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Found 8 results

  1. As I was foraging through the newly-opened Momo's Nepalese Food in Springfield Plaza, I noticed across the parking lot a large banner declaring "Grand Opening" and many colored pennants flapping in the breeze at what is now called Golden Hong Kong.
  2. Lady KN and I dined at Eleni's in Springfield this evening, but as we returned down Backlick Road, the signs announcing the Grand Opening of Alsaray -- or Al-Saray, (or السراي which means "the palace" in Arabic) -- drew my attention. It is the same spare lunch counter establishment (hardly a palace) as was Momo's, which it replaced, with the very Arabic addition of two tables out front for outdoor seating to accommodate a handful of people. We didn't eat there tonight, but I did a menu reconaissance, and there is a decidedly Egyptian flair to the offerings. First and foremost, "kushari" makes its first-ever appearance in Springfield! Once my zero-carb diet is over, I will be all over that dish, for sure! In addition, foul madames and kibdah iskandarani ("Iskanderun" is Alexandria in Arabic, the city on the Nile near the Mediterranean), the latter dish being pan-fried beef liver with garlic. chili peppers and spices. The standard Middle Eastern mezze dishes, accompanied by kabobs and shawermas, highlight the menu. I would like to say that Alsaray is a welcome addition to the Springfield dining scene, but I'll wait until I actually taste the food. However, there's kushari, so I'm looking forward to tucking in. The website isn't up quite yet, but stay tuned....
  3. Kana Sushi is a new sushi restuarant out in front of the Springfield Plaza on Old Keene Mill Road. It is very small, with only four seats at the sushi counter and a few tables in the front, and 3-4 more down the hall towards the Old Keene Mill exit. [Perhaps the highlight of the meal was the conversation I overheard between the manager of Kana and a couple who, as I heard (they were loud) had just come over from Italy to open a new pizza restaurant in Springfield Town Center. They were heavily accented, so I'm guessing Springfield is soon to be getting a real pizza restaurant. Or maybe I'm just being hopeful.] I'll start with Kana's negatives....someone needs to tell the management that the sound track is too loud and too targeted at Millennials. My first conversation with the waitress was drowned out by Beyonce, but that conversation was about whether or not they served brown rice. She was enthusiastic when she said that they do, and it's organic! Unfortunately, as she was being drowned out by Nikki Minaj on her return trip, I think she was saying that they didn't have brown rice. They ran out! So I ordered the sashimi platter while my tablemates tucked into a variety of sushi. Here's another drawback -- whoever is preparing the sashimi is slicing the absolute largest pieces I have ever seen. These must have been 2-oz. pieces of sashimi, and were somewhat difficult to eat with chopsticks. I was tempted to ask for a steak knife to cut them in half. However, on the positive side, the quality of the fish was impeccable. I don't know where they source their product, but it was pristine last night. Also on the positive side, the pricing appeared to be reasonable by suburban sushi and sashimi standards. So, I just might pop in my ear plugs and return a few times, but only if I call ahead and determine that brown rice is available!
  4. I was in Springfield Plaza to have lunch at Pho Hong Anh and pick up some Springfield Butcher provisions when I noticed the sign, already up, announcing MoMo Nepalese Food "Opening Soon".... A quick search indicates that this is not a chain, and that "momo" is a dumpling. I don't know of any other strictly Nepalese restaurants in our area, but I recall in the '80s a Himalayan restuarant in the Adams Morgan area that had some pretty decent stewed goat dishes. I'm looking forward to visiting a new country, in a figurative culinary sense, in Springfield.
  5. I'm not sure that this is the place being discussed in the thread. Pho Hong Anh is in Springfield Plaza, a few doors down from the credible Tommy Thai and the very respectable Springfield Butcher, and the menu is almost entirely pho.... Right now, it's dishing up the best pho in Springfield, and a small bowl for about 6-and-a-half-bucks is almost the value lunch deal in Springfield -- the banh mi at Le Bledo down Backlick Road at $2.75 gives it a run for the money. I settled on the combination pho (#12) with flank, tendon, tripe and basically any meat in the kitchen except meatballs. Meatballs can be had either entirely alone in pho, or else added for $1.50. Anyway, I went with the combination, squeezed in a lime, tossed in a few basil leaves and bean sprouts, hit it with sriracha and duck sauces, and tucked in. It was delightful. I wouldn't place it on a pedestal, but as far as pho goes in the Springfield area, you would be hard pressed to find a better rendition. When in this plaza, stop in for a bowl of pho at Pho Hong Anh, walk a few doors up for a dessert of sticky rice with mangoes at Tommy Thai, grab some fresh venison for dinner at Springfield Butcher, and walk across to Trader Joe's for some Two Buck Chuck to wash it down. --- [Hong Anh thread (it's now closed) Rice Pot thread (it replaced Hong Anh)]
  6. An interesting corner of Springfield is at the corner of Backlick and Commerce -- kitty corner from Mike's is Springfield Plaza, and in the back corner facing both Backlick and Commerce is the amazingly good Flame Kabob, only a few steps away from Veronica's bakery (the Latino equivalent of Le Bledo and Dalat, which in turn is the Vietnamese equivalent of Veronica's), and opening soon, Bento Box Sushi. Sushi options in this neck of the woods are slim, so this will be a welcomed addition. I'll keep an eye on the space and provide updates. By the way, across Commerce is Bangkok Noodle and Merkamo Ethiopian, so within a short walk there's some significant eats. This corner of Springfield is on a par with the Brookfield Plaza, not even a mile farther south on Backlick. [My favorite name for a road in the entire Metropolitan area is Backlick. It would be my second favorite name if there was a Frontlick, but alas, there is not.]
  7. Girlfriend and I stopped into Tommy Thai for the first time tonight. We had no expectations, and the place was mostly empty on a Saturday night. Nice decor, somewhat spartan but spare and uncluttered and clean. Too bad it was so empty, as that bodes ill in this market. But the food was gooood! Bright, fresh and vibrant flavors, and somewhat surprising. Appetizers were the Sriracha Shrimp and the Sundried Beef. To die for. Nice and spicy on the shrimp, crunchy but moist on the beef. Moving to the standards, we had Pad Thai and Drunken Noodles. All I can say is that they compared to some of the brightest and most flavorful around the northern Virginia area, on a par with Sakoontra and Tarin Thai. I will return, and hopefully it will still be there.
  8. The Vietnamese people I know, like my barbers, always tell me to eat at Canton Cafe when I'm in that shopping plaza. They tell me that Vietnamese food between here (Springfield) and Seven Corners is slim pickings, and they think that Canton Cafe is the best Chinese in the area.
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