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Found 4 results

  1. I don't think there is any decent xlb in the DMV area and certainly not something close to the quality of Ding Tai Feng. I recently had Joe's Shanghai when I visited NYC and even those xlb didn't taste authentic since they used chicken gelatin broth rather than pork gelatin broth. The only way to satisfy my craving while living in VA is to get the Wei Chuan brand xlb from Asian store (its the one that said Nan Xiang pork http://www.weichuanusa.com/a_product_new.htm ) and gently steam it in a bamboo steamer over wet paper towel or cabbage leaves. Dip them in some black vinegar and shredded ginger concoction and they are the best frozen xlb I have ever had, not saying much, but I have to make do with whatever is available.
  2. Greetings; log time lurker, but I only spend two months a year near DC... I just had a long engagement in LA end and I am craving Din Tai Fung big time. Due to time constraints, I'll be confined to the greater Northern Virginia region for the next few days. Any recs for a decent dumpling in the area? Thanks in advance.
  3. Thanks, I'll keep that place in mind. My brother says we're not eating anything but Chinese in L.A., and he picked Din Tai Fung for lunch.
  4. Well you knew this place was going to be good when there was a line out the door and down the street with all sorts of people waiting on Thanksgiving Day. We took our number and it really wasn't too long before we were seated. We sat with another bunch of people originally from Oklahoma City who now live in NYC. This place was filled with Thanksgiving refugees fleeing their normal plans for one reason or another. We had the pork soup dumplings which were good, although they may have sat in the steamer basket just a little too long as the tops of some were getting a little dry, but the flavor was excellent and they had a good amount of soup in them. We also had the dried beef which came with a side of rice and broccoli. I don't like a lot of the sticky sweet americanized chinese sauces, but this was ok, I liked the crispiness and ate most of the broccoli. The menu was overwhelming and the waiter came so quick that I just made a guess at what I might like and this turned out to be acceptable. I couldn't seem to pull up my messages on here from my iphone to figure out what was recommended to me... but it ended up being just fine and quite tasty and Mom was very happy, she was just in love with soup dumplings.
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