friend, professional networking Talent Seeker Benefits - first layer applicant filtering, applicant matching, easy job post / repost / archive, industry network building, employee career development Culinary Agents (www.culinaryagents.com) is the social business network for the food and beverage industry, connecting industry talent and employers for job matching and networking. It streamlines the hiring process by filtering the talent network and matching qualified candidates with job openings while enabling industry professionals to maintain a professional online presence. Culinary Agents is also committed to developing additional tools and resources to nurture the growth of the food and beverage industry and the people who define hospitality with their hard work. Founded in 2012, Culinary Agents is headquartered in New York and operates in all major US markets. For more information about Culinary Agents, visit www.culinaryagents.com Video: twitter: @culinaryagents Facebook: Culinary Agents
  9. I remember when you could go to Yelp.com for useful reviews of local businesses and services. Pretty much any business, small or large, had member reviews that were relatively fair and helpful. Even some city services were reviewed. Back then I would have happily given the site my five stars. But then Yelp decided social media was the way to build traffic and set up a system to have their members compete for status. First posting more reviews was enough, but soon folks were encouraged to write more entertaining reviews, funnier reviews and ultimately snarkier reviews. Members who didn't post enough, got dropped from listings (although they couldn't tell that because when they looked at a listing they would still see their own reviews). In this slow, steady slide toward mediocrity, it became less and less useful as a source of local reviews and increasingly fertile soil for trolling. While social media may be a great way to build traffic, generating a revenue stream from it is a lot harder, so Yelp chose to target the small businesses that were the very fabric of their content. Rather than add value for small businesses, Yelp hatched a sort of protection scheme in which businesses were offered "sponsors" status to keep Yelp from placing ads for their competition at the top of their listing. This did little more than piss off business owners (i.e. multiple law suits) and didn't really offer any added value to the advertising effect they were already getting from the web site. Ultimately, Yelp has evolved into a below average social media portal and, in the process, seriously undermined it's credibility as a source of fair and reasoned reviews of local businesses. I used to come to Yelp if I wanted qualitative information about a business, now I might go there if I want to find out what hours they are open. Yelp, get back to basics, Focus on encouraging your members to post reviews that are more helpful and less hurtful. Figure out how to help small businesses thrive independently and not on the backs of their competition; believe it or not, small businesses don't won't to succeed at the cost of other small businesses. For now, I give Yelp.com One Star. Did you find this review helpful?
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