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Found 14 results

  1. We don't make a big deal about sweets anymore, for health reasons, concentrate more on meat and vegetables. In addition to the traditional roast beef, Yorkshire pudding, roasted root vegetables, mashed potatoes, g,reen beans and salad, I think we'll smoke a goose. My husband's family had a tradition of a roast goose but every time we tried it, it was like a fat bomb went off in the oven. But googling about, it seems like smoking a goose would drain the fat slowly. Hmmm. Maybe also smoke a duck? How about you? What are you up to?
  2. It falls to me to make reservation (for June, don't worry) for special occasion dinner for 7 in the District. Not really worried about price because I am not paying Only trick is that youngest generation is vegetarian while oldest generation is decidedly not. Online menus or sample menus at Metier, Kinship, and Mirabelle suggest practically nothing for the teen vegetarians. And I would prefer not to put them in the awkward position of having to ask for something off-menu (and would optimally prefer that they have actual options rather than both having to order "the one vegetarian app and the one vegetarian main"). But along the lines of those restaurants, is there a place that is GREAT these days and would fit the bill better, making both the traditionalist grandparents and the young veges happy and making me happy because the food is awesome? Or am I underestimating how accommodating Kinship or Mirabelle, for instance, would want to be? Thank you.
  3. Hey, everyone. My wife is turning 40 in August I'm looking for a private or semi-private space for a seated dinner for between 10 and 20 people on a Saturday night, preferably in Virginia or DC. Would love to keep it under $100 for drinks and food, but have been looking at Jose Andres places and this appears to be around the going rate. You only turn 40 once, right? Thanks for the help!
  4. Edit: one of our options is Kinship (we loved our meal there this summer, probably the best we had all year), and my spouse says he wouldn't worry about the B-team there, given the high quality. Do you think that's safe?
  5. I know I recently read an article about chef's tables, or restaurants within a restaurant recently, but I can't recall where I read it. Celebrating a birthday in a couple of days, and I'm looking for a place that's a bit different. Help appreciated!
  6. So - the daughter is turning sixteen shortly and wants to go out for a fun, mostly upscale dinner with the family on her big day. Any suggestion from the galley? I lean towards more food-centric places, so this is outside my wheelhouse. Hoping to pay ~$50/person with only 2 drinking wine, so most places are game. Georgetown to Chinatown areas are game. Thanks!
  7. Hi all, My lovely girlfriend is turning 30 next month. We have been together for a while now and live together, so this isn't a celebration for someone whom I expect to be in my life for the short-term. The night before her birthday, I want to take her out to a nice dinner. Her favorite food is sushi ("I could eat it every night"), but she is quite an adventurous eater as well. Recently, while at Kinship, when I was discussing the impending hoping of Metier and its likely cost (I guessed around $300 a person), she expressed disdain for such expense. Still, she enjoys being pampered on her birthday, and this is a big one, so I want to take her somewhere special. With that in mind, I'm debating between the below options (none of which any of us have previously been to). Each has pros and cons: Komi: Great, cozy atmosphere, supposedly great food. I've never been, but it seems like it is a bit heavier, with a mix of seafood and fish. Definitely befitting of a special occasion. Price tag may make her uncomfortable. Pineapples & Pearls: We both love Rose's, but no one knows what the menu at P&P will be like. Similar pricing to Komi, but she'll never see the bill. Sushi Taro: She loves sushi, omakase counter is befitting of a special occasion. We loved Sushi Capitol and I worry that Sushi Taro just isn't as good, despite the price tag (anyone been recently?) Fiola Mare: No prix fix, so she may be uncomfortable ordering lots a la carte. Beautiful room, heard wonderful things. Lots of raw and cooked fish that she'll love, plus she likely wouldn't leave as overfull as she would with a tasting menu. Any of these jump out to you? I'm leaning toward Fiola Mare as of now. It's not as "cool" as the others, but it may just be up her alley. I wish they'd have a prix fix menu so she would not have to worry about feeling like she is spending too much (despite my efforts to assuage her of those concerns). Any other picks I'm missing?
  8. Eatruneat and I know a LOT about the DC dining scene but I need some help from my fellow DonnyRockers on this one because of the variables involved. My friend is looking for a place to go for his brother's 30th birthday and he wants it to be a memorable experience as you can probably imagine. Here's where it gets tough. My friend has a gluten allergy and is also lactose intolerant. On top of that, his brother's girlfriend is a pescatarian. Lastly, they want to keep the price point around $100 per person if possible. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance, Mb
  9. DR-- I used to be a frequent poster, but kids have taken me out of the dining circuit for the last 5 years or so. Husband is turning 40 this year and would very much like to go to Rose's Luxury but the logistics are too difficult for us. What is a place that feels special but is not "stuffy." Examples of places we love are Obelisk, Komi, Palena Cafe (RIP). We also like Mintwood Place, Ripple (although our last meal was only OK), but would like something a little more special for the 40th. Husband is not into "trendy" food, like Minibar. Would Fiola Mare/Fiola feel too corporate/stuffy? Thanks for your help! DC in DC
  10. Heading up to NYC in June to celebrate our ten year anniversary. Where should we have dinner? Looking for someplace bold, unique and FUN. No fussiness or stuffiness. just to give a sense of what we are interested in, we will try for Ko, but are not optimistic. Thanks!
  11. Ok, so Hubby and I were supposed to be going to Connecticut for my birthday, but that didn't pan out. Trying to figure out an alternative for this Saturday night. I was thinking either dinner and then cocktail bar, or kind of a leisurely crawl to a couple different venues that have good cocktails and snacks. But of course I only have one week notice, so reservations are probably going to be a little tricky. I know for sure there will be at least 6 of us, but there could be more, at least for the drinking part. I was thinking Shaw/U St/ Convention Center as areas in which to peruse choices. If you wanted to go out with your friends and have a good, but civilized evening, where would you go? Ok, so to edit- for instance, I haven't been to Dino's Grotto yet, but don't know could you have a group there? I thought about it, Baby Whale and Mockingbird Hill, but I haven't been to any of them- so this could potentially be silly. Another thought was The Gibson and a restaurant in that area. Or perhaps Hogo since it is their last night, but would it be too crazy? Birthday Tiki sounds particularly good. Where else would you eat, drink or snack in those areas?
  12. Dear members, I need your most valuable assistance. This Saturday, May 9,will be exactly one year since the Mrs. and I relocated to D.C. from sunny Florida. Since this was the right decision personally and financially, we would like to celebrate and she wants to dress up a bit (me, not so much but I have no choice ). I know this is somewhat of a late notice, but I am looking to book a nice place for dinner where we can both enjoy a good meal. We usually frequent ethnic and "hole in a wall" places, but would prefer something more upscale (DC or VA) this time around ($200 budget for food, give or take). Apologies for a short notice, but your suggestions would be highly appreciated. Michael.
  13. I'm on the hook to book a spot to celebrate the 80th birthday of a dear Uncle coming into town. He loves, loves, loves Italian but has more old world, red sauce and even Italian-American tastes. Something like Roberto's 8 (we'll just be 6) or one of the Fiolas won't work because the food is too elevated and I don't think he'd appreciate it. I know many of the more moderate Italian spots. Places like Dino's, a place in Old Town whose name escapes me at the moment, Sorriso in Cleveland Park, Casa Luca, etc. Bebo Trattoria is a bit too sophisticated and also in flux since Chef Stefanelli has moved on. But do we have anything in the area (can be MoCo, DC or NoVa) that is really outstanding and special despite being more traditional with it's dishes, maybe with more red sauce options? A place like JoeH's favorite in Atlantic City, Chef Vola's or just something really special or different in some way befitting the occasion? I'm really not sure there is a good answer to this question but, if there is, this group is my best chance. Thank you!!
  14. Hi everyone, I posted last week about dinner around GMU's campus in Fairfax before graduation. Thanks for everyone's help on that one. Now, I'm planning dinner in DC (or VA) for the next night. Without a need to be anywhere, we can go pretty much anywhere, and the budget is extremely flexible (no Inn at Little Washington or Citronelle, but otherwise, it's limited only by the guilt I'll feel when my parents get the bill). During Restaurant Weeks of the past couple of years, I've eaten at most of the area's big name restaurants, but I rarely go there when I have to pay full price. There will be 6-8 people, including an 82 year old who will eat most things, but will probably prefer to avoid the extremes of ethnicity (eg 4 sisters). I've taken family to Galileo and DC Coast, and didn't really like either meal, so I feel somewhat pressured to have a good time (I felt the food was only okay, and not worth the price tags). We aren't big wine drinkers, so no need for a good wine list. Without listing everyone I've been, here are some places I've eaten at (during RW) but am thinking of going back to: Ceiba: liked the meal during RW. Occidentale: LOVED the meal during RW, but their non-RW prices are questionable. These places I haven't tried (except for Palena's Cafe), but have been on my (too fancy for anything except a special occassion) list for a while: Palena Taberna Del Alabardero Restaurant Eve Acadiana Some of these are pretty expensive too, so if people can suggest places equally good without the unfortunate price tag, that would work. This is kind of haphazard, because there are so many restaurants to choose from. Please don't limit yourself to those I've listed. I'll also pre-emptively say no to the following: 1789: I don't want to make people get all dressed up. Tabard Inn: we're going for brunch Sunday. Palena Cafe: they don't take reservations, i've been there, and someone would order the chicken and my 82 yr old grandfather probably wouldn't want to sit around for 45 minutes waiting for it. Corduroy: been there, but wasn't blown away enough to go back. Thanks Josh
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