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Found 21 results

  1. I just saw the paperwork in the window. Oriental Cafe's signage is still up and the interior looks untouched thus far. Please, if there is a Santa Claus, let this place be better than the Little Caesar's abomination a few doors down.
  2. I'm surprised we don't have a thread on this place. I was going to post about their nachos, but I kept remembering other things we like and figured that they deserve their own thread. Barbara and I were there tonight for a quick dinner of shared nachos and a couple of beers. The nachos were good, a hearty pile started with a thin layer of refried beans on the bottom of the plate, chips, shredded roast chicken, ground beef, cheese, sour cream, guacamole, and jalapenos. These were good, surprisingly not greasy, with crisp chips throughout. We also go frequently for takeout chicken sandwiches.
  3. I haven't eaten at Peking Duck in ages, but I'll try it again soon, on your recommendation. It's really hard to find good Chinese food in this area, although we have other decent choices for food. The places I've tried in the last year (China Cafe, Top's China, China One, Green Olive, Chef Huang's (decent lunch buffet), & Great Wall (under new management & not as good) are sub optimal.
  4. I was getting car stuff done at Pep Boys, so after finishing, I stopped to pick up lunch at Tacos El Costallila, since I hadn't been there in awhile. I got a sope de pollo (2.75) which was good, & oddly, tasted better later on when it was cold (especially w/ the added green salsa which is spicy) & the ceviche tostada (3.20) which was great- the lady said no more shrimp ceviche, only fish (I don't know if that was just today or permanently). The ceviche was spicy & tangy & utterly delicious, I think I'll be stopping in more frequently. As I waited for my order, I looked up at th
  5. It is truly amazing how much the area of S. Van Dorn Street, S. Pickett Street, and Edsall Road - all part of Alexandria near the Van Dorn Street Metro station - has been built up in the past few years - I had absolutely no idea a Red Lobster had opened up on S. Van Dorn Street, which shows just how long it has been since I've been here. In one of the self-contained complexes rests the Portner Brewhouse, opened by the descendents of Robert Portner. Having tried three different beers here, I wish I could say that the beer lived up to the romance, but both the atmosphere - which is col
  6. The still-in-progress dining area at the front of Lezzet Market (on Nelson St. in Rockville, just down the hill from Rt 28 at I-270) will evidently be a branch of Balkan Grill, and not Simit & Kabob as previously surmised. I'm told there will be Turkish kebabs though. The interior reconfiguration is complete, a few tables are in, the kitchen is equipped. Latest rumored opening date is "this Friday, insha'Allah".
  7. They decided not to open in that location and instead will be opening soon at 7305 Richmond Highway. The building is next door to a Shell station and has been home to several other restaurants over the years.
  8. Mamma's Kitchen is 5 minutes away from me and pretty much what the OP describes Mamma's Kitchen has been our family spot for years. It's close by and they're very consistent. It's been run by the same Greek family since it opened. It's casual, family friendly comfort food. The menu is made up of various cliches like fettuccine alfredo and lasagna, but also a smattering of Greek dishes like mousakka. Nothing very adventurous, but the food is good, everything is made fresh and there's zero chance you'll leave hungry. And the gyros are great.
  9. I've eaten at House of Dynasty in the past -- it's 25 years old, and deserves mention in the "Oldest Restaurants" thread. I used to live closer, but I think it's been a good 10 years since I've been there. It hasn't changed much, and that's a good thing. The location is right across from Hayfield High School in the Hayfield Shopping Center at 7550 Telegraph Road. Web site is http://www.houseofdynasty.com/ This is Americanized Chinese fare, with waiters in gold paisley vests and food glistening with MSG. It is a comfortable dining room, with one section raised a bit off to the side. The light
  10. Potentially ecstatic news for those of near the restaurant wasteland that exists along Route 1 south of the Beltway. River Bend Bistro looks to be opening its doors fairly soon. Located about halfway between the Beltway and Mount Vernon (at 7966 Fort Hunt Road, to be precise), this place shows every sign of being several notches above any other place I can think of in that area. The chef, Caroline Ross, is a former sous chef at Bistro Bis, also spent some time (according to an internet article I found) at Restaurant Eve and Cafe Milano, and is the former General Manager of Rick's Wine and Go
  11. I ventured out this morning to La Mexicana based on the this CH Post. Perhaps Sunday morning at 11 a.m. isn't the best time to visit because my tacos were all overcooked (thus tough and dry) and pretty much devoid of flavor. I had a tongue, a beef, and a chicken taco. I also had a Torta Ahogada, described as: It was indeed drenched in hot sauce (both temperature wise and spiciness). By the time I got to it, the onions were soft and I couldn't tell if they were cooked or not. That was the least of my problems as the sauce was more than my taste buds can handle - I can eat the food but I co
  12. When my teenager came home, ravenous, after lax practice, & suggested we get food, we tried to decide on the optimal lunch for both of us (DD is at a sleepover). I dropped him off at Tubby's, & popped across the street to Su Pollo. This place always smells fabulous-picked up the half chicken, w/ fries & salad ($8.10). Fries are average krinkle-cuts, should have gotten rice or yuca, salad-just iceberg & carrot shreds, but the sauces-green & white, are amazing. Chicken was nice & moist, skin not particularly crisp, but I'm not a skin person (I siip it to the pups). I also
  13. Agree with many of the above, and I reserve the right to post about something I remember later. I do have to give a strong mention for Tango Pastry on Rt 1. It's An Argentinian bakery cafe on the first floor of a Days Inn just south of Old Town. The facturas pastries on the weekends are a stand out, and I think she does great Argentinian empanadas (my favorite being the chicken with the olives and eggs.) I have had one pasta dish and it was quite good, a bolognese, but haven't explored much beyond (yet). Sandra the owner is very friendly and after using her twice for parties can't recommend he
  14. Not to hijack the DB thread, but better BBQ can be found at American BBQ on Telegraph Rd (near Rt 1 in south Alexandria). Their BBQ sauce is better than Dixie Bones as well.
  15. If you're in the area, you should try Su Pollo, south end of Rt.1/Richmond Hwy.-cooked over charcoal, more than half the time, the skin is crisp (I give it to my pups) but I've never tried their yuca, I get rice. The soup (aguadito de pollo) is excellent, especially w/ a little green sauce, & the tv always has soccer. It's a little hard to maneuver into their parking lot, but you can park in the shopping center next door, (other side of McDonalds) & pop in & out.
  16. Barbara and I popped in tonight about 7 PM. The place was empty except for one manager/server up front and an unknown number in the kitchen. No customers. That's not encouraging, but we were welcomed warmly and advised to sit anywhere. We took a table in the corner and after examining the menu, ordered the mixed grill for two, $30. This was a generous portion of steak, chicken, veal, and cevapi sausages and grilled vegetables (zucchini, carrot, and bell pepper) with bread to mop it up. The meat had been pounded thin, was quick-grilled so it got some sear on the outside and wasn't dry despite b
  17. I'm looking for someone to fix the drainage problem I have in the back yard. This is different from the "bad drainage, muddy yard and want to grow grass" thread in here somewhere. I have grass, but when it rains long and hard, or when a lot of snow melts, we get a lake back there. And if it's not a lake, it's usually soft and soggy for days. The previous owners put in a french drain which might have worked way back when, but doesn't anymore. Has anyone successfully dealt with this kind of thing? Who'd you use? Thanks!
  18. I've noticed that we have a fairly substantial contingent from South Alexandria; yet, I'm not at liberty to disclose people's identities without their permission. I would love to be able to hook up people from that area, but they're going to need to "opt in." Could you write me if you're interested in getting to know a group of like-minded diners from your area, and I'll hook you up? Unless you're pro-active, I can't do it for obvious reasons. So either post here, or write me privately - I think we can form a nice-sized TMB fraternity/sorority south of the beltway in Alexandria. Cheers
  19. I'm sort of surprised no one has started a topic for this little gem. Owned and operated by a lovely couple - the wife works the front of the house and the husband makes all the food in the kitchen - this place is a shining star in the otherwise grim food world south of the Beltway. The coffee is good. The quiches are great. The lemon curd tart is freaking rapturous. If you are ever stuck down in the Restaurant Hell that is where I live, give this place a try. It's well worth a few extra minutes to get to.
  20. Lizzy was craving pho today (she's not a pescetarian anymore), so we went to 5-10 Foodmart, she got a large chicken pho, & I got a baleada (tortilla w/ egg, peppers, beans, avocado-added extra salsa at home). The pho was packed separately-broth, noodles, herbs, onions, peppers, & she is so happy, says it's delicious. My baleada was good, too, maybe more of a breakfast meal, but filling. I'm happy that we have so many choices for takeout food close by, that's one of my favorite things about living in this area. We spent $13+, so it was very inexpensive as well (& I'm not cooking to
  21. Hybla Valley Vet Hospital 7627 Richmond Highway Alexandria, Virginia 22306 (703) 765-9292 For many of us, our pets are part of our family, in fact we may like them better than some members of our family . So choosing a good vet is very important. Ten years ago when we adopted our dog Sophie from the DC Animal Shelter on NY Ave, we did our research and discovered Hybla Valley Veterinary Hospital. Not only are the doctors dedicated and caring professionals, they are affordable. The hospital was originally opened by Dr. E. J. Schrenzel in 1948. It is now run by his daughter Dr. Deborah
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