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Found 21 results

  1. "Six Arrested after €100M Wine Fraud Ring Uncovered" by Phoebe French on thedrinksbusiness.com
  2. Arguably (my favorite word these days!) Barcelona and San Sebastian where they have "eating societies" are the two of the most exciting places on earth to dine. eGullet has several extraordinary threads with detailed photos of numerous restaurants and tapas bars in both cities. Past issues of Saveur have also had excellent articles featuring both cities as well as Madrid and others. (http://www.saveur.com/destination_search.do lists several of these) This is one of several recent threads from eG on Barcelona: http://forums.egullet.org/index.php?showtopic=59553 There are two schools of though
  3. Unless I've missed it -- which is possible -- there doesn't seem to be a dedicated thread for Andalucia or any of the delightful Spanish cities located therein. My girlfriend and I spent five days in April drinking sherry and enjoying cheap, delicious tapas in Sevilla, Granada, and Cordoba before heading up to Madrid and Barcelona. I've given my recommendations for the latter half of our trip elsewhere in this forum, so here are some of my favorite places and impressions from our too-brief time in Andalucia! (I'd love to make it back and explore more of the region, as I felt we barely scrat
  4. There are far too many wonderful tapas places to get lost in in Madrid. Avoid some of the expensive joints right around the Plaza Mayor unless you're simply into the outdoor scene and checking out the people. The only exception to that would be to try "toro tapas bar" (I'm unsure of the name) [La Torre del Oro] that's right in the plaza. It's got pics of bullfighters all over, bulls heads on the wall and black and white checked tiles. Our favorite tapas crawls revolved in the area that stretched from Plaza Mayor down towards the Prado, around Plaza Santa Ana. Chocolateria San Gines, while
  5. A major wildfire in Spain began when a pile of chicken dung spontaneously combusted in the heat. "Self-Combusting Manure at Spanish Chicken Farm Blamed for Devastating Wildfire" on thelocal.es
  6. This is sort of like the Northern Snakehead in reverse. "Maryland's Blue Crabs Reportedly Invade Spanish Waters" by Lillian Reed on baltimoresun.com
  7. Museo del Prado is celebrating its 200 anniversary throughout 2019. Located in central Madrid, the museum holds one of the great European art collections, with works by Goya, Bosch, El Greco, Peter Paul Rubens, and Titian, among many others. The collection has more than 20,000 objects, many drawn from the Spanish Royal Collection. The centerpiece of the collection is Las Meninas by Diego Velazquez. The collection also contains such masterworks as Bosch's The Garden of Earthly Delights and Goya's Third of May. If you find yourself in Spain this year, it will be a great time to vi
  8. Similar to how I was inspired by John McGiver, I was watching an episode of "Alfred Hitchcock Presents" (S03 E34 - "The Crocodile Case") which featured Denholm Elliott in a rather fiendish role, and realized that, like McGiver, Elliott is often considered a "character actor" whose face you recognize like an old friend, but whose name you just don't know. Although most of us will recognize Elliott as Dr. Marcus Brody in "Raiders of the Lost Ark," his career is long and storied, having become interested in drama in the thick of World War II. His film career began in the late 1940's, and he
  9. What happens when one of your favorite chefs, whose restaurants you’ve greatly enjoyed in the past, becomes more and more successful? And by successful I mean keeps opening restaurants all over the damn place. Well, I guess on the one hand you can be happy for that chef’s success and be excited to try all of those restaurants. I mean, there is a chef or two here in New York who have gone on to fame and fortune and I’m pretty happy to be eating in most, if not all, of their establishments. But what about the other side of the coin, where as your favorite chef opens a new restaurant, o
  10. Jul 24, 2017 - "The Mysterious Origins of Europe's Oldest Language" by Anna Bitong on bbc.com --- Basque Country (Al Dente)
  11. Because Portugal requested to modify the agreement made on May 4, 1493 via the Treaty of Tordesillas on June 7, 1494. That's it. That's the only reason why. If Portugal hadn't asked the Pope to modify the 1493 agreement (the Treaty of Tordesillas (1494) moved things 270 leagues to the west), Brazil - the easternmost country in South America, and as-yet undiscovered - would be a Spanish-speaking country.
  12. The wife and I are off to Spain over the Christmas holidays. Most of our trip will be spent in Barcelona where I've been before, but we're going to take a 4-day road trip over to the area north of San Sebastian. We plan to stay in Hondarribia Spain right near the border. We'll hit San Sebastian, of course, but where else would you head for gastronomic adventures? Bayonne? Biarritz? Saint-Jean-de-Luz? Is there anything interesting inland? Also, are there any recommendations in the Aragon region? We may use one of our nights there on the way back to Barcelona. Feliz Navidad, Al
  13. Percebes are extremely expensive - you can also find them in Bordeaux, where they're called "Pouce-Pieds." Also, you may not want to hear this, but they're farming them now in Oregon, and you can buy them by mail.
  14. As if we won't have eaten enough in Barcelona.....it's on to San Sebastian! I couldn't find any recommendations here, so if you know of some...I'm all ears!
  15. This is so amazing that it needs commentary. It's Nadal vs. The Stalker: The Stalker gets ready to hit a heavy topspin serve: And kicks it out wide to Nadal's backhand, stepping in to stalk a short return: Nadal is pulled wide, and stretches to hit a backhand return, The Stalker is one-step closer in: Nadal is now *backwards* after hitting his return. The Stalker closes in even more: Nadal gets it back, and starts sprinting to the other side of the court, while The Stalker prepares to hit a volley: The Stalker wisely goes *behind* Nadal, who has comm
  16. Since I waxed poetic (or waned pathetic, take your pick) about my little wedge of Comté, the largest-production A.O.C. Cheese in France, I figure I might as well do the same for my little wedge of Manchego, the largest-production D.O. Cheese in Spain. I purchased this El Trigal ("The Wheatfield") Manchego from Whole Foods, at the same time I purchased my block of Comté. These legendary cheeses are both semi-firm, and are more resilient to damage than soft, buttery, cow's-milk cheese (Comté is made from cow's milk, but isn't "soft and buttery"; Manchego is made from 100% Manchega sheep (bo
  17. We just booked tickets to Paris for mid-November. Now we're wondering what we should do once we land at Charles de Gaulle. Originally we were planning to fly into Barcelona or Madrid, and focus on Spain. But from Paris the possibilities widen up substantially - we could still focus on Spain/Portugal and tag on a few days in Paris, we could tour France and add on Northern Italy and Switzerland, we could see the low country, or maybe even Central Europe or the Balkans. I've never been to Europe and +1 hasn't been there in more than a decade. So we have no idea what to expect or what to see,
  18. Here's another curiosity I found in my Wikipedia "random article" habit: The War of Jenkins' Ear I have foggy memories of sitting in history class going over the various North American battles involving England, France, and/or Spain before the good old USA told King George to fuck off but I don't recall this war with the catchy name. It's interesting how a conflict in one part of the world can impact a seemingly irrelevant situation in another part of the world. I mean, have you ever heard about Georgia (England) and Florida (Spain) attacking each other because Prussia and France didn't li
  19. I first picked up a bottle of this in San Juan before a cruise, and it was a pretty damn good wine for $16. This weekend I found a few bottles of this at Wegmans, for $12. It's a nicely aged Rioja, maroon red, fairly full-bodied but balanced.
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